Friday, November 30, 2012

November favourites

Can you believe it's already December tomorrow? Time to talk about my favourite products/things of the month. I don't have to show you any makeup, because of my eye surgery, but now I can start wearing eye makeup again and that makes me über happy :)

1. I know it's not really a fall colour, but it really made me happy before and after surgery :) Orly polish in Glowstick is perfect neon yellow, I apply it over matte white polish.

2. Has anyone ever mentioned a toothpaste in a favourites post? Well, I've been really liking Himalaya Herbals Ayurvedic Dental cream. 

3. My favourite night cream must be this New Dawn Patchouli Healer. I think it really improved my skin texture and it feels so soft in the morning! I will review it and you can also win it in my Christmas giveaway: here.

4. Another skin care products. I have quite sensitive skin and it's hard to find alcohol free toner and that it actually does something for your skin. Kahne Witch hazel toner is a great toner, it does its job like a boss! :)

5. Another product you can win in my giveaway and I love it to pieces, is this Afrodita Anti-age Aroma hand and nail cream. It makes my hands super soft, nourishes it and smells amazing. 

6. I read those two books before surgery and I really really really liked them. I cried, I laughed, I didn't want to put them down although it was bed time. Kluun - A Woman Comes to a Doctor/Love life  and The Widower.

What are your monthly favourites? Let me know :)


  1. I love Afrodita's creams,I think they are really good,their Calendula night cream is my fav a the moment.Also Fruttini body scrub and lotion are some among my current favorites:)

    1. I love Afrodita in general. And Fruttini products smell so AH-mazing!
      thank you for commenting

  2. Glowstick je res super lak <3

  3. Klunna začuda še nisem prebrala, čeprav pogosto padam na jokave knjige. :$ Jo poiščem ob naslednjem obisku knjižnice. :)