Thursday, September 13, 2012

My new love: Revlon Lipbutter REVIEW

I've seen a lot of Lipbutter reviews, yet I still decided to do one myself. This is actually my first seperate review .. I hope I did well :). Because beauty bloggers share about things we like and dislike. Why shouldn't I do the same, right? :)

I own four lipbutters: (from left to right) Tutti Frutti, Gumdrop, Berrie Smoothie and Cherry Tart.

I wouldn't say they are tinted lip balms. Yes, they are very moisturizing and they provide very smooth application, but they are very pigmented and tinted lip balms usually don't provide so much colour. I would say they are lip sticks with a lot of added hydration.

Some of them are a little bit shimmery, but it's very unnoticeable (I hate lipsticks with shimmer). As a big fan of matte, not very moisturizing lipsticks, Lipbutters were something completely different. They apply like a lip balm, but the color is still quite pigmented and they stay on your lips for a very long time and they haven't bled on me even without lip pencils. So, thumbs up for that :).

You don't need to apply lipgloss over it, because it already gives you beautiful shine (I'm not big lip gloss lover either). I've noticed that even when the moisture is gone, they stain your lips a little bit (I've noticed that with daker colours).

Colour is buildable, you can easily apply it few times on your lips and achieve darker colour.

Cherry Tart. Left: one application. Right: few applications.

I haven't heard anyone saying anything about the packaging. I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging, to be honest. When I received them, one of them had a little crack on it. No biggy. I prefer lipsticks with prettier packages (in my opinion, Sleek has a very pretty packaging for all their products). 

Although they have really yummy names, they don't smell like that. Which doesnt' bother me because if they smelled liked their names, they would have to have a lot of parfum in them. They smell kinda sweet.

Their price vary from place to place, I ordered them on eBay, and I can't really remember how much they were. But they are worth every cent.

- very moisturizing
- they stain your lips even when moisture is gone
- colour is buildable
- don't bleed
- big colour selection

- they are not available in my country, had to order them on eBay (no, I don't live in Narnia :))
- packaging is breakable and unappealing (at least for me)
- there has been a rumor on animal testing (I bought them before I've heard about that)

My favourite Lipbutter?
I've been wearing Tutti Frutti all summer long. Now, I switched to Berry Smoothie and Cherry Tart. Gumdrop is just too light for me.

Have you tried Lipbutters? What are your thoughts on them?
If you've done a review or swatched them, please feel free to leave me a link in the comment section! Would love to read/see them! :)

Did I pass my first review? Should I do them more?

Have a lovely day and stay warm. It's so freakin' cold today!

xoxo Deja


  1. mislm da si prou super napisala tole. js sm velik slišala o njih, vendar nism kupila. verjetno bi se prej odločila za nakup, če bi jih kje u trgovini zagledala pa bi me premamli :P

    1. žal jih ni v Slo,da dobiš eBay naročilo, je pa tudi treba nekaj časa čakat. Te že skoraj mine vmes :D
      Tudi jaz bi jih mela več, če bi bli na dosegu roke ;))

  2. Js imam Cotton candy in mi je super. Edino lahko bi jih bilo malo več v embalaži :D Kar se pa embalaže tiče so pa meni noro lušti za pogledat :D

    1. Lepa barva! :) Očitno samo mene embalaža ne prepriča :D

  3. I love these. I only have one, peach parfait but I love it and I can see me buying more, mine is getting to the heavily used point! I like the packaging. The coverage is somewhat sheer... as is the packaging! :D But each to their own!

    Lizzums x

    1. guess I'm the only one who is not a fan of their packaging :P

  4. You passed! Good work :) I've heard so many amazing reviews about this product. Might have to check it out! x x

    1. Thank you. I'm relived now :D
      check them out and let me know what you think! :)

  5. Great review!
    They started selling them in my country recently! I think I'm going to buy them too. There are so many pros and the lipbutter felt like heaven on my lips!


    1. Thanks!
      We only have basics in Slovenia. kinda sad. :/

  6. The orange shade looks really cool!
    Wanna follow each other? Visit my blog and let me know!

    1. Tutti Frutti is my fave!
      Will check it out!

  7. Super review! Tile so še vedno na mojem wishlistu. Berrie Smoothie mi zgleda zelo lepo! Drugače mi pa just bitten kissable lip balms zgledajo še bolj mamljivi, tako da si bom verjetno v bližnji prihodnosti kar tiste naročila. Če jih najdem na ebayu seveda... :D

    P.S. Res mi ni jasno zakaj tri četrt Revlonovih proizvodov ni na voljo pri nas. Sam tiste čist osnovne/stare mamo. :(

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. Jaaaaaaaa, ful žalostna je izbira Revlonovih zadev pri nas ... mogoče bi edino kakšn Maxi znal met kej več.
      Pa teh Just bitten kissable lip balms še nisem sprobala.. mogoče kmalu :D