Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday fitness post: Counting calories

If counting calories works for you and it's nor driving you mental, good for you, but I will give you some good reasons why you should stop counting them.

Counting calories limits bad AND good food. For example: you eliminate junk/fast food and processed meat (sausages) out of your diet, but you also elimanate nuts and seeds, avocado, healthy fats in general, which are essential for our health and overall well being. Burn all the low fat diet books, please! :) 100 cals of lean protein or 100 cals of carbohydrate or 100 cals of alcohol are not the same. They have different effect on your hormones and metabolic rate. Quality food determines your energy levels, health and physique.

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Real food doesn't need to be packaged, but when you are counting calories, you may be encouraged to eat packaged (processed) food, because it already has all information about calories (fyi: nutritional labels can be off 20 %) and you don't need to search nutritional facts on the internet and lose precious time. Which leads to another point - counting calories does not guarantee you're getting enough nutrients you need in a day. Like I said: 100g of veggies is not the same as 100g of hamburger.

Your body is extremely intelligent, it's already equipped to tell you when to eat and what to eat. With counting calories you ignore your natural satiety cues. For example: you already had all the calories for a day, you have a workout in the evening, but afterwards you don't eat anyting just because you already had all the calories for that day, even though your body tells you it need something to eat. Bare in mind that your body is not a bank (it doesn't have a system inside that will count how many calories you had ;)) and if it needs food, provide your body the food it needs. Some days we need more food, some days we need less, depends on how active, inactive we are or what are we doing in a day.

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Fewer calories you consume, body burns fewer calories - if you consume more good quality calories, your body burns more calories. If you undereat on good calories and if you overeat/undereat on bad food, less calories you burn. Calorie restriction in the long term will slow down your metabolism and will not help you maintain weight/fat loss in the long term.

Do you count calories?

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  1. -Do you count your calories?
    -Why not?!
    -Because I have better things to do! :p

  2. Ravno pred kratkim sem si ogledala eno predavanje, kjer je govoril o tem, da kalorija ni enaka kaloriji (kot praviš tudi ti). Moram priznat, da pred tem sploh nisem pomislila na to...

  3. I calorie count but do agree completely with what you say. I still eat things like seeds and nuts etc and listen to my body's needs. Sometimes I do go over my calories 'allowence' if I have had full on work out that day. I do think calorie counting is good it has definitely helped me but I also think you need to be aware of nutrient and what your body needs. X

    1. Calorie counting to get a general idea how much you're eating is ok, allowing yourself to eat more if needed, but restricting and weighting every single food (including fruits and veggies) I think is unnecessary. As long as you eat food reach in nutrients and minerals you're good.
      Thank you for commenting X