Wednesday, December 4, 2013

10 favourite nail polishes

Blogmas day 4 :) How are you enjoying blogmas so far? :)

Today I'll introduce you my top 10 favourite nail polishes. I wear them all year round, I don't like "seasonal" polishes. I will wear whatever I like whenever I like :)

There are a lot of blues and darks. You have been warned :)

Avon nailwear pro in Coral beat is bright coral shade and it's nice pop of colour since I wear black clothes quite often. I apply 2 coats to make it more opaque. Staying power depends on your nails and no polish stays on my nails more than two days without chipping, so I'll skip that :)

I am in love with red polishes, I've collected many of them with different undertones over the years. My all time favourite has to be Catrice 070 Caught on the Red Carpet. It's gorgeous deep red and I always love how feminine and mysterious it looks.

Now we start with the blue family :). Bourjois 1 seconde in 23 In the Navy is deep bright blue, which makes my nails amazing. And I'm also in love with the wide brush, makes application much easier and faster.

Next one is Catrice 400 Blue Cara Ciao. Brighter than the previous one, really vibrant and fun. The only con is that it can leave my nails stained, even though I apply base coat. But I forgive you that ;)

NYX Nail polish in 195 Bermuda Triangle is polish I totally "killed". I feel in love with it right away and it's been on my finger and toe nails more than it should be :). It's really nice lighter blue going to turquoise. Reminds me of the beautiful sea, and I love me some sea :)

Another one from Bourjois 1 seconde collection is 22 Turquoise block. This one was my go to colour this summer, it's so bright and fun it makes me happy. My favourite colour is blue, second is turquoise ;)

Unfortunately Essence Colour and go in 38 Choose me! was discontinued quite some time ago, but it's still my favourite. It's amazing dark turquoise, blue going to green with gold glitter ... just pure awesomeness in the bottle. Even though it's hard to remove it, I forgive you :)

Done with the blues! Barry M 299 Racing Green reminds me of forest fairies. Whenever I'm wearing it, I feel like a fairy :) It's amazing deep green with slight shimmer. B-e-a-utiful.

I call Catrice 440 I wear my sunglasses at Night for lazy people. This shade was discontinued (why Cosnova?). It's amazing purple going to black with silver, green and purple shimmer. Totally galaxy look-a-like :)
And here's a (bad) close up of this polish.

And the last one and probably the most boring one is Maybelline colorama in black shade. I've been in love with black polish since I started painting my nails and I believe this is my third or fourth bottle of black polish. I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour :)

Do you own any of them? Which one is your favourite?
Tell me what are your favourite polishes.

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  1. Se strinjam s tem, da imaš na nohtih tisti lak, ki ti v danem trenutku paše in ne izbiraš glede na letni čas :D
    Ta dva odtenka Bourjoisa imam tudi sama in sta res prekrasne barve pa še nanos je preprost, mi je pa všeč tale Catrice on red carpet.

  2. I am loving your blogmas <3 Hope you will include some videos as well :) I am all about dark colors lately so my two favorite polishes would have to be last Catrice and Colorama you showed <3

    1. I will include videos, it's just that editing part is a bitch :D
      Thank you for commenting <3

  3. Jaz sem tudi taka, uporabljam laki, ki mi trenutno paše...fulkrat pozimi imam pinki nohtke, pa oranžne... No nasploh mam rada živahne odtenke!

  4. Super izbira. Večino lakov imam tudi jaz in so prav tako med mojimi najljubšimi, npr. tega Barry M-a rada zadnje čase veliko nosim. :)

  5. I wear my sunglasses at night je tudi meni zelo, zelo všeč. Poseben odtenek:)

  6. I wear my sunglasses at night in tile Bourjois 1 second laki so tudi meni top :)


  7. slažem se za i wear my sunglasses at night, prekrasan je... iako ni ostatak ekipe nije za odbaciti :D