Monday, March 10, 2014

February favourites

I didn't post my favourites post for January, even though I wanted to, but then I got ill and it changed my schedule, so I skipped it. And here are my February favourites ... :)

I started using Essie polishes in December and I really like them. In February I mostly used shades Smokin hot and After school boy blazer. I was really sceptical about Smokin hot, because I never really use this kin of shade. It's dark mauve, grey and slightly purple, but it looks good on my nails and I really like it. After school boy blazer is navy blue, on nails almost looks black, but it's blue ;) (I also got one for you in future giveaway ;)).

I rediscovered Barry M Waterproof eye pencil. It's super creamy, it sets pretty quickly once applied on the eyes, but you can also smudge it if you work pretty fast. As you can see, I got good use out of it :)

Favourite lipstick of the month has to be Rimmel Lasting finish lipstick in 016 Heart breaker. I write about it in my Lippie of the Day post HERE.

I was in need of a new body lotion and I got Afrodita Red grapes Nurturing body milk, which smells the same as their hand cream with grapes. It's moisturizing and leaves me with soft skin. Another bonus is that little bit of product goes a long way.

Source: the official Robin Sharma facebook page.

I've listened to my first audio book and it was from Robin Sharma - The Monk who sold his Ferrari. I loved the story, it's so inspiring and uplifting. After I stopped listening to it I was super motivated to do something epic ;). You can listen to it on YouTube HERE (2 hours 40 minutes).
And Robin Sharma can as my favourite person of the month :). He makes motivational YouTube videos, how to become a leader, how to change habits, how to wake up early, what to do to become successful etc.. Check out his channel HERE.

Source: SoothingSista Instagram.

Another YouTuber I discovered is SoothingSista. Beautiful Stephanie does outfit videos (I love her style), sometimes even beauty videos, vlogs and other randomness. Plus she is stunningly beautiful. Check her channel HERE.

Source: Pinterest.

Best movie I watched is animated movie Brave. Princess Merida is determined to make her own path in life, which causes chaos in her kingdom. Granted one wish, Merida must rely on her bravery to undo this curse. Loved the story line and message in this movie.

And that's it for my favourites. What are yours? :)

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  1. Love your nail polish shades Deja, xoxo.

  2. Smokin hot izleda prekrasno, sem šla direkt googlat swatche, ker še nisem zasledila tega odtenka :)

  3. Joj ti Essiji, tak so lepi pa tak dragi :D sem tudi sama vedno večji fan njihovih lakov. Afroditini izdelki iz te linije pa so tudi meni všeč, tuš gel ojoba oil je res dober, fajn nahrani kožo :)

  4. Oooo kak lušten post! Si mi naredila lušte za afrodito, morem it iskat..

  5. Smokin hot looks smokin hot! ;) Such a unique colour.
    Yayyy, I spy the lipstick I sent to you! I'm so happy that you like it so much :) I've been wanting to buy it too, but it's sold out every single time. Guess we're not the only ones who love it haha :)
    I love that chick from Brave. Especially because she kind of reminds me of me, but with red hair :p