Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weekly makeup tag: 60's

Yay, it's Wednesday again. That can mean only one: weekly makeup tag. This week's theme was 60's and I just realized I always do something with blue eyeshadows. Next week I will go far away from blue shadow, I promise! :)

Make sure you check out Aqeela's blog and take a look what other participants created: CLICK.

Here's my look, Twiggy inspired.
I hate it to be honest, but I've been wearing only glasses (Lasik conssultation today) for three days now and I cannot do any makeup without contact lenses in, bacause I can't see myself in the mirror :). Long story short, I coundn't  do it again because of that :)

- Revlon matte eyeshadow blue & brown
- CoastalScents 88 palette
- Essemce gel liner
- Artdeco all in one mascara
- eBay falsies (double pair for upper lashes and cut in half for bottom)
- Essence brow pencil for eyebrows

- NYX concealer
- Bourjois Bio detox foundation
- ELF setting powder
- Avon Translucent Tan as a contout
- Catrice blush LE Hollywood's fabulous 40ties

- Oriflame lipstick Midnight colour
- Oriflame clear lipgloss

Have a lovely day,


  1. Super je in super ti paše. Mislim, da še nisem pohvalila tvoje nove barve las, ampak zelo ti paše. :)

  2. oh,but you hate it,I think it looks really nice:)

  3. Res ti pristaja takšen makeup. Pogosteje bi ga morala nositi. :)

    Variacija s spodnjimi trepalnicami mi je enkratna.

  4. super mi je ovaj, ovako se volim šminkat na dnevnoj bazi ;)

    1. Hvala. Od zdaj naprej se bom tudi jaz :D

  5. Ohh no why do you hate it, I love it!! Once again you have showed your make up skills are soo much better than you think <3

  6. Deja there is no post without my comment under it. Stop making great looks so i can stop commenting! Lol just kidding, dont stop!!!
    I know exactly what you mean; i can't apply makeup without my lenses either. You can't even count the times i poked in my eyes because i couldnt see!
    I have to say you've done an amazing job. You can't see that you were blind while doing this :)
    Hope you'll get a Go for the eye operation and that everything will end well!