Monday, February 24, 2014

Masquerade: Venetian mask

I decided to do some masquerade inspired looks this year, even though carnival season is basically already here, I still have some time before it ends and you know me, I love anything where I can make myself unpresentable ;)

I tried to do Venetian mask for the first time yesterday, even though I wasn't super pleased with it, because I have shaky hands and was kinda clueless what to do, I am still brave enough to share it with you :) Here it is ...

Products used:
- Bourjois Healthy Mix serum
- Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer

- Avon eye primer
- Barry M waterproof eyeliner
- KaNi pigment Dark urple
- Essence Get big lashes! Volume curl mascara

- Pritt school glue (for blocking my eyebrows)
- Aqua makeup black & silver colour (activated with water)
- KaNi pigment Sparkle white
- KaNi pigment Luster white
- MUA eyeshadow Shade 3 pearl
- Essence pigment 20 Black sparrow
- Essence liquid eyeliner waterproof
- Barry M waterproof eyeliner
- white pearls (bought in Tedi)

- Essence lipstick 09 Wear berries!
- Artdeco eyeshadow 288

Tell me what you think ;)

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  1. Vau, tole je pa res izjemno. Za prvič ti je odlično ratalo. :)

  2. Vauuu, na prvi in tretji fotki si top! Drugače pa hvala za idejo - mi je všeč, ko vidim, da se da na praktično brezplačen način naredit masko.

  3. Super ti je uspelo, pa ombre ustnice se mi zdijo kot odličen dodatek :)

  4. Res ti je lepo uspelo <3 Imaš ful talenta!