Friday, September 28, 2012

I got bitten by the Blog Bug

I got bitten by the Blog Bug by Aqeela_k! (Thanks God it's not a mosquito :P) Check her blog out, she does amazing makeup looks and she is in general a really sweet girl (CLICK). She's the girl who came up with the weekly tag thing, which I'm doing every week now.

Rules once you are awarded/tagged: 
  • If you are given the Blog Bug award, You must answer the questions that follow and the title of the post should be "I Got Bitten by the Blog Bug".
  • You must give the link of where you originally got this award, and you can tag as many bloggers as you want. Link their pages on the post and also inform them through comments in their blog. 
  • Optional: You must post a banner corresponding to the site that you are using to blog in your sidebar and it should link back to your post about the Blog Bug Award.

1. When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging February in 2011. I was kinda "forced" (lol) by my friends, because they said I know a lot about healthy lifestyle (I lost 25 kilograms = 55 pounds in less then 2 years and kept it off, so I must have been doing domething right :)), and makeup was my love for the longest time. So, I incorporated both and everything in between. 

2. What do you love to blog about and why do you like it?
I blog about everything I like, about personal experiences, maybe some motivational posts, healthy recipes, healthy lifestyle is a big part of my life, and of course makeup and beauty products, which is my first love. 

3. How did you get your blog name?
My name is Deja and my surname starts with Zu. I kinda played with French expression "deja vu" which means "already seen", but I didn't want that. My blog was never seen before! :) So, Deja Zu it was. And "dea" in Latin means goddess, so what not to love about my name? :)

4. What do you think is your best post yet?
This one is a hard one. I like my makeup posts. It takes a lot of time to do a makeup, list the products, take pictures ... And I also like my more personal ones, about losing weight etc.

5. What is your inspiration for blogging at present?
I get inspired by just talking to other bloggers. Comments encourage me a lot, and all beautiful people who read my blog. Blogging takes time, but it+s worth every minute of it! Beauty blogger community is amazing and full of positive energy!

6. Message for your readers: 
Thank you for sticking with my blog, I hope you're enjoying it as much as I enjoy creating it. Thank you for commenting, encouraging me and talking to me. I love you all <3. And if you're a blogger: keep rocking :]

Blogs I tag:

Have a lovely day,

P.S.: Look, who won something ;) CLICK. Once again, thank you, Sandra. X


  1. I'm always interested in how bloggers started blogging and the whole story behin them and blogging! This was an interesting way to get to know you a little better :)

    1. I actually have more post about "get to know me better", but yeah I agree. Always good to know a little background story :)

  2. Thanks for the tag =)
    I'm including the link to my answers!