Monday, December 9, 2013

Gift ideas

Christmas and New Year are coming and if you are clueless what to give to your loved ones, I have some ideas for you. No beauty products, no chocolate, no socks :) ... and they are all quite cheap and some of them are little bit more expensive, but they never run out.

1. Books.
In my opinion one of the best gifts anyone can receive. I personally love self growth books, books about spirituality, poetry, books about health, fitness ... If a person loves books, you can't really go wrong with that. You can get cheap books at* and they ship pretty fast as well. Many other online book stores have Christmas discounts right now.

2. Agenda book, calendar.
If you like being organized and not forget about appointments, events and holiday dates, agenda book or calendar can be a great idea. Book stores have many affordable and adorable agenda books, which will suit anyone's personality. Calendar's as well have many themes, you can also buy something funnier or "kinkier" to make another person smile ;).

3. Diary, sketch book.
If you like to write, you know you need many diaries or books to write in. I have a personal diary, a book where I write blog ideas, a workout diary, another book for nutrition and health notes, little book for affirmations, another little book for goals, another for to do lists ... You get the picture.
And sketch book would be appropriate for artists, you can get sketch books in any book stores or craft supply stores. I even sketch my makeup looks in my little sketch books, so please get me one ;)

4. Gift cards.
You can't really miss with buying a gift card. :)

5. Tea & mug.
Since I'm a huge tea drinker, I'd love to get me some more tea. I love herbal teas in any taste. I recommend getting Yogi tea, because each tea bag has a cute little message. Combine tea box with a cute mug, maybe even write something motivational to personalise it, which I think it's super adorable and the day after that cup of tea will be amazing :)

6. Fitness equipment & workout DVDs.
You don't really want to give someone a bar of chocolate, when you know that they're trying to lose weight or get in shape. Substitute that with fitness equipment - weights, kattlebell, skipping rope, exercise mat, pull up bar ... I could go on and on. If you don't know which equipment to get, you can also buy DVDs. I personally recommend Zuzka Light's DVDs, since I've been following her for years now and she never lets me down. Her DVDs are available here: CLICK. I have Zcut power Cardio series and I was super pleased with the result in just one month! (click)

7. DVDs.
If a person is a movie fanatic and you know what kind of movies person likes, get them a DVD. I know you can get for free movies online, but to me there's nothing better than a real DVD. I want whole cinema at home ;)
I usually buy my DVDs from 2-5€, except when it comes to Johnny Depp, in that case I always invest in double DVDs with extra footage ;).

8. DIY gift.
And the best gift has to be anything DIY. It can be just a letter, little handmade candle, nicely made holiday card, a painting you've done, a handmade toy ... A lot of crafts can be recycled, which will help you save money, too.
Go through Pinterest and get inspired! I'll be pinning more in few days, I need to get inspired, too ;) My Clever crafts boards atm: here.
Maybe I'll even do a DIY gift ideas post. What do you think? :)

Tell me, what do you want for Christmas this year? I want bunch of books, new diary and inner peace ;)

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  1. Dober post :) Kje pa dobiš yogi tea? jih imajo mogoče v mülerju?


    1. Zelo možno, da jih imajo tudi v Mullerju, drugače jih kupujem v DMu. Zelo verjetno, da tudi kje na internetu, samo ne bi vedla kje ;)
      Hvala! xo

    2. O super :) Bom pogledala :)