Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monthly faves: JULY!

End of the month can mean only one: it's time for monthly favourites! I usually always get a positive feedback on those short "reviews" of my favourite things, that's why I decided to start writing separate review posts, because some products are my all time favourites and will never make it into my monthly faves, because I use them all the time. Tell me your thoughts on that. :)

First product, I've been using a lot is Essence Marble mania blush in 01 swirlpool. It's a nice rosy shimmery blush, which gives my cheeks really pretty glow and I don't even have to use a highlighter with it, because it's already shimmery. :)

My favourite of the favourites has to be Seche Vite Dry fast top coat. It dries your polish in a minute, after ten minutes I can make myself a lunch :D. It makes my nail colouring so much easier, because I always manage to ruin my manicure somehow. I bought this magic bottle on E-bay, I think it was around 7 €.

Second nail polish I've been loving this month (I actually had it for a year now, but used it only once, because it dries so slowly, but thank you Dry fast top coat, you make my life so much easier :D) is Essence multi dimension XXXL shine in 68 Perfectly true. It's white with no glitter, shimmer, just plain white varnish :).

Another polish I've been loving lately is Essence colour & go in 38 Choose me! Year ago I wasn't really into shimmery polishes, but now I just love them. This one looks so cute on my toe nails!

I've been listening a lot of non-mainstream and non-commercial music, because working in a shop with clothes you hear that sh*t every day and some songs just make you nervous an you start hating them! :) On repeat this month: The Cunninglynguists - Darkness.

I am doing much more yoga and I started liking it. I still like my HIIT workouts though, but some days I feel like doing something much less impulsive or I combine both - high intensity interval training and yoga. I'm still a beginner at it :).

My favourite food of the month has to be salad. It's been so hot through all month that I'm not really in the mood to cook anything. I mix all kind of veggies, sometimes even fruit, mozzarella cheese, tuna, beans and other yummy healthy stuff :).

I know I'm kinda late, but finally I found time to watch all new episodes of True Blood season 5. Super excited for a new episode :). Do you watch True Blood? Which TV series do you like most?

That all for today's post. What are your faves of the month?

xoxo Deja


  1. Marble mania blush je bil tudi moj favorit, potem je pa nekomu v kopalnici padel po tleh in se razsul </3 RIP blush :)

    1. ojoj. sovražim, ko se mi kej razsuje.
      drgač je pa možno popravt z alkoholom. lahko objavim blog o popravljanju, drgač je pa tko sto videov na youtubu :)

  2. Zgleda, da si bom res mogla na ebayu en dober top coat kupit. Tile naši so vsi za en you know what. :(

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. ja, probej tega, mene je ful navdušil :)

  3. The Essence Marble mania blush looks gorgeous. I wish we had Essence here :) I absolutely love Seche Vite Dry fast top coat, its probably the best top coat that I have tried :)

    Great post :) Xoxo, Christine♥

    1. Too bad you don't have Essence.. Some of their stuff is pretty amazing and super cheap!
      Yeah, this top coat works wonders. I should buy them tons and never run out of it :D
      xo Deja