Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer time!

Summer is here, ladies and gentlemen! :)
My favourite time of the year. I don't like being cold, I don't find snow amusing at all and my birthday is in August. Last year I wrote about some summer must haves, and this year I kinda go through some stuff I think is good to have and do during the summer. I hope it's not too boring and you find it useful :).
(I will do a separate blog post on products I recommend having this summer).

Wear bright colours. Bright colours make you happier. So try to wear as much fun colours as you can, even on your nails. Chose yellow, red, pink, blue, green,  purple ... Or even incorporate them all in one manicure :D. Why not?

My tequila sunrise nails ^^

I recommend getting a pedicure, because you wear a lot of sandals, flip flops ... Nothing looks more awful than ugly feet :D. Do you agree?

I'm not really a lip gloss fan. I prefer lipsticks. For this summer I suggest bold and bright colours, such as fuchsia, red, coral ... There are so many funky ones out there, everyone can find a colour that suits you.

Lip stain from Oriflame.

Go out bare-faced (which is a no-no for me :D) or use light foundations. I recommend only covering your imperfections with concealer and use a mineral foundation all over your face. Minerals can help you heal your skin - good for acne, pimples, scars.
Don't wear a lot of makeup. I can't believe I'm telling you this, because I love makeup :D. The more the better! (just joking :)). In summer is usually hot and nothing stays put in place, and a lot of makeup doesn't look good out in the sun. So less is more. Embrace your natural beauty.

Stay hydrated! Water is your best friend in the summer. And lemonades and teas (yes, I drink them over the summer, too. I even order a cup of tea when I go out). If you drink enough water, your skin will look better (which refers to the previous point), you will feel better, you won't be so hot. Sugary drinks are a no-no (how many times will you keep repeating this, Deja?:D). Alcohol is bad for you too. :)

Eat light food on hot days. Salads, yogurts, smoothies, fresh fruits, veggies ... It makes me hungry even just thinking of it :D. Sometimes when it's too hot you don't even want to eat anything, and light food is ideal, because it's refreshing. And it saves you so much time, because you don't have to cook it.

Don't let the summer just go away. It's ideal time to go somewhere and meet people. Do something crazy, go swimming. Don't just sit all day at home by your computer constantly checking your Facebook account (Guilty!). Almost everyone has a smart phone now. Facebook, tweet, tumble ... outside and just when you need to, not all the time!!! You can do that on really hot days ...

... Try to read more books, find a hobby that makes you happy (I started drawing again, yay :)), do more DIY projects, learn a new language ... do something you always wanted to do. And stay inside just when is too hot to be outside.

Have fun and stay safe :)
This will be the best summer ever!

xoxo Deja

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm on Tumblr + chit chat

I just wanted to let you know that I'm on Tumblr, where I put inspirational and motivational pictures mostly for healthy lifestyle, working out etc.. I started it because I don't want to post those pictures on my blog, I think it's a waste of blog posts (on my blog specifically, unless that is what you do).
You can follow me HERE.

It's my birthday soon (3rd August) and I promised to myself to get in the best shape I've ever been in my life and it's kinda a gift to myself :). Tumblr pictures definitely help me with motivation. I don't have any specific plan to get in the best shape, I'll try to post my progress at least once a week or two ... Will do more food posts, recipes, workouts and other good stuff  :). We'll see how it goes.
Maybe I inspire and motivate someone else to do it along with me. And it's easier for me to stay motivated, if I say it publicly, because people then expect some body transformations. Don't you think? :)

Another promise I gave to myself was to stop colouring my hair so much. I don't have damaged hair, but colouring gets expensive if you do it very often. I have shaved right side of my head and on the left I am growing them out (was thinking about getting individual extensions, any thoughts/experience with it?). I just hope I don't get in the mood to shave my whole head. It may happen, you never know :D. 
So I will just stick to my natural lightning treatment with honey, because I want them to be lighter this summer (click - as soon as I'll have more time I'll start translating my older posts. For now I just have to focus on my exams).

Another "chit chat random" thing: If you have any awesome pictures with makeup you would like me to recreate or just name what would you like to see, just tweet it to me (@BooogeyWoman) or send it to my email ( I really need to start doing more makeup looks, I miss creating and learning new things. If you have something challenging for me, don't hesitate, just send it. I love challenges :D

Was it enough for today's chit chat? :D

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. You are awesome <3

xoxo Deja

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why I'm not losing weight?

Do you want to lose weight and it seems you are stuck at the same point for the longest time... or even going few steps back? You have to pay attention to some of the main "mistakes" or however you want to call them.

1. Negativity. If you tell to yourself you're fat, that you cannot lose weight or you have any other negative thoughts about yourself, you will attract more of those things. Losing weight has to be done in the most positive way possible. Love yourself in whatever situation you may be or however desperate you may be ... There is always something to be grateful and happy about. Even people around you should be supporting. Tell people to cheer you up, watch comedies, read motivational books (they ALWAYS make me the happiest person alive) ... You cannot cure a disease with negative thoughts. In this case, obesity is a disease.  Do whatever makes you the happiest and think positive.

2. Lack of motivation. It's easier to make a perfect plan to lose weight than to actually follow it. There are motivational sites online that can motivate you. Chose a partner to workout with to support each other, buy only healthy food (it's easier if your roommates, partner, family eat the same as you do. I have quite a problem with that :)). Whatever has more than five ingredients, should not be in your kitchen. It can be a little bit time consuming at the beginning to read ingredients on each product, but once you know which one are healthy and good for you, shopping becomes faster.
No excuses, please. There is no such thing as: "Oh, I have three children, I cannot be slim anymore.", "I'm genetically obese, it's in my family.", "I have no time or money." blah blah. If you think so, then you cannot be slim and fit and healthy. There are many incredible stories out there. Even Jillian Michaels was obese in her teenage years and look at her now ... She is one of the taughest fitness gurus out there. Her books are A-mazing, her site is amazing, check her out, she is such a great motivation.

3. Overeating. Even though you eat healthy, portion sizes are very important. Here is a little picture of how much you should eat:

Buy a smaller plate, eat five to six times a day every three hours rather than just pig out in one meal. Always have a snack with you so you don't get tempted by fast food at every corner. Drink loads of water, it helps you control hunger ... Just listen to your body. Whenever I eat something highly processed I feel sick, sometimes even for two days. My body just hates it. And when I want to eat something bad or just want to pig out, I always say to myself that I worked so hard to get where I am now and that I love my body, and my body is the only place I have to live ... I don't want to camouflage my hard work with food. Do you?

4. Stress. Nowadays stress can be a really serious and common problem. It makes your life harder, you are nervous, you can find "comfort" with eating or you completely forget to eat or can't eat at all.  No problem cannot be solved.  Start every morning with a smile and say to yourself that you're going to have the best day ever. Try to meditate to relax. Here is a great short guided meditational video, I try to listen to it every day if I can and it really helps. Or maybe just close your eyes and breathe slowly and think positive. Write down some positive affirmations, such as: "I can handle whatever comes.", "I can find balance in my life.", "I can accomplish anything.". Google it, there are plenty more great ones.


5. Be patient. Losing weight can be a long process. And living healthy should be lifetime long. You will not lose weight over night, because you didn't even gained weight over night in the first place. It may seem long, but trust me, it's so worth it at the end. When you are healthy, you are happy. You feel like you can do and accomplish anything. It all just comes together. It may sound cheesy, but it's true :).

So I was thinking for the longest time if I should post this picture or not ... but what the heck, it's already online, so why not :)
The first picture is me about 4 years ago, about 25 kilograms heavier. The other two pictures are from last year, I think they were taken in February. And I actually haven't changed a lot since then. I gained muscle, which is fine with me :).

If I did it, you can do it, too. :)

Stay healthy,
xoxo Deja

P.S.: If you have any more questions about anything, please ask in a comment section of you can e-mail me ( :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

And the winner is ... :) *giveaway winner*

Thank you thank you for all your lovely comments you left on my "Giveaway" blog post. Yesterday it was the last day to enter and today I announce the winner. :) (winner was chosen with

I had 14 comment, which means 14 entries. choose: 

The 11th comment was from Slađi from Indestructible Style. Congrats, girl! :) 
Please e-mail me your address as soon as possible, so I can send you your prize :). (

For others: no worries, I have planed some more giveaways in near future. 
I can't really put out the words to thank you enough, so this giveaway was a little "thank you". 

Have a lovely day and even lovelier week ahead. And for all students: good luck with your exams ;)

I love you,
xoxo Deja

Friday, June 8, 2012

5 random facts about me

I love watching and reading tag videos, blog posts. They are just pure fun :D. Was searching for some good questions and came across with "5 random facts" video and decided to write a blog about some fact, you may not know about me.

Random fact #1: I'm a big poetry lover. I love reading it, I write poetry for more than half of my life. Also, I'm a big fan of France Prešeren. I know some of his poems by heart :)

Random fact #2: I love black and white movies. I even watch old school horror movies (which in fact are not so scary and I don't watch horror movies at all :D).

Random fact #3: My favourite accessories are scarves. Started collecting them some time ago. I probably have around 60 of them ... Completely obsessed with them :)

Random fact #4: I live quite a healthy lifestyle and I must say I get inspired by body builders a lot. I don't want to have so muscular looking body, I am inspired by their determination.

Random fact #5: I always wear nail polish although I am pretty lazy at it. No crazy nail art, I don't own any Konad stamps ... I have some stripers, nail stickers and some other nail accessories ... but I have used them probably twice in my life :D. I get really impatient when my nail polish is drying. Takes the longest time ever! :)

This is quite random post, but I wanted to write a blog post before Sunday (my giveaway ends on Sunday) and wanted to remind you you don't have much time to enter :))

I could probably find more random facts about me, maybe next time :)
I tag everybody, would love to read 5 random facts about you :))

Have a lovely Friday night!

xoxo Deja

Sunday, June 3, 2012

End of May! Favourites time

I don't really have to show you a lot of stuff I've been loving in the month of May. I put some things together I've been using, reading, loving, watching ... and some random blabbing  :).

I finally got my first Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters. Those babies has been rocking my life ... Especially the orange one - Tutti Frutti. Will do a separate blog kinda reviewing them, if you like.

I've been using Bourjois Healthy mix concealer for the longest time (I repurchased it about five times). It's my all time fave concealer, and it's my monthly favourite, because I've been using less liquid foundation, because it's quite hot outside and I don't want my face to melt :). It gives me perfect coverage to hide my imperfections.

The book I'm still reading is from Jillian Michaels Winning by losing. It's a really good motivational book about how to lose weight and love yourself. Very different from other books with this topic. So far I've been loving it.

Favourite song:

I have incorporated a lot of dumbbells in my workouts. I think it really starts to show in my arms (I like strong arms :)). They're my roommate's, but I'm the only one using them :D. 2 kg each.

The end of May means the end of my challenge I posted at the beginning of month: "for every workout you do, you put 1€ in a piggy bank". I earned 30 €. I didn't do my workout just for one day, because my hip was in pain. Don't know why, now it's OK. Don't know what I'm going to buy with this money, probably something related to working out ... sports bra or maybe heavier dumbbells :D.

You can still enter my giveaway HERE, if you haven't yet. It ends next Sunday.

Have a lovely night,

xoxo Deja