Monday, January 20, 2014

90's TAG [video]

I know I promised I'll be filming (more) YouTube videos, but I kinda failed at it. I filmed a video how I fill in my eyebrows 4 (or even 5) times and it was out of focus or I was covering my whole face with a mirror, unintentionally.
Anyways, Maja (click) posted yesterday 90's tag and I was like: "do a tag, Deja, you can't really f*ck up this kind of video." So I sat down and filmed today. I didn't really f*cked it up, but it's not the best, plus my camera is really loud and I don't see myself buying new camera anytime soon just because I don't think I'll be filming so regularly that I would need to upgrade.

Enough of chit chat, here's the video and please read description box! And subscribe if you'd like to ;)

I tag all 90's kids ;)

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  1. Še tukej ti napišem, Super je! :D Js res uživam ob gledanju teg 90's tagov, ker pri vsakem najdem še kakšno davno pozabljeno stvar :) Hvala za omembo, pa upam, na še kakšen tvoj video v bližnji prihodnosti :))

  2. Veš da bi zdaj jaz eno kinder jajčko, da ubodim devetdeseta leta :D