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Saturday Fitness Post: High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT

Sorry for being so absent in blogging world, I'll do my best to improve :) In today's Saturday Fitness Post I talk about High Intensity Interval Training.

What is HIIT?
High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is an interval exercise strategy alternating periods of intense anaerobic exercise with short recovery time in between (rest). HIIT can vary from 4 minutes to half an hour. Workout is short, but intense, it improves conditioning, boosts your metabolism and helps with burning fat.

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How to HIIT?
Because HIIT should be intense workout, the best way to start it is to warm up your body. This will prevent any muscle or joint injuries, will also awaken your body and prepare you for the workout. For an actual workout is best to have an interval timer (I believe that you can also get an app for your smart phone), set the intervals, get yourself into a comfortable clothes, place an exercise mat on the floor if needed, have a water bottle close, and get your equipment ready if you'll be using any during a workout. While you workout you won't have any time to grab those things, so make sure you have everything ready. I wrote a post how to workout: HERE.
After a workout don't forget to cool down your body and stretch to prevent any major muscle pain.

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Benefits of HIIT

Firstly, HIIT has been proven to be the most effective way of exercising to burn fat. It has a long after burn even when you rest (24 hours after a workout). You just have to make sure to push yourself to your maximum level to achieve best and fast results.

Secondly, you don't actually need any equipment. To have an intense full body workout all you need is to know some basic body weight exercises. For example: 10 seconds of rest - prepare yourself for the next exercise, 50 seconds of work - doing push ups, 10 secs of rest, 50 secs of squat jumps, 10 secs of rest, 50 secs of burpees etc. until you finish. Equipment, such as dumbbells, kettlebells or pull ups can be nice edition and make your workout more challenging, but they are really not needed. Main focus should be on pushing hard and keeping a good form, not on how to contract a muscle while doing bicep curls. Since you don't need any equipment, you can perform HIIT anywhere. Small hotel room - no problem - 7 minutes of burpees is a great workout. You can always adapt it to the time and space you're dealing with.

Thirdly, HIIT workouts give you energy and lift up your mood. HIIT will not exhaust your body for the rest of the day (long hours of fitness can do that), after you take a shower, you should feel energized and ready to take over the world :).

Another point is that HIIT workouts are short and can save you tons of time, so they're perfect for a busy schedule. Research has shown that 15 minutes HIIT is more efficient than 1 hour treadmill jogging.

Lastly, you won't be bored, because workout is challenging. It doesn't allow you to watch TV, read magazines or update your facebook status. You should be sweating your ass of and swearing in your head :), your should be in pain (good pain that is :)) and be 110% focused on your performance. Allow yourself to have that time for yourself, it takes less than half an hour. Your body will thank you.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask :)

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