Monday, April 30, 2012

May challenge

(I can't believe it's already May)
It's time for a new challenge!! I love them as you may know :).
It's very simple and I'll explain it to you very shortly.

You probably have a piggy bank at home. Now it's time to use it, if you haven't used it ever before :D. 
You will have to do a workout every single day of May. Do yoga, go for a jog, do hundred burpees, three hundred squats (yeah, it was a good idea, the next day I couldn't walk :D),go hiking, go to fitness, do BodyRock, be a Warrior ... Whatever you like. And you will need 1€ every day. Because for every workout you do, you will put 1€ in your piggy bank.

So, if you do a workout every single day, at the end of the month you will have 31 €. And you can go to a sport store and buy yourself a new sexy shorts or a sports bra, they can be pretty expensive.
Or you can go in a makeup store and treat yourself with some nice lipstick or two. 
Or buy anything else that makes you happy. Whatever you want. Just don't buy candy or junk food :P

I start tomorrow and I will be happy if you join me. :)

Hope you had a lovely Monday,

xoxo Deja

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Hunger Games makeup look #2: Katniss Everdeen, the girl that was on fire

I was in creative mood this week and I created the second look from The Hunger Games, I had in mind the second book, which in my opinion is the best (read it in 2 days, and I'm the slowest reader!)! You probably know who Katniss is. If you don't, read the books, can't recommend them more! :)
I will probably do more looks for her. This one was extremely fun to do! It was raining glitter, I tell you :). I took an inspiration from fire (black represents ashes, gold, orange, red are flames).
I think it turned out more like drag queen look with all that gold glitter, I hope it's "in" this summer, I think I'm getting good at it. :P
Hope you like it.

- Sephora Smoothing primer; Sephora
- Bourjois foundation Healthy mix _52 Vanilla; Mueller, DM or Tuš Drogerija
- Bourjois concealer Healthy mix _52 Medium radiance; Mueller, DM or Tuš Drogerija
- E.l.f. High Definition Powder _Clear; E.l.f. site

- Sleek i-Divine _Chaos 577 orange colour;
- Coastal Scents 88 Color Eye Shadow Palette the darkest red; bought from a makeup artist
- E.l.f. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder;  E.l.f. site
- Bella Pierre pigment (I believe it's in Tulip, I have it for almost three years, there's no name on it); BB Natura

- Coastal Scents 88 Color Eye Shadow Palette black

Urban Decay Primer potion; E-bay
- Coastal Scents 88 Color Eye Shadow Palette yellow, gold, orange, red, black
- Bella Pierre pigment
- Barry M glitter set 13;
- pigment mixed and glitter glued with Kiko Mixing Solution; Kiko
- Essence gel eyeliner 01 Midnight in Paris; Mueller
- Artdeco All in One Mascara; Mueller
- Baci lingerie false eyelashes No. 648 One Size; DM
- glued with Duo eyelash adhesive; have no idea where I bought it

- Manhattan X-treme last & shine 34T (all over the lips) ; Mueller
- Revlon matte 006 Really Red (in outer corners); Mueller
- Artdeco Soft Lip Liner Waterproof 91 (in corners to add some depth); Mueller

Would you hire me as a makeup artist for a movie? :)
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

xoxo Deja

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Something a little bit more personal ...

I didn't know if I want to share this or not ... What the heck, here it is. If you like or dislike it.

"Why do you live healthy? Why don't you eat or drink that? Why do you workout? Why don't you eat any sweets? Why do/n't you ... BLAH!" I get that a lot. And if you live a healthy lifestyle or maybe you just don't eat specific food or whatever, you probably know what I'm talking about.

So let's go back in time a little bit. I was overweight my whole life. Three years ago I weighted 25 kilograms more than now (I probably gained weight, because I gained muscles, kilograms are not important; at least not for me). No clothes fitted me right, I was sick all the time, my mind was lost, I was sad, sometimes I asked myself why are people hanging out with me, why do I have friends ... I hated the girl in the mirror, to be honest (and a mirror can be a tough judge, you know it). Even doctor said to me I need to lose weight, my blood pressure was high and my energy level was low most of the time. 

When I started with a diet (90 days separation diet, almost three years ago), I felt like I was doing something good for my self after a long time or even for the first time of my life. My clothes started to fit me better, I even liked my reflection in the mirror. It was hard because I was alone in it. But I did it. For myself.

After some time, I gained self esteem, I became happier and supportive to others. I felt like a whole new person. Although the diet is not the healthiest option, but it sure did help to teach me about healthy lifestyle. I started reading blogs, books, sites ... about healthy lifestyle. I started incorporating more fruits and veggies in my diet, drink more water, started exercising ... 
No, I'm not trying to look like a model, I just want to be healthy (beauty comes in all sizes!). I don't want to start thinking about health when I'm already sick. I'm trying to prevent sickness. 
However, it was a long process ... more of a path, life changing path, it was a fight worth fighting! Actually I'm still fighting :)

I grew as a person, I even started to love myself (still in the process though). Because when you truly love yourself, the others will accept you just the way you are, with imperfections and even without makeup :). 

You are probably rolling your eyes and asking: 'what the heck is she talking about?' :)
So long story short: In my life I have people to love, people who need me, people to be with. And for them I want to be the best version of myself, best example, while I'm still alive. Of course, I am the most important person (to myself) and my body is the only place I have to live ... That's why I choose to take care of myself, that's why I live the way I live. And I love it that way. It was my decision, no one forced me to do it. 
Je ne regrette rien! :)

Give someone a hug today and share some loooove.
Oh, and I love you all <3

xoxo, Deja

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Homemade face toner

I have used so many face toners in my life, and it seemed all of them just irritated my skin. I have very sensitive skin, so alcohol in toner is not an option for me ... got so many allergies, break outs and I can go on and on ... Not so long ago I came across with this recipe for a face toner and decided to try it out. I feel in love with it, and haven't used any other face toner in a while. :)
Here is my little "secret".

Things needed:
- organic apple cider vinegar (ACD) - it must be organic one, because everything you put on your skin is absorbed, so it's the best to be the purest (I bought mine at DM)
- distilled water or bottled water
- and of course an empty container (I bought mine with a spray cap in Mueller)

I ran out of my ACD, that's why  picture is not taken by me :)

Pour the apple cider vinegar in a clean empty container till it's half full. Fill up the container with water, so you have a 1:1 mixture. Shake it a little and you are ready to use it.
Apple cider vinegar has so many health benefits: recommended for a weight loss, fights allergies, prevents muscle soreness, strenghtens your immune system ... and of course it cures skin problems such as acne.

I don't really have any acne, but from time to time I break out and it really frustrates me. Since I started using this toner on a daily basis, I found my skin much softer, I breakout less and even blackheads are less noticeable. ACD helps balance out PH levels of our skin. I'm not any kind of a skin doctor, so I don't know a lot how it works, I just know it works magic :)

I use it before going to bed, because the smell is not the nicest one, but you get used to it. I spray three to four pumps in to a cotton pad and gently wipe it all over my freshly washed face (no makeup!). I don't rinse it, I let it air dry and afterwards I apply my night cream. In the morning I wash my face very well to get rid of the smell. Otherwise you can smell it during the day. Been there :P.

Try it out and share your thoughts in a comment section :). I hope it helps!
Have a lovely day,

Lots of love,
xoxo Deja

Monday, April 16, 2012

Favourite nail polishes

I had in mind a "spring nail polishes" blog post but after collecting "spring" colours, which I don't really wear very often, I decided to do my ultimate favourite nail polishes. I don't colour my nails according to season, I wear whatever I feel like wearing :). So, here it is ...

From left to right:
Orly Rock-on red. It's my one and only Orly nail polish, but I would like to have more of them, because this one dries so fast on nails, which is a really important to me. I get impatient easily if a nail polish dries too slow :)  (Tuš Drogerija).
Avon nailwear pro Coral Beat. I mentioned this colour in one of my previous monthly favourites posts and it's one of my favourites of all times, I won't lie :) (Avon catalogue)
Revlon Blackest Black. Black nails always look so good. With anything, with everything. :) (Mueller)
NYX Girls Bermuda Tirangle. The prettiest blue-ish color ever. Looks so good on toe nails, especially in summer time :) (e-Bay)
China Glaze Peachy keen. It was love at first sight with this one. Light orange-y colour and it looks good in every season. (e-Bay)
Avon nailwear pro Real red. I think every girl should have a classic red in her nail polish collection and this one from Avon is just in right shade. Not too bright, not too dark, somewhere in the middle :) (Avon catalogue)
E.l.f. nail polish Teal blue. I really don't know what has this green to do with blue, but this is the name on the bottom, I think they messed up the stickers. :) However, I think this is the prettiest green and it just calls: "spring has sprung!" :) (E.l.f. website; I think it's called "Teal" on the site)
Barry M Mint green. It's a very light pastel green colour, which I like a lot! (

I was playing with my camera :)

Would you be interested in doing my nail polish collection blog post?

On repeat today:

Have a lovely Monday,

xoxo Deja

Sunday, April 8, 2012

TAG: 10 little secrets

I love watching tag videos :). And because I don't film YouTube videos (but I have been thinking about starting making them ... hmm?), the only way to answer the questions in thorough my blog. So let's begin ...

1. What is one product that makes you feel like a million dollars?
I don't really have any high brand products. So I must say a highlighter, because I think it gives such a youthful glow to my face and looks so good in pictures! Even if I don't wear a blusher, I highlight my cheeks, underneath my eyebrows and down the nose. I have no favourite highlighter, sometimes I even use a shimmery eyeshadow.

2. What is your skin care secret?
I always take off makeup before sleep. I don't wipe my face in a towel, I wipe it in a paper towel and throw it away.

3. Share your hair care secret.
Olive oil does wonders for your hair (and skin). Recipes to come!


4. What is your biggest diet rule?
I eat breakfast every single day. I can't start a day right without any food in the morning and hot cup of green tea. And I avoid muffins, cakes, cookies ... anything sweet in general, because I don't know how to just try things just to taste them and always end up overeating, which make me sick in the shortest time possible. I haven't eaten anything sugar-y from January, I think. Only honey and fruits. And I drink lots of water. LOTS!

5. Any workout tips?
I do short, but intense workouts, I give it my maximum, I sweat, nearly cry and push hard! After the stretching and shower I feel super energized and happy :). And if I workout in sexy clothes I feel more confident and usually give it my best :).
Bodyrocker and Warrior for life! :)

6. Which perfume is your secret weapon?
I don't really have any real perfumes, only eau de toilette. I prefer summery, citrus-y, fresh scents all over the year. I had my favourite scent from Avon, it was called Winked, but they don't sell it anymore. :/
Dolce n Gabbana Light Blue smells incredible, but I don't want to buy it because they test on animals ...

7. Show us a clothing item of yours which always turns heads?
I think I turn more heads with my hairstyle and makeup (I don't really do night time or day time appropriate, I wear whatever I like :)). I don't really wear any clothes that stand out.. I think? :D

8. What is your most treasured piece of jewellery?
My three silver rings I wear all the time on my left hand. I feel so lost and naked without them! :)

9. Who is your style crush?
I really had to think about this one ... I think Rihanna has an amazing style and can look good even in a potato sack. And singer Dev has amazing style to me. I think I prefer street style over celebrity style though ... Reading blogs about style (Nymphette415 has an amazing style, and she is such a doll, always replies on every tweet and comment on YouTube; and Slađi from Indestructible Style has a breathtaking style) and seeing stylish people on street inspire me more than celebrities.

10. Tell us something we don't know about you.
There are so many things I haven't shared with you guys ...
I hate winter, because when I'm cold I get grumpy and bitchy ... :D I'd rather be hot than cold. I don't ski, I don't find snow amusing at all :D Spring and summer ftw!

I won't tag any specific people, so I just tag everyone!

Good night!

xoxo Deja

Saturday, April 7, 2012

100th blog post

I have been thinking about writing a new blog post and saw a number 101 blog posts on my blogger working table. Clicked on editing posts, there were two unfinished blog posts and deleted them, because I always save my un-posted blogs on my computer. So this one right here is a 100th post. Can you believe it? :D

I think this is an ideal opportunity to write a random post. And because I like writing random posts :))

I got a haircut two days ago. I was in such a desperate need of a haircut, complaining about my "long" hair. I like getting a haircut, and I love my hairdresser :). Had to wait until I got home (I live in Novo mesto), because I don't trust any other hairdresser. Getting a haircut was always more stressful to me than going to a dentist, and she's the only hairdresser I trust :). Call me crazy, but it's true! :)

My mobile phone camera washes me out!

Now I just need to colour my hair. I usually do it myself. Are there any good hair colours? I always buy whatever I think will work best. Don't have any favourites ... Right now on my hair I have Ultraviolet colour (it looks dark red, I know). Should I give violet another try or should I colour my hair brown? I'm opened for any other suggestions :)

Started reading the Hunger Games book! Love it so far! So many things from the movie are now much more clear-er! :)
... and random snack :)

Novo mesto is such a beautiful town ... After two months of not seeing it, it's even more beautiful :)

I found some awesome things from my childhood when I was cleaning my room. If you are a 90's child you know what I'm talking about. :)) Do you still have your childhood toys, electronics in your home?

I fell in love with Lita's shoes. They look so edgy but still enough feminine, I think they are so my style! I like girly-edgy combinations. I think they would be a nice edition to my shoe collection. (My birthday is in August! I think this is an important info :P). I asked a girl I follow on Twitter, where to get them and she directed me to Karma Loop site. Are there any other stores where they sell them? I would be the happiest person alive to have those babies! :)

And song of this weekend:

Lana Del Rey is my celebrity girl crush ... One of them :) Love this song!

Have a lovely Easter weekend if you celebrate it!

xoxo Deja

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Hunger Games makeup look #1: Effie Trinket

Last week I watched The Hunger Games movie. And I was blown away with all the makeup artistry! Paradise for makeup geeks like me :P. So I decided to create this look, which was inspired by Effie Trinket. She is the escort of the District 12 tributes. She's from the Capitol, where they wear wigs, crazy makeup and all other cool stuff. What not to love about their style, right? :P

This is what I came up with:

What I used:
- light concealer all over my face instead of foundation from E-bay (also covered my lips)
- setting powder from Catrice LE Welcome to Las Vegas (Mueller)
- a gem for nails from Essence (Mueller)

- Urban Decay Primer Potion (E-bay)
- Coastal Scents 88 Color Eye Shadow Palette - I used bright pink eye shadows all over my lids (bought from a makeup artist)
- E.l.f. blush in Pink Passion as blending colour 
- white eyeliner in water liner (I think it was Bourjois liner)
- Bourjois Liner Feutre in Noir (Mueller)
- false eyelashes (E-bay)
- Catrice All round mascara (Mueller)

- mascara wand (I just cleaned a wand from an old mascara) coated with concealer (the same concealer palette as I used for face) 

- BeautyUK eye shadow collection in Twilight
- clear lip gloss Essence (Mueller)

- blond kanekalon wig from E-bay
- grey rose from Kik

And yes, I loved the movie! I like sci-fi dramas ... and I even bought all three books (in English on :)), started reading the first one today! :D

Do you like this look? Have you watched the movie yet? Or have you read the books? Or both? :)

Have a lovely night,

xoxo Deja

Sunday, April 1, 2012

March '12 favourites!

In March I wasn't really trying any new products, but I fell in love with my older ones, which I had forgotten about and started using again ... I also mentioned my latest favourite book and song. Let's start! :)

1. Makeup Factory Mat Eye Shadow in a nude-ish colour has been in my makeup collection for about two years. I neglected it for some time, but when I started using it again I remembered why I had loved it so much before. It's so soft and easy to apply, it's so perfect for blending or for all over colour (I usually use it with my winged liner look) or even for setting my under eye concealer - works great as a powder, too :D. What a must-have product!

2. Second eyeshadow is from Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in 350 Starlight Expresso. This colour is so perfect for my eyebrows (it's kinda grey-ish brown), because with other brown-ish shadows eyebrows can look too red and it's just ... awkward. I apply it with my IsaDora angled brush and my eyebrows look even more awesome as they are :).

3. Best highlighter at the moment is an eyeshadow from Alverde in 09 Nude Rose. It's meant to be an eye colour, but it looks so great on cheeks, nose and cupid bows! I stopped using it because it fell on the floor and crushed into little pieces and was to lazy to fix it. I managed to fix it like MacGyver though :)). Will write a blog about fixing eye shadows!

4. I have never really been a book lover. But in March I read quite some books and one of them was from Jillian Michaels Unilimited (yes, she is a fitness guru, but also an amazing life coach). Been fan of hers for quite some time, but afterwards reading the book I feel in love with her even more. Do you wanna change your life? Then read it! :) I bought mine on

5. Nah, I don't really like Justin Bieber, but this cover of his new song "Boyfriend" from Chester See and Andy Lange is currently my favourite! I haven't even heard whole song from JB, because the cover is so good and I believe the original would sound rubbish :D

Tell me about yours currently favourite products, books, movies, songs ... Would love to hear or read!
Hope you had a lovely weekend,

xoxo Deja