Monday, December 30, 2013

My Ideal Palette TAG

I was tagged! By lovely Tatjana from Taya My little beauty world. For this tag I had to pick 10 eyeshadows (rules below), which was not an easy task. I've been searching for all matte palette, since I'm obsessed with matte shadows (I'm eyeing Kat von D Ladybird ;)), but I also like shimmery, because I use light shimmery shadows for highlights all over my face, I like duocrome shadows that can be used all over lids and I like quite lot of darks, black is an obvious choice for me. And here are my picks ...

2 Highlight Colors
2 Lid Colors
2 Crease Colors
2 Outer Corner Shadows
2 Bonus Shadows
Palette Packaging
Alverde Gold rose, MUA shade 16, Essence Dory in love, MUA shade 3, Artdeco 9, Sleek Bark, Sleek Noir, Everyday minerals Our first date, Fyrinnae Sorceress, MUA shade 12

2 highlight colors:

Alverde 09 Nude rose is the most pretty highlight shade. I use it all over my face and after using it, some of my friends bought it, because it's that beautiful. I believe it was renamed now, but unfortunately I don't know how.

I actually like to use regular face powder for a matte shade, which always helps with blending or I just apply it all over the lid after eye primer to prevent creasing, but MUA  shade 16 - matt is pretty similar to a powder, so I chose this one. Pink is not even seen once applied.
2 lid colors:

Can I pick a pigment? Because I just did ;) If Essence pigment Dory in love was a pressed shadow, I would have it in a palette. It has slight shimmer, and I just realized I need to use it more ;). Blue can be really tricky to pull off, but I always like a challenge ;).

For another lid shade I chose shimmery silver - MUA Shade 3 - pearl. I like to wear it all over my lid and have just warm brown in my crease with winged liner. Plus you can combine it with plenty smokey eyes.

2 crease colors:

Artdeco 9 is actually a shade for eye brows, but I've been using it on my eye lids, because it's too redish for brows to my likings. Works great as a crease colour. This shade would go great with that shimmery silver I mentioned before.

And of course - no palette is complete with dark brown shade. I picked Sleek from Au Naturel palette shade Bark. Sometimes I even use it for filling in my eyebrows and it's amazing for blending out eyeshadow in the crease.

2 outer corner shades:

No palette is complete without black. I sometimes like even doing just black smokey eyes. I chose from the same palette as before - Sleek Au Naturel in shade Noir.

Because I had no clue what other shade to pick for outer corner, I picked another black, but this one is slightly more on a warmer side (extremely hard to photograph and I hate the packaging, but you can see it on the first photo). This shade is from Everyday minerals eye Our first date palette, the darkest one.

2 bonus colors:

The most beautiful duocrome shade, I fell in love with it at the first sight. Fyrinnae Sorceress is dark greenish-blue with shimmer and tiny glitter, it can be slightly purple at a certain light and it also looks grey when you blend it out. Amazing for wearing it all over the lid and it would look like you put a lot of effort into your eye makeup :)

Yet another duocrome shade is this amazing dark brown with redish undertones, slightly green, slightly grey - MUA shade 12 - pearl. Again, wear it all over the lids and it would look like you put a lot of effort into it.

I really like Sleek palette packaging - black, sleek, elegant, with a mirror, easy to carry when you travel. I'm not too picky :)

I'm not completely sure if that would be my "Ideal" palette. But those are the colours I wear a lot. On every day basis I mostly wear just winged liner, because it's the easiest to do.

What colours would you like to have in your ideal palette? YOU, who reads this, are tagged.

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  1. Super senčila si izbrala, se prav vidim, da bi nosila vse barve s tvoje palete. :)

  2. Ja ful hude barve, čeprav večina jih jaz nebi nosila, se ne odlepim od zemeljskih tonov.

  3. Love this, this tag is pretty awesome! Your picks are stunning! xx

  4. Super izbira, nosila bi večino senčil ki si jih izbrala, pa čeprav so mi načeloma zemeljski toni ljubši :) Fyrinnae Sorceress je pa čudovite barve, prav ne morem se je nagledat :)

  5. I like your picks , especially that nude rose highlight. I'd wanna do this tag as well, so interesting :)

  6. I've been tagged!! LOL!!! Your shadow choices are gorgeous!

  7. odlične boje, sve bih ti ih ukrala :D