Monday, August 13, 2012

Birthday haul + randomness

I had a birthday on 3rd August (sweet 16 :P) and today I will show you what I got as a gift or what I bought myself. I spoil myself all year though :P

The most exciting thing were dumbbells from my roommates (thank you! ;)). I like incorporating them in my workouts to keep them interesting and harder, because some exercises without any weights seem too easy for me. 4 kg each, because I'm advanced ;)

A book about yoga is another pretty exciting thing. A dear friend of mine got it for me, and now I think it's the time to expand my yoga knowledge and start becoming a pro at it ;). And I must not forget to mention the bag a book came in. It has captain Jack Sparrow on it! :D It will probably end up hanging on my wall ;)

My sister got me three vegan protein bars, which I already eaten :), goji berries and soap. Everything is  from Or-ca.

My mum got me a new pair of trainers for my workouts, the old ones were just ... old :).

Now for the best part ... what I got for myself :).
A black sports bra by Nike, it gives middle support, good for yoga and for everyday wear. I love sport bras so much, I may wear them for the rest of my life. ;)

Two pairs of cute shoes :).

I bought another two Revlon Lipbutters in 050 Berry Smoothie and 070 Cherry Tart. I really love my first two lip butters I bought, I want to have them all :P. I think I promised you a review. Lack of motivation for blogging, I guess :(

I haven't had any random chit chats for a very long time. I was thinking about a new design about my blog. Yes, I know I redesigned it quite some times, but I'm still not 100 % satisfied with it. I was even thinking about blog header and I think I should change the "line" for my blog ("the place for mad hatters"). I was thinking about changing it into: "Not an ordinary beauty blog." or something like that ... I decided for this line, because I don't write only about cosmetics, I have probably the most random blog ever :D. Or is it "A place for mad hatter" better line?
You have any other ideas? Would love to hear them!

I made those shorts. Would you like to see a blog post on them?

On Wednesday I will post the last look for the Penguin challenge (white and  colour) - still don't know what to create :). Click here: look 1 and look 2, if you haven't seen them yet :)

Have a lovely night, afternoon, morning, day (I don't know what's the time where you live :D)

xoxo Deja


  1. You said it yourself - ˝The most random blog ever˝ ;) Pa review prosim za lipbutters :)*

  2. Sweet 16? Resno? :) Všeč so mi uteži, jaz imam 3 kg. Kakšne so pa goji jagode?

    1. Ne počutim se več kot 16 ;) Relana številka je malo višja :)
      Goji jagode so pa suhe, pač kot ostali suhi sadeži, super za kašne kosmiče itd. ...