Monday, September 10, 2012

11 facts about me TAG

I've been tagged by lovely Maria from Maria's Self (you should totally check her blog out and follow! She has amazing life story and awesome DIYs). Now, I have finally time to write it :)

1. I was never good at any sports my whole life. I actually hated everything sport related. That was my worst nightmare in school. Now I exercise every day :)
2. I was interested in art my whole life, I even wanted to go to art school.
3. That's how I discovered makeup. I never went to any class to learn how to do makeup. It was all about practice and Youtube videos :D
4. I want to be a makeup artist. Makeup really makes me happy.
5. I would like to be a person trainer or nutritionist. I think it's easier to motivate and help someone, if you had to go through weight loss yourney youself.
6. I want to move abroad. California probably. Slovenia is "blah" about everything.
7. I'm more of an introverted person.
8. Although I love technology and how it develops, I still prefer some things old fashioned way.
9. I want to open my shop/restaurant with healthy foods/desserts to prove people that healthy can be delicious :).
10. I'm pescetarian. I don't eat meat, except fish. Would love to become a vegetarian (no meat at all).
11. I would love to write a book or release a poetry book with my poems. (I'm a poetry whore :)).

Hope that wasn't too boring for you :)

I tag:
1. Sandra
2. Taya
3. Alexis Leigh
4. Kimmi
5. Biba
6. Mateja & Mateja :)
7. Ina - Hysteria of Decay
8. Ina - Limes and Smiles
9. and anyone else, who would love to write a blog post about it!

Please Tweet me a post, when you write it, or just leave link in a comment section, so I won't miss any of your interesting facts :).

Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day <3

xoxo Deja


  1. Ha, s športno je isto pri meni! Če bi me zdaj videla profesorca ... takoj ko ni blo več športne, sem začela telovadit doma :D
    Hvala za tag! Sva grozno v zaostanku z njimi, ampak do konca leta ... :D

    1. Zdj pretečem kuperja za ogrevanje. :)
      Edino plesala sem rada, ampak to se je končalo po osmih letih in še samo enkrat na teden smo meli plesne.

  2. Tnx za tag! Jaz se tako težko spomnem random stvari o sebi, da bom mogoče naredila kar en Q&A post. Če bo seveda sploh koga kaj zanimalo... XD

    Aja, pa ko se imaš namen preseliti v Kalifornijo in postati make-up artist/restaurant owner mi povej. Bom šla s tabo, tako da mi boš lahko skos kuhala zdravo hrano pa me preganjala telovadit. :D

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. Js sem se jih tako sproti spomnila in ko sem prvega napisala, je kr steklo :)
      In z veseljem te vzamem s sabo! Resno! :) Boš mela družbo pa še moj "poskusni zajček" boš :P jk*

    2. sm hotla napisat Bom mela družbo, ampak konc koncev jo boš mela tut ti :P

  3. Oh, thank u for such a wonderful comment abt me, Deja!!! Totally made my ENTIRE week;-) u're so sweet, we totally need pple like you here in Cali, so plz move sooner!:-) it was really cool to get to know u better - u have a lot of really great goals, and I can already see u reaching them really soon;-)

    1. And it's only Monday! teehee :D
      firstly, I need to improve my English and talk more and finish my school and sell things ... and then I'll come :)
      I would love to meet you :)

    2. Yay! Your English is perfect, so you can cross that one off;-) Can;t wait!!!

  4. Lepo je bilo izvedeti nekaj več o tebi =)
    Verjamem da boš nkega dne zelo dobra vizažistka!

    1. Me veseli! O,ja. I'm in the making :))

  5. Uuu, Kalifornija! Jaz bi tudi šla :D

    Hvala za tag!