Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween series: HALLOWEEN MADNESS

I've done so many Halloween looks this month, that I am happy that I don't have to do any of them any more (can you believe that I said that? lol). Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed doing them, but on the other side, they could take me up to 6 hours (with photographing, writing a post, cleaning afterwards etc.). Now it's time to take it easy :).

Today's post will be just a recap of all my Halloween looks/posts I did this month and give you some last minute costume ideas.
Let's start with whole makeup & costume looks. Click on the picture to see a whole post on the look.




Which one is your favourite? I love them all equally, I think. 

I also did one quickie. How to look unpresentable, sick, beaten up and definitely not sexy and pretty under 10 minutes:

Halloween manicures:

And I suggest you make this pie for a perfect autumn/Halloween time, or maybe eat it during watching scary Halloween movies in the evening :] (click on the picture to see the recipe).

If you still don't know what to wear on Halloween. You can always go out as Justin Bieber. All you need is a hoodie and sunglasses. Baby, baby, baby never say never!

You can also go crazy and dress casual, don't do any crazy makeup, just cover yourself in glitter and be Edward Cullen! Shine bright like a Vampire! :]
Or be Vanilla face (Bella), put that retarded face on and cover your face with really light foundation.
(this is meant to be a joke, sorry if I insulted any Twilight fans ^^).

If you are not feeling Halloween-y at all, you can always be invisible man/woman and don't show up anywhere.:)

I would really like to thank you for reading those posts and thank you for still talking to me after seeing some crazy looks :P. I thought you would think I'm completely crazy :].
Thank you for taking your time and commenting. Means the world to me <3
Oh, and I managed to blog every single day in October. This is insane :)


P.S: I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your Halloween looks, so if you tweet them to me, post them on my facebook wall or email them to me, I will be the happiest! :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween series: DRAG QUEEN

Hello, I'm Iva Fetish :) (according to Google, that's my drag name. haha)
Thi is my last Halloween look and tomorrow I'm posting grande Halloween finale (nothing special, just a recap of all looks and maybe some last minute costume ideas).

So, I decided to do Drag queen inspired look. I already did one way back for The Penguin challenge, here.
Drag queen makeup is really challenging and hard to do, especially if you're a woman, I think. Because you need to look like a man who pretends to be a woman, but you really are a woman. Anyways, I love drag queens and I think their makeup is always a piece of art. That's why I decided todo it for my last Halloween look :)

I started with foundation, I applied Bourjois Bio detox foundation on my face. I mixed my Bourjois Healthy mix concealer with white foundation Barry M and applied it underneath my eyes to cover my under eye circles and to highlight that area. If you ever seen any drag queen, you probably noticed that this area is the lightest. It was hard for me to achieve that, because I'm pretty white, so I went over with NYX jumbo pencil in Milk to make it even lighter. I applied it down the center of my nose and extended it to my forehead. I blended it with my fingers. I set my whole face with Artdeco fixing powder.

(you can see highlighted under eye area)

Then I started contouring. I used two colours: Avon Translucent Tan and Catrice eyeshadow in Starlight Expresso. I contoured underneath my cheekbones, my temples, around my hairline, under my jaw line and blended it on my neck. I applied more fixing powder underneath my eyes to protect my face from any fall outs of an eyeshadow or glitter.

I primed my lids with Two Faced Shadow insurance.
I started shaping my crease with light brown, and went over with lighter berry eyeshadow. Then I went over with darker berry colour (I was building the intensity of eyeshadow, both shadows Sleek Chaos palette). Then I applied darker purple (Artdeco eyeshadow 288) and blended it in all those colours. It was a lot of going back and forth to achieve desirable look. Underneath my brows I applied NYX white Jumbo pencil and set it with Bourjois Blanc eyeshadow.
To intensify the crease I used matte black and blended it into other colours.

Underneath my eyes I used the same colours and did that "winged thing" in the inner corners. for the glitter I used Essence pigment in Broadway starlet with Essence eye base for pigments. I lined my eyes with Essence Gel eyeliner.
For my top false lashes I used H&M Extra long and for bottom I used eBay lashes with Duo lash adhesive.

Then I extended eyeshadow on the outer corner and blended it with my contour together. I used Catrice eyeshadow Bring me frosted cake and Bourjois Blance eyeshadow to highlight underneath my eyes, nose, above my lips and  forehead.
For blush I used that light berry colour from Sleek Chaos palette, the same I used on my eyes. I blended it in my contour. And if you're doing Drag, it must be intense!! (I actually wear a lot of blush on daily basis^^)

I over lined my lips with Deborah lipliner in 222. I also applied it in the corners of my lips. In the center I applied Sleek Pout Paint in Milkshake. Then I went back and forth to blend those two colours together. I applied clear lip gloss on top.
I didn't cover my eyebrows, because you know I'm not a fan of covering them, so I just tried to draw my arch higher. I used Catrice eyeshadow Expresso Starlight. And also brow bone highlight helped to make them look higher.

(I finally figure out how to take full picture of my outfit.haha)

I wore black tank top underneath this lace blue top. For bottom part I wore shinny leggings and VJ Style booties. I figured out that whole outfit doesn't look glamorous enough, so I added this faux fur "scarf", that I took from my jacket. After that I felt much more Queen-ish.
Earrings were a gift from my (now ex) flatmate. Thank you <3

Ok, I this is final step. Because men are flat chested, they need to fake cleavage. They usually wear silicone fake boobs, but I think the most important step is to highlight and contour. Here is the video: click (he starts explaining at 4:50).

"I'm fabulous, b*tch." :]

That's my last Halloween look! I hope you like all of them like I do. I had so much fun!
Which one is your favourite? 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween series: HOPELESS ROMANTIC (Tim Burton inspired look)

If you're familiar with Tim Burton's movies, you know that the main character is an outcast, probably dead, different looking, grotesque looking, but still pretty, romantic soul and loving person. I just named my character Hopeless Romantic, it represents girl waiting for her princ charming, but never shows up, so she dies, but she still waits for him. That's why she's pale, has wound on her face and her neck and left side of the lips are already sawn together.

This look was totaly insired by Corpse Bride and Sally (Nightmare before Christmas). Mixed both looks together and did my own version.

Firstly, I did my scar with regular glue stick, I let it air dry.
Then I mixed Barry M white foundation with grey and light blue eyeshadow. I applied that colour all over my face and neck with cosmetic sponge and set everything with baby powder. 
I started contouring with grey eyeshadow, went over with darker blue, and went back and forth with both colours to achieve desirable contour shade. I contoured under my cheeekbones, under my jaw line, temples and around my hair line.

I primed my eyes with Too Faced shadow insurance. I applied NYX jumbo pencil in Milk underneath my eyes to make them more doll like and bigger. I set that with matte white eyeshadow.
I lined underneath with Essence gel eyeliner. I started shaping with matte black eyeshadow above my crease line to make my eyes rounder. I blended the edges a little and started applying dark blue eyeshadow inside that black shape I just did.


In the center of my eyelids I applied light shimmery eyeshadow, I blended it with darker blue in the outer corner. I applied gel eyeliner on my upper lashline and applied Baci falsies no. 670. 
I applied darker blue eyeshadow around my eyes to make them more three-dimentional.
I cut eBay false lashes and applied them underneath my "fake" eye.

I used dark blue eyeshadow to draw on eyebrows. (I was to lazy to cover them, it takes too much time with my eyebrows). I highlighted the highest points of my face to make them stand out.
I decided to do lips in heart shape to go with romantic theme. I outlined them with Artdeco lipliner no 91 and applied Catrice lipstick in Frozen Rose in the center. On the other parts of my lips I applied light blue eyeshadow.

The only "romantic" dress that I have is this from H&M, I love it to pieces. I decided to combine it with this (also H&M) scarf with roses, again to go with the romantic theme. I wore black tights and black peep toe Schuh shoes.


I applied pinkish blush from NYX, because I still blush whenever I think of my loved one.

I applied darker blue eyeshadow around my wound to make it more realistic, and applied dark red and black in the center. Lastly, I applied fake blood (made with agave nectar, cocoa and strawberry aroma for food) and some stitches on my neck and on the left side of my lips. For that I used gel eyeliner. I totaly messed up, when I tried to apply some dark blue shadow to make it more realistic, because eyeliner wasn't dry yet. *sigh*

"I saved this rose for you, my love."
(I got this rose with a cocktail in Spain and saved it :])

Happy Halloween!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween series: Halloween manicure (Jack Skellington and bloody hand)

I realized that nail art can be really fun to do if I want to, so I decided to do two Halloween manicures today. :) I'll just put both in one post, because I still have 3 Halloween related posts to post in this last three days of October.

I've seen cutepolish's video this week and she did Jack Skellington inspired manicure (see the video here), so I decided to recreate it. Because Nightmare before Christmas is my favourite Halloween movie and I love Jack Skellington, although he doesn't look like himself on my nails :D. Maybe he was drunk or something.
I did his face on my ring finger and the rest of the nails are inspired by his suit.

Revlon 999 Blackest black
Essence multi dimension 68 Perfectly true
Oriflame Visions nail art stripers in Wall paint and Black deco

On the right hand I wanted to do something bloody, but still a little bit glamorous. So I decided to apply glittery silver polish as a base and sponged on some blood (I mean red polish) so it looks like I dipped my nails in a pot full of blood. I guess :)

Essence Nail art cracking base colour 02 Sparkling silver
Catrice 070 Caught on the red carpet

Which one is your fave? I like my left hand much more, but cannot stop looking at my right hand, probably because it sparkles. :)

Have you done any Halloween inspired manicures? I would love to see them! You know hot to reach me :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

October favourites

It's the end of the month already and it's time to say something about products, things, items etc. I've been loving this month.

Let's start with the lip balm. I needed new lip balm and I randomly bought new one from Alverde - Vanilleblute Mandarine. It leaves my lips nicely moisturised and it also smells so lovely!

I needed a new black nail polish and I decided to buy the one from Essence. I love black nail varnish so much and this one is a really good one.

My new base coat is Essence studio nails 24/7 nail base, it drys matte and fills the ridges, I would wear it even without colour polish, because it leaves my nails natural and healthy looking.

I got this MUA Immaculate collection palette for free with my first order and I really like it. It has many colours to work with, you can create neutral, dramatic, smokey eyes .. whatever you want with just one palette.

I've been using Green people moisturizer for years now, but I came across with the Simple hydrating light moisturiser and now I feel like I'm cheating on my GP one, because I think Simple works better for me. :O I'm actually thinking about buying more products for them.

I freakin' love my wedge sneakers. I love that they are super comfy and they still give me height because I'm such a petite girl :). Been wearing them a lot. Bought these babies at ASOS.

Datei:Six Feet Under Logo.png

I've watched Six feet under way back, but somehow I stopped watching it. Now, I love it! 

What are your monthly favourites? Have you tried any of these product? What TV shows are you loving now?

Have a lovely weekend,