Saturday, December 1, 2012

NYX blush Taupe - perfect contouring blush

I was searching for a perfect contouring shade for a while now, because I realized I cannot live without contour and it's perfect way to make face more defined and give myself some cheekbones. Bronzers are too orangey and it's hard to find one without shimmer. Until I discovered NYX powder, I had been using regular pressed powder, which worked, but it has orange undertones and my face shadows are definitely not orange.

I placed my order for this NYX blush in Taupe before my surgery (Nov 9th) on eBay, and I got it this week. It was sent from USA, so didn't expect to come soon. It was around 7 € with shipping.

If you look at the blush it has slight sheen to it, but it's still matte enough to be a perfect contouring shade. I apply it underneath my cheekbones, my jaw line and on my forehead. You can contour your nose with it or even apply it as an eyeshadow (in your crease).

Blush is buildable and I think it's suitable for all skin types. It's brown shade with grey undertones.

It comes in black plastic packaging, it's nothing special really, but you have to be careful, one of my NYX blushes fell on the floor and broke into one billion pieces (on the first day I got it).

If you want a perfect contouring blush, I suggest you get this one! And try other NYX blushes too, I love them.

Do you contour your face? What do you use for contouring?
(I will do a tutorial how to contour, no worries :))


  1. Bo treba kdaj v prihodnje sprobat :) Zaenkrat sem zadovoljna z ELF dvojčkom blusha in bronzerja

  2. I use this too. Its so perfect!x

  3. Super je, trenutno že čakam na drugega! :D sem pa opazila da na slikah izgleda na koži zelo sivo- zgledam kot mrtvec na slikah hehe (ampak me ne moti) :)

  4. U, zakon! Samo spet, eBay -.-
    Jaz tudi drugače ne morem zaopustiti hiše brez bronzerja, ampak še na žalost nisem našla 'THE' barva zame :(

  5. I've heard good things about this, I definitely need to try it out! xx

  6. I can't live without contouring,I use bronzers,matte all depends if I want it to look more dramatic or not.This seems like a great product

  7. I love contouring and bronzers! This looks like the perfect bronzer for contouring

  8. Tudi jaz sem zaljubljena v ta odtenek.
    Boljšega še nisem imela za senčenje. :)