Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slovenian bloggers meetup! (written in Slovene)

Vljudno vabljeni ;)


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekly makeup tag: Peacock

Always wanted to try peacock makeup look and now I got an opportunity to do it :).

We've been doing weekly makeup tags for 6 months! I was thinking about doing a recap of all the looks, since I've been participating almost every week (with one month's exception when I had Lasik and when I had exams).
Check out Aqeela's blog to see what other beautiful ladies created: click.

Now to my look:

- Bourjois Healthy mix foundation & concealer
- Artdeco setting powder
- MUA Bronzed perfection

Eyes (used the same pencils and shadows for brows):
- Essence I <3 stage primer
- Bourjois contour clubbing Green eye pencil
- Avon Arabian glow eye pencil Turquoise
- Bourjois eyeshadow 07 noir
- BellaPierre pigment Tulip
- Alverde 09 nude rose
- Essence pigment 17 dory in love
- Fyrinnae Arcane Magic: Sorceress
- Fyrinnae Otherworld
- Essence waterproof liquid eyeliner
- Catrice Lashes to Kill mascara
- eBay falsies

- Essence Cherry blossom girl lipstick pencil 01 Cherry cherry girl
- BellaPierre pigment Tulip


Hope you like it! Enjoy your Wednesday! :)


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Unusual beauty tip: many uses of an eyeshadow primer

Ah, eyeshadow primer ... makes my life much less complicated :D. I have hooded lids and eyeshadows crease on me in no time. But you can use your eyeshadow primer in many other ways. Let's find out how :)

1. When you apply your eye primer on your lid, make sure you apply it on your lower lashline as well if you intend to put any shadows or pencil there. It will prevent smudging all over your face.


2. Use it as a base before you fill in your brows. If you apply eyeshadow or brow shadow on your brows, it will stay on longer if you apply primer on your brows first. I do that especially whenever I do black brows for weekly tag or any other crazy look.

3. Apply it around your lips to prevent lipstick from smudging. I thought this "technique" by Petite Sal, when she posted a tutorial how to get perfect red lips (check it out here: click). Primer around your lips is actually like a lip liner, an invisible lip liner and it prevents smudging your lipstick!

4. Have some fine smiling lines around your lips? You can apply your eyeshadow primer there before foundation if you don't want to use all over face primer, this will smooth out that area and prevent foundation from getting in those lines! Make sure eyeshadow primer is matte, you don't want any unwanted shimmer around your lips.

5. You can also use it as a concealer if primer is in "concealer color" and has no shimmer.

If you have any other ideas how to use an eyeshadow primer and how do you use it, please, share it with the world in a comment ;)
Thank you for reading!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Fleur de Santé Liquid eye liner REVIEW

*All Fleur de Santé posts will be written in English and Slovene / Vse Fleur de Santé objave bodo napisane v angleščini in slovenščini.

I love liquid eyeliners. Winged liner has been my signature look for many years and I still love it! Such a classic timeless look, can't go wrong with it! :)
With that said, I was really happy when I received Fleur de Santé Liquid eye liner, because girl can never have too many liquid eyeliners. :) Now to the review.
Obožujem tekoče eyelinerje, klasična črna črta je že dolgo moj vsakdanji makeup in nikoli ne gre iz mode :). Zato sem bila zelo vesela, ko sem prejela Fleur de Santé liquid eyeliner, ker dekle nikoli nima preveč tekočih eyelinerjov :). Sedaj pa k oceni izdelka.

Eyeliner comes in black packaging, 4 ml content. Tip of an actual eyeliner is spongy, not a brush, which I like, I think it's easier to apply it that way. However, I was little bit dissapointed because the tip is a little bit round and if you're a clumsy applier this can be a problem. Also, if you cry or your eyes water a lot, it will smudge, because it's not waterproof.
Embalaža je črna s 4 ml vsebino. Konica eyelinerja ni čopič, temveč je (kako se temu reče? :D) "spužvast", "gobast" :D. Skrajna konica je malce zaobljena, kar zna povzročati probleme, če nisi previden. Eyeliner ni vodoodporen, če se dosti jokaš ali se ti solzijo oči, potem verjetno ni zate.

Thin, little bit thicker and thick line. You can see it's not the most pigmented eyeliner./ Tanka, malce debelejša in debelejša črta. Na sliki se vidi, da ni najboljl pigmentiran.

Now to the colour of an eyeliner. If you like the blackest black eyeliner, then this one is not for you. Once you apply your first line, your skin will still be showing through. But I always go over it one more time to fix some mistakes. However, also with two applications is not the most black colour.
Barva eyelinerja ni najbolj črna, ko naneseš prvo črto, se bo pod njo še vedno videla koža. Vendar jaz vedno nanesem še enkrat, da popravim manjše napake. Vendar tudi po dveh nanosih še vedno ni najbolj črna.

It will wash out under the water. / Pod vodo se bo spral.

My conclusion is that you can still work with it. I managed to do quite thin line and wore it for 8 hours without any smudging or other problems. It's not the best out there, but I've used worse and I've used better ones, too.
Moj zaključek je, da je eyeliner še vedno uporaben, jaz sem uspela narediti precej tanko črto in ga nosila okoli 8 ur brez razmazovanja ali drugih problemov. Eyeliner ni najboljši na trgu, vendar sem uporabljala že slabše in tudi boljše.

*Product was sent to me for review. / Izdelek mi je bil poslan v oceno.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

What I ate

I haven't done "what I ate" post in a while, so let's do it today. :) It's basically a post about all meals I had in a day, so you get an idea what do I eat.

Meal 1:
"Pancake" made out of 2 eggs and little bit of coconut flour, I topped it with 1/2 of honey, raw cocoa (unsweetened) and half of banana. Had my cup of green tea with it, of course. 

Meal 2:
 An apple and 10 almonds. I try to balance any kind of fruit with some protein and almonds are a good source of it (and also fat).

Meal 3:
 I had warm salad: some chicory and mixed veggies, I just put them in a pan with some olive oil and topped it with some brie cheese.

Meal 4:
 This was my pre workout meal, I made myself a green smoothie, I usually put 1/3 fruit (usually mango, kiwi, frozen strawberries or half of banana, it depends on what I have at home), 1/3 spinach and 1/3 coconut water or regular water. I put one tsp of hemp protein powder or on tsp of chia seeds.
Meal 5:
And this was my post workout meal. Cooked sweet potatoes and mixed veggies (brussel sprouts, red pepper, onion, garlic, eggplant and beans).

I try to incorporate lean protein, carbohydrates (veggies and fruits) and healthy fats in every meal, but not every meal is always perfect. I just do my best :). This day was quite good.

Tell me if you would be interested in more posts like this one, I actually quite enjoy writing them :)

I wish you all happy and healthy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weekly makeup tag: disco

Another Wednesday, another weekly tag. This week's theme was disco! All I had in mind were bold colours, neon's and glitter! And that's what I did :)

Please, check out Aqeela's blog to see what other participants did: click.

And here's my look:


- Avon Ideal shade
- Oriflame concealer kit
- Bourjois Healthy mix concealer
- Artdeco Fixing powder
- Elf blush Pink passion
- Elf blush Gotta glow

- Too faced shadow insurance
- Bourjois Eyliner pencil Noir & Blanc (used only white side for base)
- Coastal scents 88 palette (neon yellow, greens, blues)
- Bourjois contour clubbing 50 loving green
- Avon Arabian glow pencil turquoise
- MUA intense colour lip liner Pink me up
- Sports girl Eye like palette (pink)
- Essence waterproof liquid eyeliner
- eBay falsies (cut them in half)
- Bourjois Volume glamour Max definition mascara
- Barry M glitter stacking set (silver stars)

- Catrice Eye brow pencil
- Coastal scents 88 palette
- Essence pigment Frosted champaign

- MUA intense colour lip liner Pink me up
- Barry M lippie 52  (bright neon pink, I call it my Gaga lipstick :))

And I think that's all :P

Hope you like it!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Get to know me - 50 random facts about me

I've seen bloggers and youtubers doing this random facts post/videos quite often lately. So I decided to do one myself.  Enjoy :)

 Source: Pinterest.
1. I'm spiritual and I meditate.
2. I don't drink coffee but I love the smell of it!
3. I love Johnny Depp and sometimes at random moments I quote his sayings from movies, but usually just in my mind. Yeah, I know ^^
4. I am pretty shy and quiet, especially with people I don't know.
5. I'm such a spring/summer girl. Winter is not amusing me ^^
6. I am a vegetarian (no meat, no fish or any other sea food).
7. I was pescatarian for a year before I became vegetarian.
8. My favourite colour is blue. Blue everything. Especially turquoise. :]
9. I can't imagine living with the same person my whole life.
10. I can't wait to move to my own place and arrange it to my likings.
Source: Pinterest.
11. My favourite animals are any kind of wild kitties (tigers, lions, pumas, cheetas, you name it, I love it), owls, dogs and wolfs.
12. I love poetry, I actually write poems myself.
13. I have an older sister. Year and 8 months older ;)
14. I used to wear prescription glasses for 15 years and last 8 years combined it with contact lenses.
15. I had Lasik eye surgery in November 2012.
16. I hate McDonald's with passion.
17. I am child at heart. Ask my mother ^^
18. I only drink water, teas and freshly squeezed juice. No sodas, no alcohol, sweetened juices ...
19. I had a gold fish that lived for 6 years.
20. I have only been to one wedding, my mum's wedding and I was made of honor.
    I Love Nature
Source: Pinterest
21. I love going into the nature, it calms my mind.
22. My favourite subject in school was art. I also wanted to go to art school.
23. I love animated movies/cartoons.
24. I love South Park :)
25. I want to have a "home library". I love books ... and libraries.
26. I was into metal music in high school. I went to Rammstein, Nightwish and Helloween concerts.
27. I always wear nail polish, I feel so naked without it.
28. I used to dance for 8 years (mix of everything for 3 years, 2 years of jazz ballet and 3 years of hip hop).
29. Caught in the Act used to be my favourite band. :)
30. I never gone to any kind of makeup class or anything like that, I just watched a lot of Youtube videos.
Have no idea, where I got this pic.
31. I'm planning to move to California soon.
32. I love any kind of movie with super heros in it.
33. I believe in mythical creatures.
34. I love heavily tattooed people, especially women.
35. I don't watch horror movies, I already have f*cked up imagination.
36. I got my driving's licence at 18, passed it second time doing it.
37. I stopped drinking alcohol in January 2012. It wasn't supporting my healthy lifestyle, I got in many embarassing situations and I had no limit with drinking.
38. I used to work in a store with clothes for exactly 1 year.
39. I dyed my hair for the first time when I was 14. I was a blondie :)
40. I like to change my hair styles and hair colour quite often, I get bored or want to try something new.
 41. I love any kind of dress up events, Halloween, masquerade, carnivals and I also love Drag queens. Can you tell?
42. I am more of a Tomboy, sneakers, jeans and regular T-shirts are the best.
43. I have no idea how to act in front of little children, actually I try to be as far away from them as I can.
44. If I like a song I can have it on repeat whole day.
45. When I really like a movie or TV show, I will probably do a research on it, watch bloopers, behind the scenes, google all actors ...
46. I don't know my father.
47. I like making lists, this is the only way I have a feeling I've done something.
48. I love 80's and 90's music (and culture in general) more than nowadays music/culture.
49. I have 8 piercings.
50. Breakfast is my favourite meal. :)

I hope you have learnt something new about me :)
If you have a random facts post/video please leave it in a comment, would love to read/see them!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

FOTD | Dramatic neutral

I feel like it's been forever I've done a fotd post. Let's change that, shall I? :)

This look is on a neutral side, but still a little bit more dramatic with darker lid eyeshadow and winged liner, but it's so easy to do, it's been my go to look right now.

I've used my all time favourite makeup palette, Sleek Au naturel (I've almost used up some shadows ^^).

Products used:
- Too faced Shadow insurance primer
- Sleek Au naturel (conker on lids, cappucino in crease, taupe in the inner corner, mineral earth on the lower lashline)
- Rimmel Glam'eyes professional liquid eyeliner
- Australis LashTLC mascara
- Catrice eyebrow pencil

- Bourjois Healthy mix foundation
- Oriflame Conceler kit
- BYS blusher Fierce fuchsia

- Elf Gypsy

What is your go to look atm? Tell me :)
Hope you like it!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fleur de Santé Amaze eye shadow Green REVIEW

*All Fleur de Santé posts will be written in English and Slovene. / Vse Fleur de Santé objave bodo napisane v angleščini in slovenščini.

Another Fleur de Santé product, mono eyeshadow this time. It's pretty khaki green with golden shimmer. It applies easily, blends very well and lasts for long time. I always use primer, because I have hooded lids and they can be little bit oily sometimes, but this eyeshadow is quite pigmented even without primer. It didn't crease on me and it stayed the same until I removed my makeup (8 hours +).
Še en Fleur de Santé proizvod, enojno senčilo. Gre za kaki zeleno barvo z zlatim šimrom. Nanese se zlahka, z ostalimi senčkami se lepo zabriše in življenjska doba na veki je dolga:). Jaz vedno uporabim primer, ker imam povešene veke in znajo biti malce mastne, vendar je senčilo že samo dovolj pigmentirano. Z nabiranjem v gubo nisem imela težav in senčka je ostala nespremenjena dokler je nisem odstranila (nosila sem jo več kot 8 ur).
Left: over primer, right: on its own. / Levo čez primer in desno sama senčka.

Packaging is like a little jar, matte black, really sleek looking, but it gets dirty quite easily. But I think it looks pretty. It has 1.8g content.
Embalaža je kot majhen lonček (na navoj) ,mat črna, lepega izgleda, vendar se hitro umaže. Količina senčila je 1,8g.

It's hard to photograph! / Težko jo je fotografirati!

Now back to the colour itself. I combined it with matte black and gold to make it more "me", but you can easily blend it with brownish eyeshadows and create more natural look. I wouldn't wear it on its own, I would put some brown shadow in crease to create some demension, but everyone is different :)
Pa še nazaj k barvi. Jaz sem jo kombinirala z mat črno, ker mi je tako všeč, vendar jo z lahkoto kombiniraš z rjavimi senčkami za bolj naraven videz. Samo čez celo veko je ne bi nosila, vsekakor bi nanesla rjavo senčko v gubo za malce dimenzije, ampak vsak naj naredi, kar mu je všeč :)

And that's how it looks one me. / Tako pa izgleda na meni.

Although it's not an everyday eyeshadow for me, I think I will wear it quite often, because I think it's amazing!
Čeprav barva ni moja vsakdanja izbira, verjamem, da se bo na mojih očeh znašla kar pogosto, ker je proizvod odličen!

What do you think about this colour? Would you wear it?
Kaj pa ti meniš o tej barvi, bi jo nosila?

* Product was sent to me for review. / Proizvod mi je bil poslan v oceno.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fleur de Santé Rosewood desire REVIEW

* All Fleur de Santé posts will be written in English and Slovene. / Vse Fleur de Santé objave bodo napisane v angleščini in slovenščini.

Fleur de Santé Slovenia sent me this wonderful lipstick, I feel in love with immediately. It's matte red with brownish undertones. It's super creamy it glides on like butter! And it also smells amazing!
Fleur de Santé Slovenija mi je poslal tole čudovito šminko, v katero sem se takoj zaljubila. Je mat rdeča z rjavkastimi podtoni. Je kremne teksture in se nanaša kot puterček ;). Tudi diši precej lepo!

Firstly I applied some invisible lipliner, it's actually like some sort of a wax to prevent any smudging around my lips, because darker lipstick tend to bleed on me. Then I just applied lipstick directly on my lips. Like I said, it has creamy texture, had no problem with applying. It stayed on my lips for about 3 hours, then I had to eat :). But also after a meal my lips were a bit stained (darker lipsticks usually stain my lips a little), so I had to reapply it.
Najprej sem nanesla prozorno črtalo za ustnice, s tem sem preprečila, da bi se šminka preselila še kam drugam po obrazu, kar se pri meni, predvsem pri temnih šminkah, rado zgodi. Šminko sem nato nanesla direktno na ustnice, nisem imela problemov z nanašanjem, saj se nanaša lepo. Na mojih ustnicah je ostala tri ure, nato sem jedla. Po jedi so bile ustnice še vedno rahlo obarvane (temnejše šminke mi običajno rahlo obarvajo ustnice), tako da je potreben ponoven nanos.

Packaging is black plastic with gold details, 4g content. Sticker on the bottom has no name, just number, which can cause some difficulties, because you know, blogger has to write a name of the lipstick when you post a fotd :). This is the only con I found.
Embalaža je črna, plastična z zlatimi detajli, ima 4g vsebine. Nalepka na dnu embalaže nima imena, samo številko, kar zna biti nerodno, če imena ne veš, ker je potrebno napisati ime šminke, ko objaviš fotd :). To je edina slaba stran, ki sem jo našla.

However, I think this product is amazing, it goes with so many different makeup variations, it's absolutely worth getting it! :)
Menim, da je šminka super, kombinirala sem jo z različnimi senčkami na očeh in pristaja skoraj vsemu!

 And that's how it looks on me. / Tako pa izgleda na meni.

* Product was sent to me for review. / Idelek mi je bil poslan v oceno.