Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Masquerade: Cheshire Cat (Tim Burton version)

Another day, another masquerade look :)

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I made a little promise to myself - that I will try to do more face paintings and maybe even, eventually, body paintings. Let me just say that it's such a challenge, but I love me some challenge :)
I had Cheshire Cat in back of my head for the longest and yesterday I finally decided to try it. I realized that you just have to keep doing it and finish it, even though at the beginning looks like crap. And to be honest, I actually started to remove one of the sketched eyes, but then I said to myself that I should continue and see how it turns out. And this is what I came up with ... :)

Products used:
- Avon Supershock Gel eyeliner
- Bourjois Noir & Blanc eye pencil
- MUA 3 in 1 eXtreme contour liner
- Essence kajal pencil 04 White
- Sportsgirl Eye like summer days eyeshadow palette - shimmery white
- Essence pigment 18 Little mermaid
- KaNi pigment Magic blue
- KaNi pigment Cobalt blue
- Ultraflesh shinebox Secret shimmer all over shimmer - white shimmer pencil
- MUA eyeshadow Shadow 3 pearl
- Coastal Scents 88 palette - bunch of blues, orange, red, brown and black
- Sleek Au naturel eyeshadow palette - Noir
- Aqua makeup - black

Meow ;) 
Tell me what you think <3

Source: Pinterest.
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  1. Izjemno. Priznam, da mi izgleda tudi malo scary, ko imaš zaprte oči. :P

  2. lol, malo scary i pomaknuto ali meni se definitivno sviđa <3

  3. Noro! Meni sprva ni bilo jasno kje imaš oči, ko sem videla majhno sliko na FB potem sem šele ugotovila, da so zaprte in imaš na vekah narisane mačje :D

  4. Vav res super :) Oči zgledajo sploh zakon :)

  5. oo waw ful dobro! sam ne bi te rada srečala v temi s tako poslikavo ;)

  6. Adijo, ne morem verjet kako ti je uspela.. Orginalno.. Najbrž se je bilo težko slikat z zaprtimi očmi... :P