Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Unusual beauty tips: many uses of a lip balm

One day I came up with an idea, that I could start new blog post series, where I share unusual/weird beauty tips: how can you use one products in many other ways or something similar.

Today I will present you many uses of a lip balm. Let's start :)

1. If you can use your lip balm on your dry lips, you can definitely use them on other dry areas of your body, on your elbows and knees for instance. Apply as a normal cream, recommend before bed time, that's when skin is regenerating and lip balm is very thick, it may bother you during the day. Also, if you have any dry spots on your face, apply it on these areas.

2. You can use it as a under eye cream. Skin around eyes is very delicate, so we have to take extra care of it. Apply it on your under eye area, and tap it a little bit with your ring finger to spread it evenly. Apply it before sleep, let it absorb over night.

3. Prevent wrinkles! Apply it on face areas where you have some wrinkles (or are wrinkles in the making!) before bed. For me, those areas are my forehead and smiling lines. I smiler too much, I guess :D.

4. You can also use it as an eyebrow wax. Apply some lip balm on your finger and go over your eyebrows. Shape them in place, you can even help yourself with a spoolie brush.

Do you know any other uses of a lip balm? Leave them in comment section, would love to hear! :)

Hope this post was helpful to some of you, especially if you're living on a budget or travelling and don't want to take one million products with you :).

Have a lovely day/night :),

xoxo Deja


  1. Tistole z dry spots na obrazu moram pa sprobat, ker mi na žalost nobena krema ne pomaga. Upam, da bo to!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  2. Moram sprobat na komolcih, ker imam obupne. :/ Preveč slonim na njih med branjem knjig.