Monday, September 17, 2012

AVOCADO + ways of using it

If you've never tried avocados, you don't know what you are missing! I think I actually tried them this year for the first time, and it was love at first bite. The only bad thing is that they are quite expensive in my country (yesterday I bought 3 avocados for 5,50 €!).

Avocados are super foods, full of vitamins, potassium, magnesium, monounsaturated fats, are sodium and cholesterol-free ... They help you lower blood cholesterol, are good for your heart, skin, hair, teeth, nails, help your eyes to stay healthy, they give you energy, boost your metabolism ...
You can read more amazing avocado benefits here: I'm so happy I found this site, it has amazing recipes, nutritional facts etc. Go and check it out!

My favourite ways of using it:

This is actually my favourite way to use avocados. I just put all ingredients in a bowl and add half of avocado (if avocado is teeny tiny, I use one whole). I make my salad with whatever I have in fridge. Two examples:

Rucola, tomato, beans, mozzarella cheese, half avocado with little bit of olive oil, salt and apple cider vinegar.

Tomatoes, beans, half avocado with olive oil, salt, garlic, apple cider vinegar.

I'm not a big bread eater, because I think they are so many other delicious foods out there. I just want to make more space in my tummy for other yummy foods :) But when I eat it, I usually always put avocado in it, to make it richer.
Avocados have a creamy texture, they are really fattening, so they are a good substitute for mayonnaise.

 Rye bread with half avocado, rucola, tomato, cucumber (I would add mozzarella or goat cheese to add protein).

3. As a SIDE DISH.
The third way is to just put it as a side dish.

 I cooked some quinoa with veggies and added half of avocado. So simple!

 My favourite dessert is vegan chocolate mousse. I posted a recipe not so long ago: click here.

Hope I gave you some ideas how to use avocados. Otherwise, you can still click HERE and see the amazing recipes! Good I bought 3 avocados yesterday!
You can even make face and hair masks, but about that some other time. :)

How do you prepare your avocado dishes?


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    1. It desn't just look yummy, it is yummy :))

  2. Par let nazaj sem probala guacamole pa mi ni blo čisto nič dobro, ampak ker zadnje čase vsi hvalijo tale avokado, sem se odločla, da ga še enkrat probam. Samo mislim, da ga tukaj pri nas ne prodajajo. Ga bom mogla v Ljubljani nabavit. :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. tega pa še js nism probalam .. bom mogla :)
      sj vrjamm, da ni vsakemu všeč, meni je itak tak nevtralen okus, da paše k vsemu.
      Pa včasih ga je res težko dobim.

  3. Jummy!!


  4. love this post! avoc are my fav fruit of all time haha!