Monday, January 19, 2015

Witch makeup series | Witch of the Summer

Guys, it wasn't intentional that I haven't posted for soooo long. It's just ... or I am not organized or my makeup brushes are not clean. I have no other excuses :) Anyhow, I hope you are still part of the Deja Zu team, even though I fail as a blogger.

Today we continue with the witch series. Still remember this series? Let me refresh your memory ...

Today's look is representing Summer Witch. Yellow color representing the Sun, blue the Sea and black represents mystery :) HOWEVER, this is not the last witch look you'll see on this blog, I promise :)

The story behind the series:

Why a Witch?
Because I believe in magic and I am firm believer that witches did and still do exist. People just misinterpreted their powers and energy.
A Witch is highly intuitive woman, natural healer (she can heal just with her presence), who is not afraid to set her goals high, is strongly connected to her Inner self/Soul/Being, is a woman of Nature, Moon and positive vibes. She is basically a magnet, what she needs and what her heart truly desires, she gets. She's a giver - giver of Love, Light and Blessings. Believes in magic, but she practices only white magic and does only good, because is a firm believer of Karma - what you do comes back to you.

There's no bigger story behind each look. I just tried to mimic the Witch characteristics - mysterious, glamorous, magical and beautiful with seasonal colours.

Product break down:
- Bourjois Healthy mix foundation
- Catrice Camouflage cream
- Catrice All Matt plus Shine control powder
- MUA Bonzed pefection
- elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing powder duo (used only a blush)
- Bourjois Eyeshadow 90 Blanc

- Avon eyeprimer
- Catrice Gel eyeliner waterproof 010 Black Jack With Jack Black
- Oriflame Kohl pencil Nude
- Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
- BellaPierre pigment 36 Money
- Sleek Au Naturel palette (Nubuck, Noir)
- Fyrinnae pigment Otherworld
- MUA 3in1 eXtreme Contour Liner
- *KaNi cosmetics pigment Magic Blue 6413
- Catrice All round mascara Ultra black
- eBay false lashes

- Catrice eyebrow stylist 040 Don't let me Brow'n

- Barry M lipstick 121
- Deborah 24 ore lip pencil222

Tell me what you think <3

Wit(c)h love, Deja

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