Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random haul

I have never written about new things I bought. I'm always open to try something new, hope it may be interesting to some of you. :)
Here are things I recently bought:
(some pictures were posted on Twitter, but not everyone follows me there :))

*Diary: I was thinking about getting one for the longest time, because all my ideas are written on random pieces of paper and usually get lost. Today I found this one with the coolest design in Leonardo for 5,90€.
*Revlon Nail enamel in 095 Facets of Fushcia. Black nail varnis with chunky purple-pink glitter. LOVE IT!
*Catrice Liquid Liner in 010 Meeting Joe Black. Never too much eyeliners :P
*Finally found nude eye pencil, because white can sometimes look too harsh. Oriflame Kohl Pencil in Nude.
*Essence Show your feet Gel shoe pads.
*Tank top from New Yorker (4,95€), bought two: black and blue. Because I desperately needed a "normal" tank top :)

*Bought those shoes in Transport for 17 € (75 % discount :))))

*Scarf with rabbits, hats, stars ... I had to get it, because it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I love Alice in Wonderland ... and scarves :))
*Subrina Supreme hair color in 46 Golden hazelnut. Colored my hair two days ago, don't really know if I like it or not :D
*This white thing on shorts is Essence Fruity sealing top coat. Used it once, it dries sooooo slowly. Not big fan of it :(
*Shorts from New Yorker. I'm not a skirt fan, I prefer shorts :)
*Purple false eyelashes. Will do a look using them. Very soon :)

*Please, be jealous :P REVLON COLOR BURST LIP BUTTERS! Bought them on Ebay. In 060 Gumdrop and 015 Tutti Frutti. It was love at first sight <3 :)

You can still enter my giveaway HERE, if you haven't done it yet.

Hope you had a great day and even better night ahead :)

xoxo Deja

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Free makeup!! My first giveaway *CLOSED*

I finally reached 50 followers via Google Friend Connect (GFC) and I decided to have my first giveaway. Yay!! :)
So, here is little something you can win:

- e.l.f. eyeshadow Brightening Eye Color 2016 Nymph Dreams
- Catrice lipstick Ultimate Colour 060 Oh Juicy!
- Catrice Defining Duo Blush 020 Peach Sorbet
- Six earrings
- Essence makeup bag

Everything is beauty related, although my blog is not just about cosmetics. In future I will have more versatile giveaways :). Those products kinda represent my spring/summer face. Been wearing a lot of coral/orange-y lipsticks, natural eyelid with turquoise eyeliner and orange blusher is currently my favourite. Of course no look is complete without funky earrings :)

Rules (I tried to simplify them as much as I could):

* You have to be a follower of this blog via GFC.
* You have to comment on this blog post to enter. You can write anything about my blog - what do you like, dislike, what would you like to read more, requests, suggestions ... or just say 'Hi.' or whatever comes to your mind :)
* You can enter only once (one comment per person). And you can increase your chances of winning, if you get me another follower or more. A new follower has to mention in his comment who suggested you my blog, so both of you get another entry.
* Giveaway starts today, 27 May 2012 and it ends 10 June 2012 at 23:59 CEST.
* Winner will be chosen randomly. The winner will be announced on my blog on Monday, 11 June 2012. The winner will have to contact me in 2 days time, otherwise another random winner will be chosen.
* Giveaway is opened internationally.

I hope everything is clear. Start entering and GOOD LUCK! :)

Have a lovely Sunday evening :)

xoxo Deja

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bye bye Cellulite

Or at least how to reduce it. You may never get rid of it completely, most of people have it. Even men, but they have less fat cells than women, that's why it's less visible. Even skinny girl have it.
Well, we all know how cellulite looks and that junk food will not help get rid of it. :)
So, I'll just mention some things that probably helped me to reduce cellulite.

1. Long time ago I read that lemonade can help you get rid of cellulite. What I usually do, is to mix one whole bottle of water (1,5 l) with juice from one lemon and drink it during whole day. No sugar! Sugar is no good for your body!

2. Drinking a lot of water help your body to stay hydrated and it helps you with losing weight. Cellulite is fat, water will "wash it away" :). I probably drink 4 liters a day.

3. Eating clean diet. No white sugar, white salt, white flour, no bad fats, noo highly processed foods ...Yes, there is still plenty food to eat, believe me :)

4. Exercise, exercise, exercise. I cannot put this out enough. Exercising helps me with everything - with losing wieght, sculpting my body, therefore losing cellulite ... and the most it helped me with my mentality. When you have a positive body image, weight just drops. Seriously.

5. No anti-cellulite cream will help you if you don't massage areas where you have it. I found this little massage thing-y not so long ago in Kik. I think it was 1 € or a little bit more (not more than 3 €). If I watch a movie (or whatever else I do) I rub it on my legs :D. It's not really time consuming.

6. I have probably tried a lot of anti-cellulite creams, and they can be quite expensive! The one and only treatment I love is this oil from Alverde. I used it last year, I use it this year and I think it helps. It's around 4 €. And no cream will help you if you don't exercise. Together they work magic :)

Don't deprive yourself from having fun because you think you have a lot of cellulite or because you think you're fat. When you start truly loving yourself, other people will fall in love with you, too. Even with cellulite.
And ladies, one more thing. Boys woudn't know about half of our "problems" if we would keep them to ourselves. :) So shhhh. If a boy likes you don't point out your flaws. :)

Summer is almost here!! Hope this helps!

xoxo Deja

P.S.: I changed my blog layout again. I really loved the previous one, but it was so slow on my computer and had quite some difficulties with it. Hope this one is better. Will probably do some more changes, but for now I'm quite satisfied with it :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My eyebrows - how I make them look awesome :)

I've got so many compliment on my eyebrows since I started posting pictures of my eye makeup. And I can say I like my eyebrows, too :)
I shape them quite thick, because thick eyebrows make you look younger. Who doesn't want that? :)
I used to shape them quite thin and never used pencil or shadow on them. I think I started coloring my eyebrows last year and I've been doing it ever since. I don't really go out without making them pretty :)

Can you see how thin they were? Yes, I was blondie once :D

This is how they look right now.

Here is what I use to shape:
- baby wipes (or any other damp cloth will work)
- razor thing-y (you can buy these things in any drugstore)
- Un-petroleum jelly (bought it on eBay; I loooove this stuff)

How I fill them:
- Catrice eye brow stylist 030 Brow-n-eyed Peas or
- Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 350 Starlight Expresso
- angled  brush by IsaDora

This is how your eyebrows should be shaped.
And it suits any face shape, any colour, any woman ... :)

And I probably did something stupid ... I uploaded (my first) Youtube video on how to shape and fill in my eyebrows.

I have a very bad camera as you may have noticed. :D I hope it's self explainatory enough. Is it even visible? Aaaa, kinda nervous what will people say on my first video :D

I will probably make more videos, if I get positive feedback. :))

I totally forgot about cutting the long eyebrow hair!! Because I already had them cut. Oh, well, I'm not perfect. :D
(Use your spoolie brush (you can clean a mascara wand from an old mascara) and groom them upwards and trim any long hair sticking out of a spoolie with little scissors. There is a lot of videos on Youtube how to do that!)

Hope you like my first video! Will figure out how to film better.My camera kinda washes me out :(

Good night!

xoxo Deja

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Homemade face scrub for beautiful skin

Is your skin dull looking? Do you want softer skin? Do you have dead skin cells that are bothering you? I have a fast and  simple skin remedy, that will make your skin wonderful again. And you probably have all three ingredients at home.

Things needed:
- extra virgin olive oil
- honey (raw honey is the best, but whatever honey will do)
- organic sugar (it's best to use organic for your skin, it much more pure)
- (this one is optional) an empty container to save your face scrub (it depends on how much scrub do you make, you can save it for another time)
- and you will need a bowl and spoon to measure and mix everything together :)

Measure two and a half table spoons of sugar and put it in a bowl. Pour one spoon of extra virgin olive oil into the bowl and add one and a half spoon of honey. Mix all three ingredients together. If the consistency is too thick, add some more oil and honey.

Apply this scrub to freshly washed face, massage it all over your face for at least a minute, avoiding eye area, because it's extremely delicate. You can even apply this scrub all over your body, it won't do any harm :).
Rinse all that sugar from you face (and body) with warm water.
Afterwards I apply face toner (which is also homemade!) and a night cream, although the skin is already moisten from olive oil. I usally do scrubs, masks etc. at night time before bed, just in case my skin gets red, so it can regenerate during the night, that's why I apply night cream afterwards :). 

I save it in a clean container .

Extra virgin olive oil will not clog your pores, it's actually recommended by so many beauty gurus and cosmetologists as a beauty "helper". Honey is a natural lightener for your skin (and hair) and sugar works as exfoliator, goes into you pores and cleans them.

I would use this scrub 3 - 4 times a week. I have very sensitive skin, and if it doesn't harm my skin, noone's skin will be harmed :D.

Do you like homemade recepies for skin and hair? Do you know any other great remedies? Let me know!

Have a wonderful skin! Good night.

xoxo Deja

Sunday, May 6, 2012

April favourites!!

It's kinda normal to do monthly favourites at the beginning of the month, right? :) I was really thinking what products I used most this month and loved them. I put together some things, which aren't all beauty related, because my blog is not just about cosmetics ... So, I hope you like it <3

1. You always have to set you liquid foundation with a loose or pressed powder, because the last thing you have to worry about is that your foundation doesn't stay put during the day. I really like E.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder at the moment and it's really cheap, too. So it's a must have product.

2. I have very thick and long eyebrows and like them groomed and filled in. In last monthly favourites I mentioned Catrice shadow, in April I've been using a lot of Catrice Eye brow stylist 030 Brow-n-eyed Peas. It much faster, because with shadow you need a brush, this pencil has even a spoolie brush on the other side. How cool is that? :) (Tuš drogerija)

3. Orange lipsticks are so underrated, I think. I'm gonna rock this summer with corals and oranges. My fave at the moment is Catrice Ultimate Colour 050 Princess Peach. (Tuš drogerija)

4. Oriflame Love potion is my favourite fragrance at the moment. It's little bit sweeter than other fragrances I use, bit it still works for me. It's a yummy scent :)

5. I'm a big green tea lover. But the other day I randomly bought Teekanne Garden Selection tea and I've been drinking it almost every single day and it's not even a green tea. :) (DM)

6. My favourite books this month have been all three from The Hunger Games. You may know I'm a fan, since I've done two makeup looks inspired by the movie and books (look #1, look #2). The movie is OK, but books are so much more real (I don't even know if this is a right word :P), the description of an author really pictures the place, characters ... Couldn't recommend them more. I read them in English, and the second one (Catching fire) is the best! :)

What are yours monthly favourites?

xoxo Deja

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recipe: Yogurt fruit dip

I haven't posted any food recipes in a while, haven't I? Well, it's about time to do that! I think I may mentioned this yogurt dip before, but it's so good that I think it deserves its own blog post. It's super easy to make, it takes only 5 minutes, it's nutritional, healthy and delicious!

You will need:

- Greek yogurt (my fav is non fat Greek yogurt Total, but right now I have this Weidegluck Sahne joghurt with 10 % fat in 1000g family pack)
- honey
- cinnamon
- peanut butter (with no added sugars or salt; mine is Alnatura, bought at DM, it's around 2,50 €)
- fruit (apple or berries)
- a spoon
- and of course, a bowl to mix everything together

Take about two full spoons of Greek yogurt and add one spoon of honey. Mix those two together. Add about half spoon of peanut butter and mix with spoon again. Add cinnamon according to your taste. I kinda eyeball it. Give it a last mix and serve.

Greek yogurt is a great source of protein. I talked about it just when I started blogging (click; it's in Slovenian language).
Honey has many benefits: is an energy booster, it builds your immunity system, is anti-cancer!, cures cold, sore throat, hangovers, sleeplessness ...
Cinnamon is a great source of manganese, fiber, iron and calcium. It helps to regulate blood sugar, you can add it to your food when you crave something sweet. In combination with honey can even help relieve arthritis pain. 
Many people are allergic to peanuts, so better not use butter if you're one of them. Peanut butter provide protein, magnesium, folate, vitamin B3 and E. You have to use one with no added sugars and salt, though. You can even make homemade peanut butter.

I like to eat my yogurt dip with sliced apple. The sweet taste of a dip with slightly sour apple compliment each other perfectly. I would eat it with berries, too. I woudn't recommend eating it with a banana, together it tastes too sweet (in my opinion). 

This super easy dip is a great breakfast or snack option. You can serve it even as a dessert for your guests, I think they will like it :).

Bon apetit!

xoxo Deja

PS: And don't foget about May challenge! I earned 1 € today! Hope you too!