Saturday, September 15, 2012

THREE challenge look #5: FAVOURITE BOOK

You probably know which is my favourite book ... The Hunger Games, of course! Whole trilogy is my favourite. The story makes you happy, sad, makes you cry, nervous, you dream about the story ... It's intense! :)

I planned to do two looks about two months ago, but I never got a chance to do them! So, thank you Mateja and Mateja for this opportunity to become a Capitol citizen :D.

I've already done two looks inspired by The Hunger Games. First one was inspired by Effie Trinket (click) and Katniss Everdeen (click; this one is my favourite!).

As I've said, this look is a Capitol look. If you read the books and watched the movie, you know that Capitol means: crazy, gold and extraordinary! My kind of people :D

I was really pleased with the outcome, since I hadn't even planned anything about this look. I just knew I want to use those falsies! Luckily, Essence comes out with their stuff when I need a specific product/item. As I saw them in a store, I knew I was going to use them for this look :))

So, here is the final look (sorry for too much pictures, my camera doesn't show how intense colours really are :(( I want a new camera!)

pretty pretty lashes!

In real life, eyes looked really freaky!

Products used:

- Makeup factory Eye primer
- e.l.f. Cream eyeliner in turquoise colour as a base all over lids
- Essence pigments 18 Little Mermaid in the center of the lids
- Sleek i-Divine Chaos greenish colour in the inner and outer corner, black eyeshadow just to outline where liner would go
- Essence Liquid eyeliner waterproof
- BellaPierre pigment Tulip + Kiko mixing solution
- MiMisslyn intense color liner 240 in the waterline
- Bourjois Volume glamour ultra black
- Essence cherry blossom girl paper lashes 01 Hidden in sekura garden 

- Catrice lash & brow gel
- BellaPierre pigment Tulip all over my brows
- Essence pigments 02 Smell the caramel just at the ends

- Artdeco soft Lip Liner waterproof 91
- Essence pigments 02 Smell the caramel
- BellaPierre pigment Tulip

- Bourjois Bio detox N52
- Healthy mix concealer 52
- Catrice Transparent fixing powder LE Welcome to Las Vegas
- Avon Arabian Glow Bronzing pearls
- Essence pigments 02 Smell the caramel

Who wants to go out with me now? :))

May the odds be ever in your favor. Happy Hunger Games!


  1. Oh,nice,great combo,blue & gold,but the lashes are to die for <3

    1. Thank you! :)
      And they were for one use only, too :(

  2. Se strinjam za trepalnice <3 Čudovit mejkap kot vedno ;)

  3. omg, kok pa lepo! True art ej, I'm still like "wooow"

  4. aaaaaaaaaa super *.*
    trepavice su strašne :-D
    ja sam nedavno napravila Effiene noktiće ;-D
    p.s. Katniss Everdeen look ti je fan-tas-ti-čan!!!

  5. I have never seen lashes like those before! they´re great! I love this look! :)

    1. and they are for one use only. :(
      Thank you :))

  6. Sam thumbnail sem vidla pa sem takoj vedla da gre za Hunger Games. :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    I love the lips, the lashes... heck i love everything :D
    you did a smashing good job hun :)

  8. Popolno kot vedno! :D Trepalnice so luuuštne :D

  9. Wow these are super creative! The look so good with the blue!
    Im a new follower!

  10. WOW! Just stumbled across this post and those lashes are incredible! Great look! I'm now following you :) xo

    1. Those lashes are awesome :))
      thank you very much! :)