Friday, December 21, 2012

Anti-Christmas makeup look (collaboration with Gone2RehabBRB)

There are probably one billion tutorials, posts and videos on Holiday looks, so I decided to do something different, something not suitable for Christmas/holidays. And it's much harder than you think! So I went with black eyeshadow with pop of colour on the bottom lash line and dark lips. No green, no red, no glitter, no metallics! This is what I came up with:

Btw, this is a collaboration with Vanesa from Gone2RehabBRB. Check out what she created ;) CLICK.

- NYX jumbo pencil Black bean & Milk
- black matte eyeshadow Sleek Au Naturel
- Essence pigment WOW It's orange!
- Barry M Bold black waterproof eyeliner
- Catrice Lashes to kill mascara
- Catrice 350 Starlight Expresso - eyebrows

- Essence Clear&matt foundation
- Bourjois Healthy mix concealer
- Catrice setting powder
- MUA Bronzed perfection

- Artdeco Soft  Lip liner waterproof 91
- Catrice Ultimate colour Tell me Berry-tale

My camera wasn't cooperating with me today! ^^

Anyways, you can be the judge and tell me if this look is anti-Christmas/anti-holiday enough :)



  1. Loving the neon pigment.
    Awesome and saucy.

  2. Sem ti že na Twitterju povedala, da je zelo lep make up. Ideja pa tudi zanimiva. :)

  3. Holiday or no holiday you rock this look,its bold,its edgy and I think it looks awesome!!!

  4. Stunning make up! Would love to see some youtube tutorials!

    Beauty Fiends Blog

  5. You Grinch! Ampak zgleda pa še vedno svetovno. :D

  6. So pretty wish I could pull this off ! Xx followed you <3

  7. Okay seriously this looks AMAZING
    It's so dark and just wow, I love it. It's not only anti christmas, it's so dark. And I don't mean dark as in the colour :)
    Ansolutely love it! Especially with your eyes!! Just wowww