Thursday, August 2, 2012

The penguin challenge look 1: drag queen

I love drag queens. Their makeup application is perfection, glitter everywhere, dramatic lips, dramatic contouring, a lot of highlighter, the more sets of false eyelashes the better ... I was even a drag queen for a masquerade this year. That was the first time I tried drag makeup. I haven't even practiced or anything, but then I realized it was not even that hard to do. That's why I decided to do it for my first look for the penguin (black and white) challenge. Here are the awesome ladies who came up with this challenge: Kaki, Alexis and Mimi.

Oh, yeah.. And according to google, my drag queen name is Iva Fetish ;).

Here is the look I came up with:

Products used:

- Sephora Base lissante Smoothing primer
- Bourjois foundation healthy mix 52 Vanille
- E.l.f. High definition powder
- E.l.f.Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
- E.l.f. Blush Gotta glow 

- Bourjois eyeliner pencil 01 Noir expert
- Revlon lipbutter 060 Gumdrop
(I didn't really want to do black and white lips, that's why I chose really light purple colour, which still kinda resembles white)

- Urban Decay Primer potion Eyeshadow base
- Bourjois eyeliner pencil 02 Noir expert
- NYX Jumbo pencil 604 Milk 
- Bourjois Liner feutre 11 Noir
- black  and white matte eyeshadow from Sleek i-divine pallette Chaos 577
- shimmery eyeshadow from BeautyUK eyeshadow collection pallette Twilight
- Barry M glitter stacking set mixed with Kiko mixing solution Solution mixante 
- Baci lingerie false eyelashes no. 670 glued with Duo eyelash adhesive dark-tone
- Artdeco all in one mascara black

- Catrice Absolute Eye colour 350 Starligh Expresso

I started with the eyes, I assumed that I will have a lot of fallout from glitter and black, at the end wasn't that bad :D. Firstly, right after the primer I roughly draw with Bourjois' black liner pencil where I want my lines to go. Then I started building up the black eyeshadow and applied NYX's jumbo pencil on my lids, set it with matte eyeshadow, followed by shimmery white, also on my brow bone. Then I applied white-ish glitter with mixing solution on my lids. Lined my upper eyelash line with Bourjois' Liner feutre, also the lower lash line. Added black shadow on lower lash line, and jumbo pencil to waterline and outer part in between the upper and lower black line. Added falsies and mascara.

Then I applied foundation, concealer, set everything with powder, contoured, applied blush and highlighter.
Then I lined my lips and a little bit in the corners with black eyeliner, in the center I applied Revlon Lipbutter.
The last thing were my eyebrows, and I always stick to my basics. Catrice Starligh Expresso never disappoints me :).

I still think this is more of a toned down drag makeup ... I didn't cover my eyebrows and draw them on, I just filled them and made them longer. I was thinking about applying two sets of lashes, but I intended to clean the makeup afterwards, and I'm lazy when it comes to cleaning my false lashes (and brushes, too). :P

Tell me, if you like iiiiit :). Would you wear it? :D

Have a lovely day <3

xoxo Deja

P.S. Special thanks to my roommate/dear friend/partner in crime who took the pictures. You rock ;)

And here are the lovely ladies who already did the first look. I'm one day behind. Whoopsie ;)


  1. Tole je izjemno, zelo si nadarjena. Komaj čakam, da vidim še, kaj boš naredila za preostala 2 izziva. :)

  2. This one is just supercool!

  3. You are so right, drag queens always have such gorgeous make-up!! I absolutely love the look you created! It's stunning!!!

    1. Yes, their artwork is amazing. So inspiring :)
      Thank you xo

  4. Beautiful work!

  5. Noro noro dobro! Čist sem navdušena! :D

  6. waaw! kok si dobr nardila. <3

  7. Wow, this is gorgeous. I absolutely love it :)

  8. Woooow HUDO!! You rock girl!! :)