Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekly makeup tag: TROPICAL

That's why I love beauty blogger community (and blogging community in general) so much. You get to know people all over the world, talk to them, participate in their tags/challenges, being introduced on their blogs, which is an honor ...
So, long story short, beautiful Aqeela (she came up with this tag/challenge/howeverisitcalled) and some other girls are doing makeup looks each week on a selected theme. This week's theme is TROPICAL. You can go on Aqeela's blog, she will be posting all our makeup looks every Wednesday. I just decided to do blog post on them, too :).

Here is the look:

All colours except for the yellow and turquoise are depotted eyeshadows from Oriflame. Have no idea how are they called, had them for ages.
Yellow colour is from BellaPierre pigment Money.
Turquoise from Essence pigments Little Mermaid.
Liner was blue kohl pencil from Avon.
In my waterline I used nude eyeliner from Oriflame.
And for base I used Too faced Shadow insurance.

Highlight colour looks much prettier in real life. Camera, why you no cooperate? *sigh*

Hope you like it and have a lovely day,


  1. So pretty and colorfull,you did such a good job!I like it!

  2. nicely combined colors, love it :-D
    p.s. please remove this word verification thing, i really, really, really hate it :-(

    1. thank you! :)
      How do I do that? :S I haven't even known I have it. lol

  3. So glad you took part looking forward to your pics for the next one =]

    BTW I've nominated you for the 'I got bitten by the blog bug'


    1. I'm excited to do next look, too! :)
      thank you for tagging me! Will do asap!