Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Fitness Post: How to workout

Getting a little bit basic today. How to workout or should I call it "preparation" before workout.

Source: Pinterest.

1. Get your workout clothes on and get your hair out of the way. Wear comfortable and breathable clothes and trainers, because you'll sweat and your skin needs to breath. If you get all sticky and uncomfortable, you won't be able to give it your maximum.

2. Prepare bottle of water, workout note book, pen, workout equipment, exercise mat, towel ... Whatever you'll need during the workout, because you won't have time to reach for those items while exercising. It unnecessarily consumes time and distracts you. If you go to the gym, it's good to have all those items in there, so you avoid long preparations before going to the gym. Just grab it and go ;)

3. Plan out your routine for that day. I always write down in my notebook which exercises I'm doing and how they follow each other, this way I stay focused on a workout and rest between exercises is minimum - to take a sip of water if needed, to write down the reps and to prepare myself for next exercise.

Source: Pinterest
4. Turn off your mobile phone, computer, TV ... This is not time to talk to people, look at your Twitter or watch your favourite show/series/movie/YouTube videos ... Workout should be your alone time to give it 110 %, and to give that maximum, you have to be disconnected. Computer, phone or TV can be on only in case if you listen to the music to exercise to and if you're following a workout video :)

5. This one is optional, but preparing a post workout meal before an actual workout. Couple of days ago I did my stretching after a workout and still in my workout clothes I went to the kitchen an prepared everything for a meal, put veg into an oven and took a shower. After that dinner was served in 10 minutes :)

Do you have any more basic tips on "how to workout" or "how to prepare everything to workout"?

Have a lovely Saturday.

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  1. Čimveč takega, me zanima ful :D

  2. Mislim, da si v glavnem vse zajela :) Predvsem si je pa treba vzet dovolj časa - za ogrevanje, vadbo in ohlajanje..vadba mora bit kakovostna in ne nekaj na hitro in mimogrede..
    Drugače imam pa najraje objave povezane s prehrano in športom :)

  3. Fajn post! :) Meni grejo drugače pri kakšni bolj intenzivni vaji in taki kjer skačeš okoli vedno na živce lasje!! Prav gumica mi nikoli ne zdrži, vedno se vse razdere in pol imam več dela z lasmi kot pa z vadbo :P

    1. Meni grejo še bolj na živce, ker mam kratke in si jih ne morem spet :D

  4. Jaz sem pridna, vse naredim (: Meni so tudi takšni s športom povezani posti všeč.. :P

  5. hehe, jaz pa vedno gledam serijo poleg :) haha... zgleda je v tem problem, da se mi en da več :)

  6. Glih takle post sm rabila :) Hvala :)