Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Witch makeup series | Witch of the Winter

Today I'm showing you the second look for the Witch series. Last time I showed you the witch of the Autumn/Fall, ...

check it out: HERE

... today I'm showing you what I created for the witch of the Winter. Cool toned, shiny white and I think that the witch of Winter is the most mysterious of them all. No particular reason behind that statement, just plain ol' feeling :)

The story behind the series:

Why a Witch?
Because I believe in magic and I am firm believer that witches did and still do exist. People just misinterpreted their powers and energy.
A Witch is highly intuitive woman, natural healer (she can heal just with her presence), who is not afraid to set her goals high, is strongly connected to her Inner self/Soul/Being, is a woman of Nature, Moon and positive vibes. She is basically a magnet, what she needs and what her heart truly desires, she gets. She's a giver - giver of Love, Light and Blessings. Believes in magic, but she practices only white magic and does only good, because is a firm believer of Karma - what you do comes back to you.

There's no bigger story behind each look. I just tried to mimic the Witch characteristics - mysterious, glamorous, magical and beautiful with seasonal colours.


Products used:
- Bourjois Healthy mix serum
- Yves Rocher Youthful glow foundation
- Catrice Camouflage cream
- Catrice Matt shine control powder
- Avon ColorTrend final touch Translucent tan
- NYX blush Taupe

- Avon eye primer
- Catrice liquid liner Dating Joe Black
- NYX jumbo pencil Milk
- MUA Immaculate collection Shade 20
- Coastal Scents 88 palette - skin tonned shade, many shades of blue, matte black
- KaNi cosmetics pigment Luster White
- Avon Supershock gel eyeliner
- Avon Supershock Max mascara Black
- eBay false lashes

- Catrice eyebrow stylist (two different shades, but the writing is not seen on mine anymore)

Thank you for looking and commenting,

wit(c)h love, Deja 


  1. res awesome look :) sem kr pogrešala tvoje serije makeupov, zdaj ko si mela pavzo :) im glad you're back :D

  2. Zelo lepo:) Tvoje oči izgledajo še bolj modre s tem makeupom:)

  3. Vse kar lahko rečem je ČUDOVITO! <3 Ful lepe fotke. :)

  4. Wooow, hudo! :)
    Sem ti fovš za obrvi, imaš čudovite! ;)

  5. res krasno, pravljično in fotke kar začarajo!!

  6. Želim si da bi bila kdaj deležna tvojega ličenja. Obvladaš vso zadevo Deja.!

    1. Pa kdo je rekel, da nikoli ne boš ;) Hvala

  7. Wauuuuu! Kar nisem mogla odvrnit pogleda od tvoje 1. fotke..sem šla že na naslednje, ampak sem se vedno znova vrnila na prvo in strmela vanjo (upam, da ne zveni preveč creepy :) :)). Res fantastičen make up!