Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday fitness post: Food diary

Diaries are such a great thing too have when you want to remember things, events, people you've met and ... to write down food you've eaten in a day.

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Most people eat more than they realize, most of them even eat when they're not realizing it (snack while watching a movie) and keeping a food diary gives you an insight what you really eat. Write down every meal you had and how much (use your hands as a measuring guide), write down every candy, cookie, fries you ate ... Write down even how much water you had that day, write down every beverage you consumed, along with every sugar cube ;).

It may sound pathetic but sometimes such little things can sabotage your progress and you may ask yourself why you don't see any progress (progress can be loosing kilograms, centimeters, to fit better in clothes, feel better, get a better health ...). Little cheat meal every day may not sound a lot, but eating something "bad" every day is worse than eating one cheat meal per week. Reserve one day to have a cheat meal, it may be a birthday party, going to a cinema and having a popcorn, having a pizza date ... Other days eat clean and healthy.

Source: Pinterest.
You can get a little note book to track what you eat, write it in your phone or wherever you like. At the end of the week go through all meals you had and see where can you make a progress, where did you fail, see if you can eliminate/change something, drink more water etc..

I hope you find this tip helpful :)
Do you keep a food diary?

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  1. super ideja. bi mogla to upoštevat ja :/

  2. Ne vem kdaj sem prvič pisala dnevnik prehrane, ampak je že nekaj let nazaj. Ponavadi ga nisem pisala redno, od decembra 2013 pa sem se odločila, da ga bom in pišem kaj in kdaj jem, kdaj in kako telovadim ter dnevno kilažo. Se mi zdi, da to res pomaga, da človek ostane bolj motiviran in predan cilju :) meni vsekakor pomaga in sem se na tak način znebila vmesih obrokov poleg 4-5 glavnih. Tudi ko pride dan, ko jem vse po vrsti, si to zapišem, čeprav je slab občutek krivde, a sčasoma sem na tak način precej zmanjšala napade prenajedanja.

  3. Completely agree. I would be lost if I didn't write down what I ate and I would definitely over eat. I use my fitness pal app to write down what I eat and it really helps. X

  4. writing down really helps, makes you cut down if you are having too much!
    i used to have a cheat day every month, back in the days i was crazy about losing weight!