Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Fitness Post: How to track your progress?

Many people think that you can track your progress only by stepping on a scale and trust the numbers. But let me tell you something, muscle is denser than fat. If you do a lot of body weight and weight training, you are gaining muscle and your number doesn't move or it even goes up slightly - especially if you don't have to lose so much weight. It is possible that your body composition is changing meanwhile your weight remains the same.

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Your weight doesn't really tell your frame size - some people have smaller bone structure, lighter bones, some have bigger structure, heavier bones. It also doesn't tell how much % of fat do you have, which fluctuates during the year (we usually have more in the winter) and neither it tells how much muscle weight do you have.

Don't get discourages, I present you to other methods that can help you track your progress and achieve your goal (I already talked about them in the past, but sometimes you just need to publish again :)).

Source: Pinterest.

1. Take a before and after picture. Take a picture of yourself at the beginning of your weight loss journey and take a picture of yourself at more stages during the process - every 2 weeks or once a month is OK. Compare them side by side and see how your body has changed.

2. Another great method to track your progress is by measuring yourself. Get a measuring tape (it doesn't have to be anything fancy) and measure your body in different places - bust, upper arm, waist, hips and thighs are most common. Measure yourself at the beginning of weight loss journey and measure again every 2 weeks or once a month. I keep track of that in my workout diary :)

3. Focus on how you feel. Healthy food and regular exercise will give you more energy, you will feel much lighter, tighter (less jiggle-y ;)) and leaner, even though scale doesn't move. You should also feel much happier :). Also your skin will improve and you'll feel healthier overall. Which leads to another point ...

4. Focus on how you feel in your clothes and how do they look on you. Your clothes will fit better and you'll feel better in them. Or you'll notice that there's more space in your clothes than usual :)

Tell me, which is your preferred method? I hate the scale, but I like to measure myself and focus on how I feel.

Happy healthy Saturday!

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  1. Jaz tehtnico uporabljam samo zato, da nadziram, da se moja teža ne zviša ;D Drugače je pa res, da so mišice težje, kot maščoba in lahko skuhjšamo, pa se teža niti spremenila ne bo. Tako se je meni zgodilo, ko sem začela pisat blog sem jih imela 58 in na koncu Maxx izziva tudi tam nekje, kjub temu, da je bila razlika očitna. Meni je najljubše spremljat napredek prek fotografij in merjenja odstotka maščobe z kaliperjem ali z napravo v fitnesu.

  2. Tehtnica je res ena tečnoba! :) Tu pa tam se zmerim, drugače pa bi rekla da so oblačila in počutje kar dober pokazatelj. Boljše je da si zjutraj oblečeš neki outfit ki ti res dobro stoji in mogoče hlače ki so ti spet prav, kot pa da stopiš na tehtnico in vidiš številke, ki ti definitivno niso všeč :\

  3. Great tips! I like to measure myself too and I also take pictures. The scale doesn't say anything. Especially when you workout, because muscles are heavier than fat :) I think it's important that you reach your goal (without the heavy focus on numbers) and that you feel good