Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One word TAG

Ana Ina from Lovely little Lux-uries did this tag last week and I found it really interesting, so I decided to do it myself.

Where is you cell phone? Table.
Your partner? Myself :)
You hair? Stubborn.
Your mother? Superwoman.
Your father? Nonexistent.
Your favourite material object? Diary.
Your dream from last night? Interesting.
Your favourite drink? Water.
Your dream car? Blue.
The room in which you are right now? Bedroom.
Your ex? Male.
Your fear? Speechmaking.
What do you want to be in 10 years? Awesome.
Who did you spend last night with? Myself.
What are you not? Stupid.
What did you do last night? Meditate.
What's the last thing you did before this? Ate.
What are you wearing? Clothes.
Your favourite book? Astonishing.
The last thing you ate? Apple.
Your life? Wonderful.
Your mood? Happy.
Your friends? Angels.
What are you thinking about right now? Love.
What are you doing now? Typing.
Your summer? Hot.
What's on your TV? Nothing.
The last time you laughed? Today.
The last time you cried? Yesterday.
School? Done.
What are you listening to? Silence.
Your favourite weekend activity? Reading.
Dream job? Lightworking.
Your computer? HP.
Just outside your window? Snow.
Beer? No.
Mexican food? Occasionally.
Winter? Cold.
Religion? Kindness.
Vacation? Maldives :)
On your bed? Sleeping.
Love? Always.

Well, that was challenging, hard to find right word for each questions. Hope you like it and you've been tagged :)


  1. Sm si že skopirala vprašanja pa začela mi je na tretini ustavl :D

  2. Loved reading the tag! Hope you dried yesterday's tears and ended the day with a smile :) <3


  3. Moj se bo tudi danes ob 00:00 objavil :)

  4. Ooo super tag :D,Ga bom nardila, sam zgleda kar težko najt samo eno besedo za določena vprašanja :))

  5. Tale tag je pa super! Pa kar težek na momente. :D

  6. Všeč mi je tvoja izbira besed :)

  7. Super! Zelo všečno :)

    Visit my blog:

  8. tagoholic!!! :P loving it!! dude, moja mati je tud superwoman..are we related??! :P

    1. Saj nitako hudo, no! ;) Hehe, menda imam samo eno sestro .. Mogoče so pa onedve v sorodu. ;)