Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weekly makeup tag: Bohemian

This week's theme was bohemian. I had in mind brown eyeshadow, bronzed skin and hair band ;). To be honest, I don't like to use bronzer on me, because I'm naturally quite pale and I can easily look dirty (no joke, I don't feel good bronzed up). I love my contour, but using bronzer to make me look more tanned, not so much. Luckily, camera washed me out a little and pictures didn't show how bronzed I really look in real life. Never again. Pale for life :D

Make sure you check out Aqeela's blog to see what other lovely ladies created: HERE.


- Bourjois Healhy mix foundation 02 Vanilla
- IsaDora light touch natural radiant make-up 53 Honey
- Bourjois Healthy mix concealer
- Elf HD powder
- Catrice Defining Duo blush 020 Peach Sorbet & 040 Chocolate cream
- MUA Bronzed perfection

- Artdeco eye primer
- MUA Undressed palette (shade 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10)
- Max Factor Masterpiece HD mascara
- Catrice eye pencil

- Sleek Au naturel palette (Cappuccino and Bark)

- Fleur de Sante Rosewood desire (review here)

Hope you like it and I wish you all a Happ Wednesday!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blog sale

It's finally up! It took me less time than I expected ;). I'll add more accessories in few days, so please come back and share this blog sale everywhere ;).

If you have any questions about any items, please feel free to e-mail me:

Blog sale rules:
- Payment via PayPal, unless you're from Slovenia.
- The payment must be received within 48 hours or the item will be offered to someone else.
- This blog sale is international.
- If you want to purchase anything from this blog sale, please e-mail me:, or leave a comment below or you could even reach me via Twitter, telling me the number of the item(s) you want to purchase and your paypal e-mail address so I can send you an invoice.
- First come, first serve. All sales are final, no exchanges nor returns.

All items will be send in a padded envelope.

Slovenia: 1 - 2 €
International: 4 - 6 €



1. BH cosmetics Tropical shimmer eyeshadow 88 color palette (used few times, most eyeshadows are unused) | 12 € 

2. NYX For your eyes only Smokey eyes (used) | 2€ 

 3. BeautyUK eye shadow collection 3 Glitz (used) | 3 €

4. BeautyUK eyeshadow collection 5 Twilight (used) | 3 €

5. MUA Eyeshadow palette Heaven and Earth (used twice or three times) | 3 €

6. BYS concealer #1 Light (used few times) | 2€


7. & 8. NYX Girls Lapis (used once) & NYX Girls Pimp my nail (used three times) | 2€ each
9. & 10. Catrice 840 Genius in The Bottle (used twice) & Catrice 630 Sing: Hey, Dirty-Lilah! (used few times) | 1,5 € each

11. Barry M Lemon (quite used) | 1,5 €
12., 13., 14., 15. Barry M Blueberry, Lime Green, Nail Effects (white cracle), Hologram (all used two - four times) | 2,5 € each

16., 17., 18. Avon Nailwear pro Sea Breeze, Gunmetal, Coral reef (used couple of times) | 2,5 €

19., 20., 21. Elf Desert hazel , Lilac, Dark red (used few times) | 1€ each
22. Manhattan Lotus effect nail polish LE (used twice) | 1€

23. Bourjois Ultra shine So Laque! Beige elegant (used once or twice) | 2 €
24. Bourjois 10 days no chips 14 (used few times) | 2 €
25. Deborah Shine tech 50 (usage seen on picture) | 0,5 € 
26., 27. BYS Salmon (changes colour), Kung Fu Blue (used couple of times) |  3 € each

28. Essence Nail art magnetics 01 Miracle shine + magnet (used twice) | 1€
29. H&M City (used twice) | 0,5€
30. H&M Taupe (usage seen on the picture) | 0,5€

31. Necklace (magnetic) | 4 €

Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday funday | I CAN DO IT!

You know what are the most used words in every one's life: "I can't do it" without even trying. It's just one of the lame excuses and you already know what I think about them.

Source: Pinterest.

Life challenges you on daily basis, you get new opportunities, you set yourself a new goal ... And most of the time you don't want to take a risk and you just say "I can't do it", "I'll leave that to someone else" ... The opportunity didn't just come there for no reason, you attracted it in life. So, grab it. Without even trying you don't know how successful you can be. Maybe you'll surprise people around you, maybe you'll even pleasently surprise yourself. Nothing will happen if you don't go out and do it.

Source: Pinterest. 
So take a risk, just jump in to the water and start swimming, believe in yourself. Later, if you don't like the road you're walking, you can start paving another one. You're the only person complicating your life right now, it's actually all really simple. Your mission for this week is to change words "I can't do it" into "I'll do my best" or even better "I can do it". Because when you truly believe in yourself, nothing can stop you. :)

Have a lovely Monday and blessed week!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Fitness tip | Fitness and Travelling [guest post]

Today's guest post goes hand in hand with last week's Fitness post, which you can check out here.
Mike emailed me few weeks ago if I would want to review his article, he sent it over and it was a really nice piece, so I decided to post in on Saturday as a Fitness post. Let's just get into it, shall we ...

Plan Ahead and Pack Well to Make Fitness a Part of Travel

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, staying fit while on the road is a challenge.  A disrupted schedule, lack of access to exercise facilities and simply feeling too tired conspire to derail your healthy resolutions. Nonetheless, it’s important to keep working toward those goals so that you don’t lose momentum.  

Source: Pinterest.

Make a Plan
A wise person once said that if you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail. That’s certainly true when it comes to fitness and travel where a little planning ahead can be a recipe for success.  Choose a hotel that has a well-equipped gym that will enable you to do your favorite exercises. When I had to take a trip to San Francisco I used a website called Gogobot in order to perform some recon. At Gogobot I could look through all of the San Francisco hotels in order to pick one with a complimentary 24-hour gym. This was essential in order to get my early morning workouts in.  Also, scout out running trails in the area. You’ll keep fit by utilizing these trails while also seeing some great scenery.

Pack the Right Tools
To accomplish some fitness routines, you don’t even have to leave your hotel room. Resistance bands, a yoga mat, a TRX band, and some exercise DVDs may be all you need to get a great workout.  These items are light, easy to pack and still deliver results. Get out of your comfort zone and get working out with different things.  
Source: Pinterest.
Get Fit at the Airport
If you think the airport is just a place to get bad food and recharge your cell phone, think again. According to USA Today, an ever-increasing number of airports is adding fitness facilities.  The San Francisco airport boasts a yoga room while the hotels around some major airports are making their fitness rooms available to people who aren’t even guests of the hotels.  Alternatively, you could use the expansive terminals found in most airports as your personal walking path. It gets your blood pumping and elevates your heart rate on a day when you might otherwise go without exercising entirely.

Source: Pinterest.

De-Stressing for Business Travelers
Stress is a major concern for those trying to be healthier, and it is particularly so for the business traveler who must deal with on-the-job deadlines and demands as well as the general stress of being away from home. CNN suggests that business travelers take a small dose of melatonin to get extra quality sleep and choosing healthy foods to keep energy high.

There’s no rule that says travel forces you to sideline your fitness goals.  Plan ahead and pack right to ensure that your travels and your fitness routine will always go hand-in-hand.

Thank you Mike, for this informative post. If you have anymore questions for Mike, you can reach him at: mikemnning (at) gmail (dot) com and check out his blog here (even though he haven't posted in quite some time, but has some informative posts :)).

Have a happy healthy Saturday everyone!

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Sushine Award

I was nominated for the sunshine award :) I was nominated by lovely Danielle, so thank you doll <3.
I feel like I already told you a lot about myself, I can't tell you everything :D, but I think I managed to put together 7 interesting facts you haven't known about me before ;)

The Rules For This Award 
1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Post the logo of the award on your blog.
3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 5 or more blogs that inspire you.

1. When I read a book, I always have my "diary" and a pen somewhere near, I always write down sentences I need to remember or are meaningful to me.
2. Whenever I go somewhere, I usually bring a book with me.
3. I am not really a phone person. I rarely call someone to talk to, I write msgs, but I still prefer face-to-face interaction or writing emails.
4. I can easily spend whole day on my own and have the best time ;)
5. My go to nail polish colours are black, red, blue or gold.
6. I like to watch the sky, clouds, stars, moon ... beautiful Universe in general :)
7. My zodiac sign is Leo, but most people say I'm very atypical for Leos. I don't get them :D

My nominees are:
1. Sal at Petite Sal
2. Evelina at Evelina Malina
3. Victoria at Victoria Talks Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle
4. Collen at Vanity and Vodka
5. Louis at MakeUp.etc

Thank you for reading and sorry for lack of posts lately, been working on something exciting ;)