Sunday, October 26, 2014

Witch makeup series | Witch of the Spring

Fistly, I want to say thank you for your positive feedback on my comeback and writing beautiful comments on my new makeup series. You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside ;). Third witch in the series is Spring Witch. You can check out other two by clicking on the name of the witch:

The story behind the series:

Why a Witch?
Because I believe in magic and I am firm believer that witches did and still do exist. People just misinterpreted their powers and energy.
A Witch is highly intuitive woman, natural healer (she can heal just with her presence), who is not afraid to set her goals high, is strongly connected to her Inner self/Soul/Being, is a woman of Nature, Moon and positive vibes. She is basically a magnet, what she needs and what her heart truly desires, she gets. She's a giver - giver of Love, Light and Blessings. Believes in magic, but she practices only white magic and does only good, because is a firm believer of Karma - what you do comes back to you.

There's no bigger story behind each look. I just tried to mimic the Witch characteristics - mysterious, glamorous, magical and beautiful with seasonal colours.

And as you may know - I suck at covering my brows just because I have thick and long brow hair and hooded eyelids. I'm not ashamed to show you the close up of the mess I've created :)

Products used:
- Catrice Camouflage cream

- baby powder  

- Avon eye primer
- Costal Scents 88 palette - matte greens
- Bourjois Contour clubbing eyepencil 50 loving green
- Essence Liquid ink eyeliner
- Avon gel eye pencil
- MUA Immaculate collection palette - shade 12, shade 14 and shade 18
- KaNi cosmetics pigment Apple green*
- Catrice All round mascara Ultra black Extra volume, length & curl
- eBay false lashes

- Stanger glue stick for brow covering

- Bourjois Khol & contour eye pencil Ultra black

Wit(c)h love, Deja

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Forgotten makeup looks

I've gone through pictures on my memory card and found some makeup looks I never published before, so I decided to publish them in one post. Because they're old(er), I can't remember which products I used for each look, but if you're curious, you can pop a question in comment section and I'll try to find a product(s) in my stash that I (probably) used.

Complementary color pair: Blue eyeliner and orange lips


Purple madness

Modern Mod

Tell me which one of the above makeup looks is your favourite. Thank you for looking, commenting and supporting my blog.

Have a nice day <3

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