Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Fitness Tip: Excuses #2

And here we are again. Making excuses and I argument them and I give you a "solution".  :)) Let's just start.

Make sure you read first part of excuses HERE.

Once again - everything starts and ends with you. It's time to shut your Ego up ;)

Source: Pinterest.
4. The saddest thing to me is that people are selfish. For example, they get sick eventually (from bad food) and family has to take care for him/her. I've watched a show (I don't remember how it was called) where extremely obese people were losing weight and one contestant said: "I don't want to die from food. I don't want to be remembered as the one who has died from food." People live to eat and don't see any other (much more) meaningful purpose in life. Which leads me to excuse ... If I live healthy, I have no reason to live. All I have to say is, that how ungrateful that person is. Do you have family, friends, supportive followers (if you're a blogger/youtuber etc.), people who love you? Do you have bed to sleep in? Do you have home? Do you have a phone, computer, TV ...? Are you loved? I see soooo many things to be grateful for, many things you have to live for. People forget to enjoy in little things and are searching for body pleasures (food is one of them, because it's tasty). Maybe it's nice to eat chocolate cake, but to me going out in to the nature is much more enjoyable and relaxing. To me living just for food is an empty life. Yes, food is tasty and I love eating, but I feel so much better if I nourish my body just when I am hungry. I know I don't need any more than that. I am more productive, because I don't feel full and tired after a meal, I am more happy and my life is more fulfilled, because I know how to make every moment precious.

Source: Pinterest.

5. Eating healthy tastes bad.
If we would be taught from an early age to eat healthy, simple, one-ingredient foods, we wouldn't crave junk food at all, because we wouldn't know the taste of it. We are just spoiling our taste buds (and raising our blood sugar few times a day). I think that the best way to fix that problem is to clear out your taste buds. I already covered that in Saturday Fitness Tip post few weeks ago: Beginner? No problem! Check it out HERE. And this also goes for previous excuse as well.
Also, try to find fun and tasty recipes, try to experiment in the kitchen, make cooking and preparing your food fun ... Most people who say that healthy food tastes bad are the ones who haven't even tried to live healthy. Try it out, it won't kill you! You can always ask a friend who eats healthy (hint: me ;)) to give you some recipes or recommendations and to motivate you ...

Source: Pinterest.

6. I'll start tomorrow.
Ah, that never coming "tomorrow". You don't need tomorrow, Monday, new year, three months before summer ... to start changing things, you can start right away, because all you need is you and you only. The sooner you start the closer to your goal. Every day counts and you can choose to give yourself a "gift" today and decide to be healthy. Today. I said TODAY! :)
You start with the next meal and get a workout done ;), I am off to prepare myself an afternoon snack and go out ;).

I think that next time I'll cover last post of excuses, unless I get many more of them or I get über inspired to do more of them :D. So, if you have any, please share them in your comment, also, if you have solutions for all three excuses I covered today, please share your brains with us :).

Happy healthy Saturday!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Unusual beauty tip: How to apply mascara on your bottom lashes

I know what are you asking: what kind of rocket science is that? No science here, but I've noticed that if mascara has big wand I always get mascara underneath my eyes and then I have to clean that area up, reapply concealer, powder, eye makeup ... You get the picture. I'll show you super easy and inexpensive way how to apply mascara on your bottom or really short lashes in general.

You'll need small brush which is meant to be used to clean in between your teeth (how do you call them? :D). You can get them in any drugstore for super cheap and they come in different sizes. I believe I have the smallest size.

You basically coat little brush with mascara directly from mascara wand, just don't dip it into actual mascara, you'll have a lot of excess product on there and it will clump your lashes. Just coat it thinly so bristles are still defined and then apply it on your bottom lashes and little ones in the inner corner of your eye if you have them. You'll see how your lashes are not clumpy and you won't have to clean up the mess underneath your eye!

I hope this helps to some of you! ;)

Do you have any other "tricks" how to apply mascara without making a mess?

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekly makeup tag: High street fashion

I am not really into fashion and I've never done high fashion makeup look. I wanted to do extreme eyes without eyeliner and mascara, almost sickly looking, contour and dark lips, so I went with black, it doesn't get darker that that ;). 

Let's just get into the look! But before you can check out Aqeela's blog and see what other ladies created :)

- Bourjois Healthy mix foundation
- Essence Stay all day concealer
- NYX concealer
- Elf HD powder

- Artdeco primer
- Everyday Minerals eye Our first date eye palette (purple shade)
- Sleek Au naturel palette (matte black)

- Ma Factor HD Mascara

- Avon gel eye pencil
- MUA Shade 9 - Pearl

Sorry today's post is little bit late (and short), but better late than never ;)

Hope you're having an amazing Wednesday! ;)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Fitness Post: #fitfam tag

Today's Saturday Fitness post is a little bit different, because it's a tag, fitness tag. I was tagged by lovely Cantara from Gymbags and Gladrags - thank you girl! So, let's just get started ...

Source: Pinterest.

1. Why and when did you start your blog?
I started my blog 2 years and a half ago in cold February 2011. Friends encouraged me to start blogging, because they were asking me all the time about healthy foods and beauty. What a better way to share my knowledge and tips than with a blog. Now that people say I motivate them and inspire them, it keeps me going! I'm blessed with the best readers!

2. Do you feel like having a blog has helped you stay accountable and motivated?
I would have to say yes. I feel like when you say something publicly you'll be more likely to do it and when I post my fitness progress, people expect you to see a difference. Same goes for makeup. Participating in weekly makeup tag and doing FOTD posts keeps me motivated to try new techniques and getting out my comfort zone.

3. What are your overall goals when it comes to health and fitness?
I want to become the healthiest and strongest version of myself. I want to look back and see how far I've come. I want to inspire people and be able to help them. I was overweight almost my whole life and I was a really ill child - now I'm not anymore! Once you're in control of your body, you can achieve everything in life. Also, with healthy body comes healthy mind, it's all one. And I would like to become more flexible :)

4. Who are your "fitspirations", if any?
I'll have to say fitness trainers that have overcome their problems with healthy lifestyle - Zuzana Light and Jillian Michaels for example. And I secretly admire body builders and any fitness person in general really. Miryah Scott is also one of the biggest fitspirations.

5. How often do you work out?
Every day I do HIITs, because they are super intense and short, muscles recover quite fast. But of course I know how to listen to my body, so I take a day off if I feel like I need to and maybe go for a walk and sometimes no workout is the best workout. If I don't workout, I make sure my diet is clean, which is even more important than workout itself.

6. Do you take supplements?
Currently no. I just ran out of Spirulina tablets and these were the only one I've been taking lately.

Source: my computer. I have no idea where I got this picture!

7. What would be your advice for someone who wants to lose weight but is lacking motivation?
I have plenty of tips and recommendations on my blog! I have tips and trick for beginners HERE. I even covered some excuses people make: HERE. About fitness goals and motivation: HERE.
Now I just realized I need sections in my blog, don't I?

8. What's your favourite part of #fitfam?
Motivation, inspiration and it's extremely encouraging. It's always nice to see real people with real results, it's amazing to motivate each other and keep us going.

9. Do you set little goals for yourself and give yourself rewards when you reach them?
Yes, I set a goal, such as: no sugar for one month, do 100 squats every day for a week etc ... and I usually don't award myself or I buy myself some new fitness clothes if I feel like it ;). But there's not finish line in fitness and health. There's always room for improvement and you have to be consistent. You can't eat super clean for one month and forget about it the other month. It's a life long journey.

10. What has been the hardest part of your weightloss journey so far?
Staying motivated. Some days I still think to myself: "meh, why would I workout or eat that today? I can start brand new tomorrow" etc. Yes, I am still a human and make excuses, even though I know how to move forward - I look myself in the mirror and I see I'm still not there where I want to be, or that my clothes don't fit me any better. Or I become lazy with food preparation and get sick and tired of eating the same things. I was actually thinking about writing a cook book to give more options to other people and myself! What do you think? :)
Oh and also, organization. I am the worst when it comes to this, even though I always say that organization is key to healthy lifestyle. I'm still working on that!

Source: Pinterest.

11. Do you prefer to do set workouts like Insanity, 30 Day Shred, TurboFire, Tone it Up etc. or do you like making up your own workouts?
I've done only 30 day shred, but haven't done full 30 days. I've been loyal to Zuzana Light from when she was still at Now that I've been workingout for 3 years, I can put together a really challenging and intense workout on my own. And you've guessed that right - I swear in my head, because I'm the the one who put it together :).
I like to keep my workout routine fresh, so I don't get bored of it, that's why I like hiits so much.

I hope you liked this tag! I really enjoyed answering these questions!
I don't have any specific people to tag, but if you're into fitness and health, you are more welcome to do answer the questions!

Friday, June 21, 2013

FOTD | Mermaid life

I get out my comfort zone and tried some bright eye makeup. I have no problem wearing bright lippies, but eyes are a different story. I usually wear dark or natural smokey or classic winged liner. But today was no ordinary day, I became a mermaid ;) Lots of bright blue, turquoise and gold.
I was not 100 % satisfied with the look, but I'll do better next time :)

Aaand here's the look (I was really not photogenic today, sorry for lack of photos :D):

- Deborah BB cream
- Essence Stay all day concealer
- Elf HD powder
- MUA Bronzed perfection

- Artdeco eye primer
- MUA Shade 6 - pearl
- MUA Shade 8 - pearl
- Bella Pierre pigment Tulip
- Bourjois eyeshadow 07 Nior
- Catrice gel eyeliner
- Avon Arabian glow Soft and Sleek Turquoise
- Avon Super Shock mascara

- Catrice 050 Princess Peach
- Isa Dora lip gloss

Have I ever told you that I love mermaids? Because I do ;)

Happy Weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kahne Witch Hazel face tonic REVIEW

I can't believe I haven't introduce you to my favourite face tonic yet: Kahne Witch Hazel tonic. I mentioned it few times before, but never done full review on it. Well, let's fix that ;)

I heard that witch hazel toners are mild and suitable for sensitive skin, which I totally have. I originally wanted to buy Witch hazel tonic off eBay, but I did a little research and wanted to know if I can get alcohol free witch hazel tonic in Slovenia. And I found it in Drugstore Tuš and Mercator.

Toner comes in 200 ml plastic bottle, which has small opening on the top, so you can control how much product to use. I use it in my day and night skin care routine, sometimes I even clean my face with it after a workout. I've used it also on other people before applying moisturizer and makeup. Everyone said it feels really nice and fresh. To me it smells like a really fresh cleaner, it's not unpleasant, but it's not the best either.

I put some product on cotton round and wipe my face with it. This tonic has hydrating and soothing effect and acts against dry, stressed, sensitive skin lacking moisture. It leaves the skin softer, smoother and regulated its pH balance. I feel like it really brings back moisture to my face and tightens my pores. The best part is that it doesn't contain any alcohol, so you can use it around your eyes, it doesn't irritate them at all. It also helps to remove last traces of makeup.

What it says on the bottle:
- mildly cleanses very sensitive skin,
- calms red and irritated skin,
- astringent effect, tightens pores,
- refreshes skin and restores its moisture,
- also suitable for cleansing the eye area.

Ingredients: Aqua, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Tilia Cordata Extract.

The only downside is that it could be available in more stores. I can only get it in one store in my home town.

I highly suggest you get this tonic, especially if you have sensitive skin and want really gentle skin care. I'm already on my 4th or 5th bottle ;). Price is around 4 - 5 €.

You can also check out their site here:

Have you tried this or any similar product? Will you buy it?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weekly makeup tag: Creative Goth

What is Creative Goth? I still have no idea!
So I tried to do cyber goth, wanted to do more colourful look, edgy and bold, lips at the end became gradient and eye makeup was green with dramatic liner. I didn't want to cover my brows, I just brushed light concealer through them and draw on some goth brows. I just realized I look angry with brows drawn in so close. :D
However, I really like the end product, I hope that you do too ;)

Check out Aqeela's blog HERE to see what other participants created and show them some love <3 ;)

- Bourjois Healthy mix foundation 
- Bourjois Healthy mix concealer
- Elf HD powder

- Artdeco eye primer
- Coastal Scents 88 palette
- Sleek Snapshots palette
- Catrice gel eyeliner
- Avon super shock gel eyeliner
- Maybelline falsies mascara
- eBay falsies

- NYX concealer
- Bourjois eye pencil
- Costal Scents 88 palette (matte black)

- Elf lip stain Fashionista
- Avon blue eye pencil

Hope you dig it ;)
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Recipe: I scream Ice cream!

There's one food I can't say no to: ice cream! But all ice creams that you get in grocery stores are full of nasty ingredients that our body doesn't need. I am also slightly dairy intolerant, makes my stomach hurt, so big company ice creams are a total no no for me. Today I'll show you how to prepare super simple and inexpesive ice cream. Nutritous, delicious and guilt free!

- frozen strawberries (I think I used 12 of them ;))
- one frozen banana (I suggest you slice it and put in a plastic container before putting it into freezer)
- 1 tsp of peanut butter


I suggest you use strong food processor/blender for this recipe. I put frozen banana in food processor first and processed it. I added strawberries and processed again.

At the end I added one teaspoon of peanut butter and mix one last time, so everything is well combined.

If you are allergic to peanuts, you can add other nut butter, and if you're allergic to nuts, you can use one scoop of protein powder or coconut flour or flakes. I always try to incorporate some sort of protein source when I eat fruits. Fruits are carbohydrates full of natural sugars and protein helps to stabilize your blood sugar. Also, you'll feel fuller for longer time.

Let me know if you tried this recipe out and how you liked it ;)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Products that suck #2 (makeup edition)

And here we are again ... Writing about products that suck. Today I'll present to you some makeup products that didn't work for me.

But keep in mind that whatever doesn't work for me, it may work for you, it's the same the other way around :)

I have quite oily eyelids and all eyeshadows crease on me in no time. Two eyeshadow primers that disappointed me are NYX Eyeshadow Base Skin tone and MUA Professional Eyes Primer. NYX one is basically like a concealer and I got product in my crease before I even applied eyeshadow over it. I can still use it to cover my under eye circles or any blemishes though ;). MUA primer does nothing, is like wearing no primer at all. It's too watery consistency to make your eyeshadows stay, I think.

Another MUA product that suck, has to be their Kiss proof lip stain. It gives my lips barely any colour, it's streaky and product was almost already dry when I got it. After awhile wearing it I got some flakes on my lips as if I had really dry lips, but I exfoliate them on almost daily basis. The smell is also quite strong.
Disappointing lip balm of all times has to be Balea young Fruity kiss. I feel like it just sits on my lips and it's not penetrated at all. Also, I hate the artificial smell of it ... kinda makes me sick.

I already mentioned this product in my "eyeshadow palette collection" post while back and I still hate it. It's NYX glitter Cream Pallet 04 Surreal. I kept it and tried to make it work, but it's impossible. I feel like it's Vaseline mixed with glitter. All of them fall off before I even finish my makeup. Time to throw you away and make a place for another palette ;).

I'm still on a hunt for perfect mascara. I bought quite a bunch new ones in last three months and most of them were disaster to me.
The biggest disappointment was MUA Every Lash volume & Lengthening mascara. I feel like there's no product on the wand. No volume, no length either. It's like air in the mascara packaging.
Second mascara is Essence Get big! lashes volume boost waterproof. I've heard some good things about this mascara from other bloggers, but I just don't see it. It has a big wand, which makes application clumsy, it clumps my lashes together and when I apply it on my bottom lashes it sticks some individual lashes from top and bottom together. I'm not even sorry I don't like you, mascara!
Last mascara in this post is Maybelline The falsies volum' express. I bought it because I've heard from some youtubers it's a great product. Well, I just don't see it ... Its wand is extremely clumsy, I get product all over my lids and ruins my eye makeup, it's not even jet black colour and I see no volume.

Last product I have to mention today, is MUA Pro-brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit. I heard only good reviews on it, so I guess I'm the weird one :). Brush that comes with the kit fell apart the first day I used it and it was impossible to be precise with it anyways. Little tweezers are not bad, but I really don't like products itself. Two shadows are for brows and they look like they have red undertones. Also they are really powdery and they are not precise to apply. The highlight colour is too dark for my skin tone and that wax to fix in your brows always messes up shadows I applied on brows. I can still use shadows as eyeshadow, so it's not complete waist :). I take eyebrows very seriously.

Enough about products I don't like!
Have you tried any of these products? Did you like/dislike them? Why?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Fitness Tip: Excuses #1

I asked on my Twitter and Facebook to give me the most pathetic excuses why people can't or don't live healthy. I wrote them all down in my note book and try to argument and give a solution for all of them. Well, that was much harder than I though it would be. I kinda got pissed off at some excuses and some were so me :D
This week I give you first round of excuses and solutions, let's just start.

Well, if you want a change - everything starts and ends with you really. Keep that in mind.

Source: Pinterest.

1. I have no time. / I am so busy.

Have no time? Become more organized. Try to stick to daily plan, make sure there's a workout in there and arrange other appointments around that time. I do HIITs (high intensity interval trainings) and they take me all together with warm up, cool down and shower around half an hour to 45 minutes. It's the best to do your workout in the morning, so you don't have to think about it for the rest of your day. If you travel or are on the go, prepare your healthy meals for the day: salads, fruits, nuts ... are your best friends. But organization needs post on its own :).
Don't have time? You're online, my dear! If you have time for Facebook, than you have time to workout. I rest my case ;)

Source: Pinterest.
2. I have no money. / Living healthy is so expensive. / I won't have money to buy cigarettes if I buy healthy food.

Money issue makes me sad. Yes, we don't have countless amount but people are usually never in doubt when they give money for a car or clothes. We take better care of our car than our body. But this car will go away one day, you'll buy another one, your body will stay. Some goes for a shirt you're wearing right now. Same goes for cosmetics, shoes, TV, mobile phone ... See where I'm going here? We give more money towards material things, but we so easily forget about ourselves. I guess it's easier to "show off" in front of other people and be respected by them because of your material power than to be healthy. So, if you really want to make a change with the money you receive now, you'll have to make sacrifices somewhere. I'd rather stop paying for cable TV, stop buying magazines, quit smoking ... I'd rather invest that money towards my health.
If you don't have a lot of money, you are actually in a benefit. You won't be able to overeat, because you have to budget your food, you won't be able to splurge in grocery store or you won't be distracted by watching TV and you'll move more etc. Everyone deserves to be healthy, everyone deserves to be lean and to be fit. 
Money, too, could be another whole post, maybe next time ;)

Source: Pinterest.

3. I don't even get fat so why would I even eat healthy? 

This goes for naturally skinny people, who can't gain weight easily. But can you genuinely say that you feel healthy and good in your body? Do you get ill easily? I think last time I was ill was about a year ago, after that I had some days when I didn't feel my best, but I knew what kind of food I need to provide to my body to cure that problem. I even cured my allergies and I was a really ill child. Even my hips don't hurt me as much anymore ... With healthy lifestyle I try to prevent diseases and injuries ... I think that eating healthy is more than you being skinny, more than being fit. When you provide good food to your body your mind gets calmer, focused, you feel more connected ... When you exercise on daily basis, your functional strength gets better, your body gets tighter, you like what you see in the mirror. No skinny person has a guarantee s/he will be that way whole life. No one has a guarantee s/he won't have a diabetes, clogged veins, heart attack ...
I think that skinny people who eat (excuse my French) crap can't gain weight because they don't provide nutritional foods to their bodies. Calories don't equal nutrients. Junk food is empty calories anyways.
Living healthy is not just skin deep, but it's about being healthy, happy and feeling good.

I think it was enough for today.

Please, share any other arguments on certain excuses. If you have any other fun and pathetic excuses, don't hesitate to write them down ;)

Hope you're having a healthy happy Saturday so far!