Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween series: Zombified

I had no clue how to name this look, so I went with zombified. Two or three years ago I did half skull half pin up look for our "Halloween" in February, so I wanted to do something similar, just with zombie face. I went with green colour, which can be little bit more cartoony, the other half is glam and flawless.

This look is my last Halloween look, but fear not I'll be doing some exciting makeup looks all year round :). Sorry I didn't manage to do more, but you can always check out my last year's costumes for inspiration: HERE.

Zombie side:
- NYX jumbo pencil Milk
- Coastal Scents 88 palette (greens, browns, black)
- school glue for the wound
- fake blood
- Bourjois eyepencil in black
- Bourjois lip pencil in Rouge

Glam side:
- Bourjois Healthy mix serum
- Bourjois Healthy mix concealer
- baby powder
- MUA bronzed perfection
- Bourjous single eyeshadow Blanc
- Coastal Scents 88 palette (blue, black)
- Essence liquid eyeliner waterproof
- Isa Dora Big Bold mascara
- NYX Jumbo pencil Deep red
- eBay false lashes

Tell me, are you going out for Halloween? What will your costume be? :)

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Malo za šalo malo za res.! Ful ti paše zombie look :D Skoraj bolj kot oni drugi :P

  2. Najprej pokažeš ta zrihtano stran, potem pa bum na zombija :)

  3. Lepa <3 Obvladaš halloween mejkape, vse tvoje objavo na to temo so mi zakon

    1. Hvala! Mi je kar toplo pri srcu postalo ;)

  4. Cool make-up! And I like the contrast to the girly head piece. ;) Very artistic.

  5. This makeup looks amazing! Super fierce.

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  7. Thank you! So glad you liked my makeup^^
    This is such a cool look, I love the greens :))
    Oh, scary clown, that is scary for sure - I kinda hate clowns - they're so creepy!

  8. This is awesome! You always do an amazing job Deja! xx

  9. That's amazing! Well done you.
    Adela x