Sunday, December 8, 2013

Makeup series: 7 deadly sins | LUST

Glad you liked my first makeup look in the 7 deadly sins series. The pressure is now on :) If you haven't seen the first look (gluttony) yet, check it out: HERE. Today's makeup was inspired by lust.
Lust =
feeling of intense desire or craving in the body with only one's own interest being satisfied - excessive sexual want, lust for knowledge, food, power, money ... 

I went with kinda seductive, sultry eyes and red ombre-ish lips, "Cleopatra meets Vampira" inspired makeup look. I wanted to use fangs and fake blood, which would represent that I'm ready to kill to be satisfied, but fangs looked ridiculous and I have no clue where my fake blood is. But I still quite pleased with it ;)

Products used:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
Barry M white foundation
Essence match 2 cover! cream concealer
Catrice All matt plus shine control powder
Sleek blush Suede
NYX blush Taupe
BYS blusher Fierce fuchsia

Avon eye primer
Bourjois eye pencil in black
Essence Liquid ink waterproof
Essence pigment 14 strawberry smoothie 
MUA shade 24 - pearl
Bourjois eyeshadow 90 Blanc
Sleek Au naturel Bark, Conquer & Noir
eBay false lashes
Max Factor MAsterpiece HD mascara

Bourjois eye pencil in black
Barry M lipstick 121
Oriflame Visions bootylicious lip gloss Virgin

On my nails: Essie Sole mate

Thank you for looking, reading and commenting. Come back next time ;)

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  1. Meni je čisto všeč takole, brez "dodatkov", se mi zdi, da si super prikazala bistvo greha :)

  2. You recreated it the idea to perfection,and I love love how you did the lips!

  3. Prisežem, da na tebi vsak make up look izgleda ful dobro :)