Monday, September 1, 2014

New beginnings

It's been almost four months since my last blog post. How time flies! I left you without any explanation, excuse or notification that I won't be blogging for some time. Because it happened spontaniously, honestly. My main reason why I stopped blogging for a while is because I didn't feel like blogging, simple as that. I felt overwhelmed, I felt dissconnected to everything about blogging, I didn't like the direction my blog was going. So, I decided to make chages around here, because I miss creativity  and I miss writing in general.

What are the changes you ask?
This blog, Deja Zu, became something I didn't like anymore. I was all over the place, even though I liked the versatility I was providing, but on the other hand I felt like I was losing my main focus. I  was just filling up the space with watever content came to my mind and I was all over the place. To be honest, I never wanted to write reviews, because that's not my thing and there are plenty more bloggers, who are better writing them. I didn't start to write blog for that. I started to write to share healthy lifestyle, to share my creativity, to make people happy, to motivate people, to make a world a better place ... and whenever I wrote anything I wasn't hundred percent sure I want to write, I felt so shallow.

So, because I still want to keep this blog alive, I decided that from now on this blog will be mainly makeup oriented. No recipes, no health related posts, no random posts ... And you know I like extremes in makeup, so you know what to expect :). I don't have final outlook of the blog in my mind, but let's see how things go when I start.

Old posts will stay on the blog, so you can always come back to them.
If you were here only to follow my healthy advice, recipes and other shenaningans, you are welcome to unfollow. But fear not, I will start a new blog/website, which will be on a whole another level. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but in life is important to do things that you love, right? When I launch it, I will let you know. My facebook, twitter and instagram are remaining the same, so you are welcome to follow. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Here's just a picture od me, in case you forgot how I look like ;))

To new beginnings! (it's just a coincidance that it's Monday and first of the month ;))
Thank you for being part of my team.

Much love, Deja


  1. Uuu, se veselim novih postov, pa absolutno prisegam na pisanje iz srca in izhajajoč iz sebe in lastnega navdiha ter zanimanj... Tudi mene včasih za dlje časa mine volja do pisanja, ampak ko začutim, se vrnem.

    Ne maram blogganja pod pritiskom in razumem, kaj hočeš reči, da si se počutila kar nekako plehko in nemotivirano. Takrat je res boljše prekiniti in pustiti, da življenje samo prinese odgovore. In se zelo veselim ponovnega prebiranja in o čemer koli že boš pisala, bo odlično, ker boš v to vložila sebe. Vsem pa itak ne moremo ustreči, kajne.. Sicer pa to sploh ni naš namen in cilj življenja.


  2. Dobrodošla nazaj :) Sem kar pogrešala tvoje kreativne looke in nasvete, morem pa priznat da se zelo veselim tudi tvoje nove strani :)

  3. Dobrodošla nazaj! :) Se že veselim tvojih noro kreativnih make up lookov in vsega kar še pride na tej ali pa novi strani, ki jo boš ustvarila.

  4. Wuuuuhuuu... here I am... once follower, than a fan, now a friend... we grow, things grow with us! Still a happy follower! Wellcome back and hooooraaaay for new beginning!
    Love you! ♡♡♡

  5. Welcome back :) Se že veselim novega make upa :)

  6. Deja, dobrodošla nazaj. Še vedno bom lahko občudovaa tvoje neverjetne make upe. Se jih že veselim.. Ampak še vedno raje berem tvoje globoke misli na PW, čeprav tudi tam malo pišeš, ampak razumem (: