Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The penguin challenge look 3: purple everywhere

It's time for the last look for the penguin challenge. I had so much fun creating all three looks, and looking at other masterpieces :). I love makeup so much, that's why I decided to do more makeup blog post, because it's the funnest thing to do! :)

The third look has to be white and colour. My first thought was white and orange (who knows why ...), but instead I decided to go with purple-white look, for I remembered I had some purple false eyelashes! Because I didn't want to incorporate black mascara, unfortunately I don't have purple mascara :)

So here is the look I created:

- Bourjois foundation Bio detox organic
- E.l.f. Under eye concealer and highlighter
- E.l.f. High Definition Powder
- E.l.f. Brush (it has no name on it, it's kinda pinky-peachy-purple-y shimmery shade :D)

- Artdeco eyeshadow base
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil 604 Milk
- BH cosmetics 88 Color palette Tropical shimmer eyeshadow (it has only two purple shadows, used them both)
- Coastal Scents 88 Color Eye Shadow Palette (used the darkest purple)
- Sleek i-Divine palette in Chaos (matte white)
- BeautyUK eyeshadow collection in Twilight (shimmery white)
- Kiko Mixing solution 
- Baci false eyelashes No. 545 (purple lashes, I bought them in erotic shop :P)
- Duo eyelash adhesive Clear-white

- Artdeco High Performance Lipstick in shade 498
- Artdeco Soft Lip Liner waterproof 91
- Revlon Lipbutter Gumdrop

Firstly, I applied foundation, concealer, set everything with powder and primed my eyes. Applied NYX Jumbo pencil on my lids, blended it with my fingers. Started applying shimmery purple on outer corner of my eyes, in my crease and in the inner corner, leaving the center of my lids uncovered. Applied another darker purple-y shade over what I just did and white matte eyeshadow in the center. With wet brush (mixing solution) I applied white shimmery shade in the center. I deepened the outer corner with darker shade of purple and blended it with white brow highlight colour. Did the same thing on my lower lashline. Lined my eyes with wet brush and dark purple eyeshadow. Applied white jumbo pencil in my waterline. I left my eyebrows au natural.

I outlined and filled in the corners of my lips with purple lip pencil and applied darker lipstick. In the center I applied light purple shade and dabbed some shimmery white eyeshadow on top.

You can make this look easily more wearable with skipping the purple eyelashes, you can apply black false lashes or just black mascara. And you can switch for natural lipstick shade.

I think I could have done so much better with this look, but I don't really have time to recreate it. Maybe some other time :)

Have a lovely day!

xoxo Deja


  1. I love this so much! Everything looks so good together and I love the eye makeup!

  2. Wow! This looks so good on you - and now I have to get some purple l;ashes!

    1. Thank you! I bought mine in erotic shop :P

  3. This is just divine! I love how you've placed the colours!
    And those lashes are just too cool!

  4. Amazing! The purple lashes give this a special touch.