Monday, November 11, 2013

Oatmeal saved my skin

I had a little break out series on my face during the summer. I was eating clean, cleaning my brushes regularly, drinking plenty of water, taking off my makeup every day before sleep ... but still I got annoying pimples and the worst part is that I get a pleasure from squeezing them. GUILTY!
Luckily, I know how to make my skin feel better and today I'll tell you how.

I use oatmeal in my skin care routine. Yup, you've read that right.

Oatmeal acts like an exfoliant, it's really gentle and moisturizes the skin.
I actually keep some oats in a plastic container in my bathroom. Make sure you clean up the mess afterwards, my mum was asking me if I ate my breakfast in bathroom :D

How do I use it?
I put some oatmeal in my hand, put some water in there and oats become softer. Then I massage it all over my face avoiding the eye area, because it's extremely delicate. I massage for about a minute or so and then rinse. You'll notice how your skin is soft, fresh and brighter. I was doing this routine for about a week and my skin got (almost) back to normal.

You can also make a face mask. You can mix your oatmeal with some yogurt or honey, apply it to your face, wait for 5-10 minutes and then rinse.

You can also use it in the same way for your body. You can just use it as a body scrub (you'll just need bigger amount) or make a bath out of it or even just for your feet or hands. You're creative people, you can figure out other innovative ways of using oatmeal on your body :)

Hope this helps to some of you!
What is your "secret" product for skin care?

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  1. Uuu, izgleda zanimivo. Bom probala z jogurtom in medom. Thanks for sharing :) x

  2. How interesting! I used oats in a warm bath when I had chicken pox to soothe my skin (got them when I was 18, it was horrendous!) :) xx

  3. uf zanimivo...jaz sem to do zdej uporabljala v mafinih.

  4. Ovseni kosmici so prekrasni za kozo!res jo pomirijo in izboljsajo njeno stanje, super zdaj za zimo:) jaz jih uporabljam v maski z medom,najboljsa stvar kar jih je<3 xx

  5. Hvala za tole, bom tudi jaz testirala.

  6. Zanimivo, za to pa prvič slišim.. Ko bo moja koža katastrofalna, zakaj pa ne?

  7. To bom pa tudi js probala, če jih že jem za zajtrk jih bom pa še do kopalnice nesla ;)

  8. Zelo zanimiv blogec! Moj go-to za obraz je ponavadi med, ker naredi kožo mehko in jo navlaži in oh in sploh ;) ...

    Visit me:

  9. I remember making an oatmeal and honey mask to combat acne. I will try to wash my face with it to get that fresh face you describe :)

  10. thanks for the tip! i have a box in the kitchen right now! i'll try it out asap!