Friday, October 19, 2012

Perfect autumn lippie: Artdeco High Performance Lipstick 498 & a dupe

I bought Artdeco High performance lipstick last year, I think it got discontinued and bought it on a discount, but don't worry, I have a dupe for it. :)

*this is not a review*

I like Artdeco products, but they can be really pricey. I always looked on this company as European (I don't know if it's sold all around the Europe) Mac brand. I may be wrong, but I see some similarities. But I'm probably wrong :)

Back to the lipstick ...

It has creamy texture, it provides smooth application and it has a really nice sweet smell.
Lipstick doesn't have any shimmer, glitter, it just has a nice shine to it, so I wouldn't recommend using it with lipgloss. I think the price was around 8€, but I'm not sure (regular price of HP lipsticks are 12 €).

Here is a swatch:

In my first MUA cosmetics order I order three lipstick and one of them looks really similar to Artdeco one. I swatched them together and they are almost the same! Take a look:

Left: MUA Shade 2, Artdeco 498

MUA one has slight shimmer to is, but it's unnoticable until you smudge it. Texture is similar to Artdeco one, MUA is slightly darker, but I think it's prettier colour, and also much cheaper (£1.00).

I think those 2 are perfect shades for autumn/fall.
What do you think? What is your favorite lipstick for autumn?


  1. What a lovely shade for autumn! Really love the one of art deco, but the MUA lipstick is a very good dupe for a verrrrry good price! Beautiful berry colours
    It's a colour that's not too much, but it's definitely there. I've had a berry colour. Wonder what happened to it..
    I'm curious how the colour(s) look on you! :) xxx

    1. Will do a makeup look using this lipstick! Don't worry :)
      Yeah, it's perfect shade for autumn, I love it. and I love both brands :)

  2. Res je ful lepa barva! Se mi zdi, da imam eno zelo podobno od Avona. :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. Ni preveč out there, je pa še vseeno dovolj močna. Možno :)
      Berry power!

  3. Super barva je, spominja me na eno Barry M šminko. :)

    1. Ja, lepa za popizdit :P Možno :)

  4. Čudovita barva!
    Jaz zelo rada nosim takšne odtenke na ustnicah, ker izgledajo zelo naravno, ampak krasno poudarijo ustnice. Všeč so mi, ker jih lahko nosim z dramatičnim mejkapom na očeh ali s povsem naravnim, barely there. :) Pa še zelo pašejo v jesen.

    1. Jaz tudi rada nosim takšne barve. Še vedno je dosti umirjena, a še vedno dovolj močna. Drugače pa jaz nikoli nisem delala razlik med dnevna in nočna šminka. Nosim kar mi paše :))

  5. The color is like you said perfect for Fall,Love it:)