Saturday, November 9, 2013

1 year after Lasik eye surgery

Guess what day it is?! It's exactly one year asince my Lasik eye surgery! :) I already shared a lot of information about it and my experience, so today I want to share how getting rid of glasses and contact lenses benefited me. :)

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Before surgery I was reading how most people were happy about how "free" they feel after surgery. And I have to agree with that. I don't have to think "Where are my glasses?", I don't have to calculate if I can put my lenses out before I go out again (they have to be in solution for couple of hours before you use them again), I don't have to bring solution, case for lenses or glasses with me whenever I slept over etc. If you are glasses or lens wearer and if you combine both, you know it can bothers you. Not wearing glasses and lenses allows you to be more spontaneous and stops you from over thinking. Example: when I was still wearing glasses and lenses I usally always had to think before sleeping over at someone else's place or going out after whole day of wearing lenses already.

I never talked about this issue out loud, but sometimes when I was wearing lenses, my vision went completely blurry and I had to put some fake eye drops in my eyes, even though it didn't really help a lot. I assumed that blurriness was caused by combination of makeup or unclean brushes and sun. But I got that even with clean brushes and minimal makeup or no makeup. On top of that, my right eye was watering a lot and it constantly ruining my makeup. It looked like I don't know how to apply makeup ^.^

I haven't had any issues with blurry vision or excessive watering after surgery, so I guess the problem was in contact lenses. The only problem I had after surgery were dry eyes, but I already told you that I started drinking more water for hydration. I think that problem was solved pretty quickly. And I had broken capillaries in my left eye for more than a month after surgery. But that's just me, someone else maybe won't even get broken capillaries or will heal faster.

Almost forgot to mention: you don't have to be careful about breaking your glasses anymore! This used to be one of my biggest fears, even though my glasses were plastic. They still could have got smashed in one second of not paying attention, especially if you put them on bed, couch, chair, at the end of the table ... And no more calculating when do I have to buy new lenses or new solution.

Are you thinking about getting an eye surgery? Why? Have you already got it done? Share your thoughts and experience with me :)

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  1. vjerujem sasvim kako je život bez naočala olakšanje ;)
    meni moje stvarno ne predstavljaju opterećenje, sasvim sam srasla s njima... jedino se zaželim ljeti nosit 'bijesne' sunčane cvike, što si zbog dioptrije ne mogu priuštiti :P

  2. Vau, sem prebrala vse poste k si jih napisala o svoji operaciji.. Super, da si bla tok pogumna in si šla to narest :) Jst bi šla tut, mam iste probleme k si jih mela ti včasih (to za prespat itd) in mi grejo včasih kr pošteno na živce. Enkrat, ko zberem pogum, pa grem, prej pa še parkrat preberem tvoje poste :P

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