Sunday, January 27, 2013

New favourite lippie? | mini haul

Firsty, sorry for being so mia lately, I've been studying for exam hard core and I didn't pass it, so I have to study again and even more hard core, I guess. And this week I was writing an assignment, haven't done any pretty makeup in 3 weeks and also, don't forget to mention I have terrible trouble sleeping. I look like a zombie. No concealer can hide these under eye circles.

Anyways, I did a little shopping, I think 2 weeks ago and I wanted to show you what I got, because I'm really impressed with new lippies :). You probably heard about new Bourjois Rouge edition lipsticks as they are really popular in the blogosphere, so I had to get them. A girl can never have too many lippies anyways. :)

 I decided to get 2 shades: 04 Rose tweed and 13 Rouge jet set.

Left: Rouge jet set, right: Rose tweed.

These babies are super creamy, moisturizing, pigmented ... in one word: magical. I can't even tell you how much I love them! I've been wearing Rose tweed as my everyday pick, it's like my natural pink lip colour, but sexier! :)
And the Rouge jet set will become my new favourite red shade with blue undertones. I just didn't have a chance to wear it yet (I don't have to be pretty for books or do I?).
I am thinking about getting more of them :)). I think they cost around 11 €.

Another product I bought is Bourjois Contour clubbing waterproof eye pencil in 50 loving green. It's super creamy, pigmented and colour is really pretty. I haven't worn it yet though.

It has a teeny tiny shimmer in it. So pretty ^.^

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?

P.S.: I don't know when I'll post my next post, but please be patient, I have 2 (or maybe even 3) makeup series planned out, I wanted to start this week, but studying was priority. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Fitness Progress: getting ripped

I decided to keep you updated about all my New Year's goals, you can read them here: CLICK. I'll start posting my fitness progress every second Saturday or even just once a month, I'll see how it goes :). 

source: Pinteres

Now, let's talk about my body shape a little. I thought I was full figure (an hour glass with wider waist), that was when I was wider all over, lol. But when I started losing weight (I lost 25 kgs total) I lost it mainly in my upper portion of the body, especially bust line, and I would call my legs and hips my "problem areas". If I gain weight, I gain weight in my lower portion of the body (and face). Also, my bum got bigger from a lot of bum exercises, which is not a bad thing, I had no bum before! So, I'm more of a pear shape now, I guess?

I didn't workout for almost whole month of November, I had Lasik eye surgery on 9th Nov, I took time to recover, I just went for walks every now and then, also I did yoga few times. And I felt like crap, so my diet wasn't the best, I just didn't feel the need to eat clean (it's a mental thing) or I even overate healthy food (I had problem with emotinal eating in the past). So, I lost some muscle definition and strength (I wasn't able to do a regular push up, just from knees). I started working out on 12nd Dec again, mainly high intensity interval training. I took measurements and I measured myself after one month. Here are my results (all measurements are in centimeters):

12 Dec 2012
9 Jan 2013
Upper arm
31   (-1 cm)
Bust line
96   (-6)
84   (-4)
105   (-2)
63   (-1)
Left calf
43   (-1)

That's 15 cm total, woohoo!
I don't weight myself, I have my own philosophy on that. And yes, I have huge-ish calves, left one is wider for 2 cm ^^. And I'm 1,62 meters high or should I say small (but I have a big heart!:)).

I started doing more cardio, leg lifts, squats, lunges and planks ... these exercises are great for defining abs.
I am still doing modified version for pull ups, but I can already see that my back muscles got stronger.
Head stand is still just a half head stand :P.
And cellulite? Well, still visible on my legs, but skin is a lot smoother!

And this is how I look right now:

Sorry for a crappy picture and of course I don't have the before picture, but I'll compare them with my next SFP (Saturday fitness progress that is :)).

Happy healthy weekend to you all!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Books that changed my life for better. Literally.

And I'm not even exaggerating.
I promised to introduce you to some books (and I mention some movies, too) that changed my life. They helped me to grow as a person, heal me mentally and physically, I started achieving my goals ... taught me to love my life. Every bit of it.
Let's just start with the post already, Deja :) ...

That is one dirty closet door! And crazy hair. ^^

1. Maybe you have maybe you haven't heard of the Law of Attraction. It was unfamiliar term for me until I watched movie The Secret. It's basically a documentary, that introduces you to basic information what law of attraction is about. It's a good starting point, but it doesn't teach you or show you much in depth how to use law of attraction. You'll realize that everything in life (bad, good and ugly) happens because you attracted that in your life. It's hard to swallow at first, but once you start accepting that and start thinking positive thoughts and become grateful for every little thing in your life, your life will turn upside down ...
Movie is based on a book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, she also produced the movie. The book has maybe few more stories and more examples, other than that is basically the same. 

Conclusion: movie and book basically the same, good starting point to get introduced to the law of attraction, I recommend movie, but if you also read a book, it won't harm you ;)

2. Second book from the same author I highly recommend is The Magic. This is no ordinary book. It has 28 chapters, you read one chapter per day, because one chapter means one exercise you have to do that day (each exercise is fully explained with examples). It start with "count you blessings" (how and what to be grateful for), "magic rock", "magical relationships", "magical health", "magic money", "have a magical day" ... you get the picture. After 28 days you will have all the information you need to know to have a magic life and you can do and achieve amazing things. You start achieving them in the process already though :).

Conclusion: let's 28 day magic begin, it's a must have

3. Just recently I've read The Law of Attraction: Basic teachings of Abraham from Esther and Jerry Hicks. Esther is translating from a group of non-physical entities called Abraham. Jerry is asking all sort of questions and Abraham answers. It's much more in depth version of Law of Attraction then the Secret. All your questions are probably answered in this book AND it introduces you to other universal laws. The day I finished reading this book which was borrowed from a library, I bought a copy for myself. It's just one of those books you re-read numerous times and always get more from it. I like having my own copy because I like highlighting and marking quotes, sentences, things that seem important to me. 

Conclusion: in depth Law of Attraction experience, get your own copy, so you re-read answers you forget

4. Now, let's move a little bit away from Law of Attraction. Books that will teach you about life in general, the power of positive affirmations, how to love and heal yourself are all books from Louise L. Hay. This amazing lady has written many inspirational books, they can totally change your mental state of mind. And she had some rough times in her life - sexual abuse, had to give her child for adoption, cancer ... I own Heal your life, you get to know everything about life, experiences and how to work on yourself. I've also read Life! Reflections On Your Journey, borrowed from library. In this book she deals with growing up, relationships, work, health, spirituality, aging, death ... How to overcome any problems in your life and what LIFE is all about (you know that thing in between your birth and death).
She has over 20 books and is still active (she is 86 years old!), including books with just positive affirmations for every day. Here is about Louise on wikipedia: click.
Watch a movie You Can heal your life on YouTube: click or with Serbian subtitles: click.

Conclusion: get all her books, you won't regret it! :)

5. Last, but definitely not least, is book from the toughest fitness trainer and life couch Jillian Michaels: Unlimited: How to build an exception life. This was actually my first "serious" book I've read in English, as a slow reader I read it in 2 days, I think that tells you how amazing it is :). And I absolutely adore how she writes! What is book about, you ask?
Lose the chains ... There's an anecdote I came across in a self- help book years ago that I have never forgotten:
A father and his young son are at the circus. The son sees a huge elephant shackled with flimsy, rusted chains. Turning to his dad, the boy asks, "Isn't that elephant strong enough to break free from those chains?"
"Of course he is," his father answered. "It's just that he's been chained like that since he was too small and weak to break free, and now he doesn't know the difference."
I hate to say it but, buddy, you are the elephant in this story.
You can leave the job you hate, You can leave the alcoholic spouse. You can go back to school. Want to know what's holding you back? Absolutely nothing but you. - from chapter 6, "Get an Attitude Adjustment".

Conclusion: really engaging writing, I found it better than book The Secret (oops), READ IT!

I suggest you get all this books, you can borrow them, but I prefer having my own copies, I can re-read whatever I want at 3AM at night if I want t, to lift me up whenever I feel down, and because I like to mark/highlight important points. 

All English books were bought on Book Depository (I search on and then you're redirected to Book Depository).
Slovenian books were bought: Svet Knjige, Felix or somewhere else (just google it to find the cheapest version ;)).

Have you read any of them? I would love if you recommend me some books in the comment section!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weekly makeup tag: Marilyn Monroe

Second Wednesday this year, I hope you're already making this the best year ever. If you don't, I will tell you how: click. ;)

Aaah, Marilyn Monroe, her look is such a classic, never getting out of style. Did you know that she usually used dark brown eyeshadow as her winged liner applied with wet brush? Also, she created another wing on her bottom lashline so it looked like her lashes are so long that they created a shadow underneath. For her lips she used at least 3 different colours: darker lipliner, red lipstick with blue undertones and lighter colour in the center. She over drawn her lips to make them bigger and rounder. She rarely used any blush, she contoured under her cheeks, forehead, reshaped her nose and highlighted like crazy :). Did you know that for photography back in the day they used vaseline? But just for photographs, if you wear it throughout the day it will smear all over your face.

Here you had some Marilyn Monroe makeup class, now to the look!



- Sleek Au Naturel palette (Nougat all over the lid, Capuccino and Bark for crease, also used these two for my brows)
- Essence gel eyeliner (I used black liner after all)
- Bourjois white eye pencil
- Catrice Lashes to kill mascara
- eBay falsies, I cut them in half and applied just on the outer corner

- Missha BB cream
- Bourjois Healthy mix concealer
- Artdeco setting powder
- MUA bronzed perfection for contour
- Alverde eyeshadow 09 nude rose & Essence Crystalliced for highlight

- Oriflame read my lips Don't talk just kiss (outline)
- Barry M lip liner no 5 (over the red lipliner)
- NYX lipliner 841 Coral (in the center)
- Revlon matte 006 Really Red
- used both highlighters in the center of the lips also

Sorry if I look extremely sleepy in this photos, drilling woke me up in the morning and I wasn't completely rested. My hand was also little bit shaky, not the best look I can do, but it will have to do :)

Have a lovely Wednesday <3

Monday, January 7, 2013

Well, hello there 2013!

I usually never set any New Year resolutions, just because I believe you don't need new year, 1st of the month, tomorrow or Monday to start changing things. All you need is you, little bit of will and you can start changing right away :). But I guess resolutions give people hope.
I decided to set some goals/guidelines (this word always reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean:P) to act in a certain way. But you can call them resolutions if you like :). And usually when you write something publicly you are more likely to do so. I think ^^

Love this "Declaration of Intention" New Year's Resolution Poster
Source: Pinterest.

1. I wish to be more organized in my life in just about everything. I wish to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. I actually like early mornings if I had a good night sleep. If I wake up late I lose my motivation for the day, in few hours it's already hard to take pictures for blog (in the winter time though). Also, I wish to be more organized around my blog. And stop doing things last minute. It's just a bad habit. Day has 24 hours, use them fully and wisely. Oh, yeah, and check out your emails before you have 300 unread massages. True story :)

2. Continue to live healthy - eat clean and train hard :). I had some not so great eating periods in 2012, but healthy lifestyle is for life, so falls are normal. They were not failures, just lessons :). This year I'll educate myself even more about nutrition, I'm aiming for defined abs and reduce my cellulite to minimum. I just have to get rid of my stubborn fat, easy peasy :P. Also, I would like to be able to do proper one leg squats, pull ups on a pull up bar and do a complete head stand (yoga).

3. Take better care of my skin and maybe go to a cosmetologist. I'm guilty of touching my face and just messing around with my skin in general. I just never learn. As a beauty and health blogger I just can't afford that. I only have one skin and as I always say: better to prevent (scaring) than to heal. And stop biting skin around my nails would be great, too :).

4. Finish Uni. I've been extending my last year of Uni for two years now. Never ending story. My goal is to do all assignments until April, so I can enjoy the rest of the Uni year (and the rest of the year) not thinking about it.

5. Main reason why I want to finish Uni until then is because I'm going to IMATS London this year. It's in June and I'm super excited about just thinking of it :). I guess this is my motivation to study hard :). I would like to go see other places, too.

6. Another goal is to be more creative. I already started drawing again last year, keep on doing that! Maybe try painting, do more DIYs,  learn how to crochet ... There's many more things I'd like to do, so I'll do it this year :).

Don't wish for 2013 to be a good year, make it a good year!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 favourites & accomplishments

It took me forever to put this post together, haha!
2012 was an amazing year and this one will be even more exciting, let me tell you :). I decided to do a post about my favourite products/things, everything basically and some random rambling :).

Let's start with makeup.

Two most worn palettes were definitely Sleek i-Divine Au naturel and Storm. Can't go wrong with any of these colours.

I'm extremely happy Essence came up with pigments. I love Essence pigments.

I been using Artdeco All in one mascara for many years now, has to be my all time favourite mascara. I almost completely used up Essence gel eyeliner, need to buy a new one. For my eyebrows I mostly used Catrice Absolute eye colour 350 Starlight Expresso. Such a perfect ashy shade. I fall in love with Missha BB cream, been using it almost on daily basis. My favourite concealer must be Bourjois Healthy mix concealer to cover my undereye circles. For setting my foundation I really liked e.l.f. HD powder, sets foundation like a boss.

My 2 favourite blushes are Sleek Gold Rose and NYX PinchedI've been loving NYX Taupe for contouring.

Most used lipstick were Revlon lipbutters in Tutti Frutti, Berry Smoothie and Cherry tart. I wore MUA lipstick in shade 15-Nectar a lot when weather was warmer. For colder weather I like wearing MUA lipstick shade 2. Other lipsticks I've been loving in 2012 are Bourjois Sweet Kiss in 49 Rose allure (discontinued), Catrice Ultimate Shine 090 Fox Now (pretty similar to Bourjois one) and Catrice Ultimate colour 100 Lobster Love, loving this red shade.

For brushes I've been loving e.l.f. kabuki brush, e.l.f. Professional Smudge brush, no named felted liner brush, BH cosmetics fluffy blending brush and Essence crease brush.

Nail polishes I've been wearing a lot throutout whole year were: Essence multi dimension 68 Perfectly true, Orly Glowstick, Avon nailwear pro Coral Beat, Catrice 070 Caught on the Red Carpet, NYX Girls Bermuda Triangle, Essence 38 Choose Me! and Essence special effect topper 08 Night in Vegas.

Other beauty products:
I started using Balea Oil repair at the end of the year and I'v been loving it so far. Best nail polish remover has to be Kiko Nail polish remover.

Afrodita Aroma hand and nail cream and 100% Pure Strawberry Lemonade Hand cream were in my handbag or on the desk all the time. To hydrate my undereye area I've been using 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. For lip balm I couldn't decide which one is my fave, worth mentioning are Alverde Vanillebl├╝te Mandarine, e.l.f. lipbalms and Hurraw! Coconut lipbalm.


Another Essence discovery of the year must be Essence parfume Like a Trip to NY. Best. Smell. Ever.
For skin care I've been loving Kahne Witch Hazel toner, Simple hydrating light moisturizer and Simple Replenishing rich moisturizer. I disovered new natural cosmetic range - New Dawn Patchouli healer Face & body moisturizer, been loving it! Also I really like Badger Balms, I have For hardworking hands, Foot Balm and Svolving Body Balm.

Whole range discoveries of 2012 must be MUA cosmetics, Fyrinnae, Simple and New Dawn.

My favourite fitness gear of the year must be my Sketchers running shoes, it feels like walking on clouds, unfortunately they are quite slippery to wear inside, but are perfect for walking and running. I also love my dumbbells :).

  21 Jump Street  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey  127 Hours
Source: Pinterest

Movies that I watched and loved, not necessarily released in 2012, were:
     21 Jump Street (still laughing when I remember of it :P),
     The Hobbit: An unexpected journey (I'm such a LOTR geek:P),
     127 hours (James Franco's best performance, no doubt).

True Blood Season 5 Full Trailer & Poster Six Feet Under
Losing It With Jillian, the new reality show to follow A Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels as she moves in with families across the US, it probably didn’t take you long to realize this is not your typical lighthearted reality show. Michaels not only helps families get healthier physically, she addresses their emotional well-being as well, and sometimes that gets a little challenging. Jillian Michaels opens up about her “very, very emotional” new show and how it’s impacted her own life…
Source: Pinterest.

Best TV shows:
    True Blood (can't wait for next season!),
    Six Feet Under (masterpiece),
    Losing it with Jillian (you can watch whole episodes on YouTube).

Amazing books that blew me away were:
    The Hunger Games trilogy (Suzanne Collins),
    Love life & The Widower (Kluun),
    Heal you life (Louise L. Hay),
    The Magic (Rhonda Byrne) and
    Unlimited (Jillian Michaels).

Song I listened numerous times last year (you can click on the song for listening):
     CunningLynguists - Darkness,
     Maroon 5 - Payphone,
     Marina and the Diamonds - Primadonna,
     Chester See & Andy Lange - Boyfriend (and I'm not Bieber fan :)),
     Joey Graceffa & Luke Conard - We're never getting back together (much better than the original in my opinion :)).

YouTube discoveries of the year must be Lean Secrets and Zuzka Light (both for health and fitness).

What I accomplished with my baby (my blog :)).
I had 1 year blogiversary in February, I started writing my posts in English, wrote 142 total posts in 2012. At the beginning of the year I had less than 50 GFC followers, now I have 301 GFC followers, over 58,000 total pageviews, 305 followers on Twitter and 97 likes on Facebook page. All I have to say is thank you <3 (nah, I've just shed a tear :P).

I started doing separated makeup looks posts, reviews, started writing more recipes, I've shared some personal posts, other tips and tricks, beauty, health or anything in between and other random ramblings. I also had 3 giveaway and did my first blog banner.

I've participated in 3 makeup/nail challenges:
    the penguin challenge,
    three nail challenge (but I did makeup;) click) and
    four elements challenge (click).
I did 8!!! full face and costume Halloween looks, without buying anything new. You can check them all out here: click, I'm so proud of them all! And I posted one post per day in October.

I started participating in weekly makeup tags, which are always fun to do! (click)

Favourite food of the year must be apple pie (recipe here: click) and my famous not-so-famous cabbage wraps (recipe here: click). I could eat both of them every single day :).

... And many other crazy and not-so-crazy stuff :).

Best accomplishments in 2012 (there were many more, but I'll just point out 5, so this posts won't be too long, which already is ;)):
    I quited my job, I didn't enjoy it anymore,
    I started reading more books in general, and read many books that helped me grow as a person,
    I completely stopped drinking alcohol,
    I started drawing again,
     and of course highlight of the year: I got Lasik eye surgery! :) (about my experience: click).

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing the love with me ❤. I love you.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

NOTD: After-holiday glittah!

I've been obsessing about glitter polishes right now. I have no idea why, maybe because I have to study (I'm finishing Uni this year, so I have to kick my lazy ass and get to work!) and glitter nails always make me happy (although removing them is not such a happy process :P). I found this gem, I wore so much last summer, Essence 38 Choose me!. It's one of the polishes that look absolutely amazing in the bottle, but once applied on nails it looks even better :).

Still don't know how to take a proper photograph of my nails *sigh*. :) Will work on that this year :P
Is it just me or old Essence polishes dry quicker on your nails and last longer?

What are you wearing on your nails today?