Monday, May 5, 2014

Vegan gluten-free cook book

I can't believe it ... it's finally here. Long overdue, but best things are worth waiting for, right? :) I'm talking about my cook book, of course :).

Here's a little preview ...

"This vegan gluten-free cook book has 44 recipes, divided into 2 sections. First section is called “The Dinner is served”, which has 22 recipes for lunch and dinner or even for breakfast, if that is what you like to eat in the morning. Second part is called “Sweet tooth”, which contains 22 recipes for breakfast, desserts and treats. All recipes are vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free. Dishes are made with mainly one ingredient foods, which are nutritious and delicious. Bare in mind that recipes are not final – adjust, add, mix and switch ingredients however you feel like it. That’s why you also have other options at the end of each recipe – what and how to add, mix, substitute … If something does not feel right for you, then do not do it. 

Some recipes also have vegetarian options. I do not give you advice to become a vegan, I just provide recipes I personally enjoy. Make dishes with your own twist and satisfy your taste. I highly support experimenting in the kitchen, you never know what exciting combination you may discover next. Always listen to your own inner chef. :)"

Thanks to Katarina and Živa for support. Thanks to Maja for making this book all pretty and neat :).
Thank you for reading my blog and enjoying my recipes, otherwise I would not get inspired to make this cook book.

You can get my book by clicking "Add to cart" button below. It's instant downloadable and currently available only for PayPal buyers. It costs 15 €.

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Button "Add to cart" is from now on also the right side of my blog from now on.

Every share and mention of this cook book and this blog post is much appreciated <3
Thank you.

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  1. O super :D Moram kdaj probat kaj brez glutena, ker bi mojemu smotanemu telesu bolj odgovarjalo. Škoda da nimam še paypala :( In pa čestitke! :D

  2. Vau, vidim, da si sta se z Majo res potrudili s tole knjigo, krasno izgleda vse skupaj. :) Jp, jaz sem tudi ena izmed tistih, ki še nimajo PayPala, tako da škoda, bi ziher uživala v tvojih receptih (in sem ziher, da enkrat v prihodnosti bom). :)

  3. Vedno sem verjela! Krasna knjiga! Krasni recepti! In predvsem krasno, ker vem, koliko časa in truda in tebe je šlo v tega dojenčka! Čestitam draga in čakam drugi del :P <3 <3 <3

  4. Sem bila včeraj čisto šokirana in presenečena, ko sem prebrala da je izšla tvoja knjiga :o :D
    Čestitke tebi in Maji za knjigo. Res super!

  5. WaW! Čestitke! Super si tole naredila! :-)