Sunday, February 17, 2013

Get to know me - 50 random facts about me

I've seen bloggers and youtubers doing this random facts post/videos quite often lately. So I decided to do one myself.  Enjoy :)

 Source: Pinterest.
1. I'm spiritual and I meditate.
2. I don't drink coffee but I love the smell of it!
3. I love Johnny Depp and sometimes at random moments I quote his sayings from movies, but usually just in my mind. Yeah, I know ^^
4. I am pretty shy and quiet, especially with people I don't know.
5. I'm such a spring/summer girl. Winter is not amusing me ^^
6. I am a vegetarian (no meat, no fish or any other sea food).
7. I was pescatarian for a year before I became vegetarian.
8. My favourite colour is blue. Blue everything. Especially turquoise. :]
9. I can't imagine living with the same person my whole life.
10. I can't wait to move to my own place and arrange it to my likings.
Source: Pinterest.
11. My favourite animals are any kind of wild kitties (tigers, lions, pumas, cheetas, you name it, I love it), owls, dogs and wolfs.
12. I love poetry, I actually write poems myself.
13. I have an older sister. Year and 8 months older ;)
14. I used to wear prescription glasses for 15 years and last 8 years combined it with contact lenses.
15. I had Lasik eye surgery in November 2012.
16. I hate McDonald's with passion.
17. I am child at heart. Ask my mother ^^
18. I only drink water, teas and freshly squeezed juice. No sodas, no alcohol, sweetened juices ...
19. I had a gold fish that lived for 6 years.
20. I have only been to one wedding, my mum's wedding and I was made of honor.
    I Love Nature
Source: Pinterest
21. I love going into the nature, it calms my mind.
22. My favourite subject in school was art. I also wanted to go to art school.
23. I love animated movies/cartoons.
24. I love South Park :)
25. I want to have a "home library". I love books ... and libraries.
26. I was into metal music in high school. I went to Rammstein, Nightwish and Helloween concerts.
27. I always wear nail polish, I feel so naked without it.
28. I used to dance for 8 years (mix of everything for 3 years, 2 years of jazz ballet and 3 years of hip hop).
29. Caught in the Act used to be my favourite band. :)
30. I never gone to any kind of makeup class or anything like that, I just watched a lot of Youtube videos.
Have no idea, where I got this pic.
31. I'm planning to move to California soon.
32. I love any kind of movie with super heros in it.
33. I believe in mythical creatures.
34. I love heavily tattooed people, especially women.
35. I don't watch horror movies, I already have f*cked up imagination.
36. I got my driving's licence at 18, passed it second time doing it.
37. I stopped drinking alcohol in January 2012. It wasn't supporting my healthy lifestyle, I got in many embarassing situations and I had no limit with drinking.
38. I used to work in a store with clothes for exactly 1 year.
39. I dyed my hair for the first time when I was 14. I was a blondie :)
40. I like to change my hair styles and hair colour quite often, I get bored or want to try something new.
 41. I love any kind of dress up events, Halloween, masquerade, carnivals and I also love Drag queens. Can you tell?
42. I am more of a Tomboy, sneakers, jeans and regular T-shirts are the best.
43. I have no idea how to act in front of little children, actually I try to be as far away from them as I can.
44. If I like a song I can have it on repeat whole day.
45. When I really like a movie or TV show, I will probably do a research on it, watch bloopers, behind the scenes, google all actors ...
46. I don't know my father.
47. I like making lists, this is the only way I have a feeling I've done something.
48. I love 80's and 90's music (and culture in general) more than nowadays music/culture.
49. I have 8 piercings.
50. Breakfast is my favourite meal. :)

I hope you have learnt something new about me :)
If you have a random facts post/video please leave it in a comment, would love to read/see them!


  1. Yay, sem komi čakala tale post! Ne pozabi na mene, ko boš šla v Kalifornijo. Da mi zrihtaš vsaj en kavč, da pridem na obisk. :D

  2. Super post pa v veliko stvareh sva si podobni :)

    1. hehe, sj nekatere so precej splošne :) Hvala za kometar

  3. Loooooove the #35 =DDD In men so tut čist hude drag queens =D Si gledala RuPaul's Drag Race? Mene še čaka zadnja sezona, sem pa pogledala prve 3 =))) Super post! =)

    1. Sama resnica :D
      Ne, nism gledala, sm si pa zapisala in bom! :)

  4. Luuuškan post :-) Pa zanimivo branje :-)
    Morem predlagat še Mateji D. da tud me2 to nardiva :-P

  5. ovo je baš bilo zanimljivo... neke stvari su me iznenadile ali neke sam već skužila i sama ;)
    meni bi bio problem reći i 10 stvari o sebi, kamoli 50 :D

    1. Ni tako težko kot zgleda :)

  6. Tole je bilo pa res zanimivo branje, povedala si ogromno o sebi, kar še nismo vedeli. :) Mogoče tudi jaz naredim tak post naslednji mesec. :)

    1. Le naredi, še zabavno je pisat :D

  7. Love these posts! I also dream of a home library and have worn glasses/lenses for years and years. I did a 10 Random Facts post, which is here:

    Liz xx

    1. Commented :) Libraries are dope :P
      Thank you Xx

  8. So good to get to know you a bit more!
    I have to admit I do the exact same thing when I find a new tv show or movie that I like! I'll get through all information I find online about it :)

    Lovely post

    1. I need to know the backgorund! :) Thank you! X

  9. Prav uživala ob branju in me veseli, da nisem edina antialcohol :P In kako to da greš v Californio? Kar tako ali?

    1. Tako je po večino alkohol samo sladkor :)
      Zakaj pa ne bi šla? :) Menim, da mam veliko več možnosti za zaposlitev, sploh za to, kar bi rada jaz počela. :)
      Hvala za komentar

  10. Teli posti so tako zanimivo branje :) sem našla kar ene par skupnih točk :D

    1. Saj nekateri so precej splošni:) Me veseli,da si uživala ob branju. Hvala

  11. Nice photos!
    your blog is very lovely and interesting.
    please visit my blog! <3 keep in touch!

  12. super post! sem ga tud sama napisala :) drugače bi pa tud js mela domačo knjižnico, ooh. komej čakam :P

    1. Res, kje se ga pa lahko prebere?

  13. This is a great post sweetie,we have a lot of thigns in common:)

  14. napravila sam i ja sličan post ali sa oko 70ak slika