Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Fitness tip | Fitness and Travelling [guest post]

Today's guest post goes hand in hand with last week's Fitness post, which you can check out here.
Mike emailed me few weeks ago if I would want to review his article, he sent it over and it was a really nice piece, so I decided to post in on Saturday as a Fitness post. Let's just get into it, shall we ...

Plan Ahead and Pack Well to Make Fitness a Part of Travel

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, staying fit while on the road is a challenge.  A disrupted schedule, lack of access to exercise facilities and simply feeling too tired conspire to derail your healthy resolutions. Nonetheless, it’s important to keep working toward those goals so that you don’t lose momentum.  

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Make a Plan
A wise person once said that if you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail. That’s certainly true when it comes to fitness and travel where a little planning ahead can be a recipe for success.  Choose a hotel that has a well-equipped gym that will enable you to do your favorite exercises. When I had to take a trip to San Francisco I used a website called Gogobot in order to perform some recon. At Gogobot I could look through all of the San Francisco hotels in order to pick one with a complimentary 24-hour gym. This was essential in order to get my early morning workouts in.  Also, scout out running trails in the area. You’ll keep fit by utilizing these trails while also seeing some great scenery.

Pack the Right Tools
To accomplish some fitness routines, you don’t even have to leave your hotel room. Resistance bands, a yoga mat, a TRX band, and some exercise DVDs may be all you need to get a great workout.  These items are light, easy to pack and still deliver results. Get out of your comfort zone and get working out with different things.  
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Get Fit at the Airport
If you think the airport is just a place to get bad food and recharge your cell phone, think again. According to USA Today, an ever-increasing number of airports is adding fitness facilities.  The San Francisco airport boasts a yoga room while the hotels around some major airports are making their fitness rooms available to people who aren’t even guests of the hotels.  Alternatively, you could use the expansive terminals found in most airports as your personal walking path. It gets your blood pumping and elevates your heart rate on a day when you might otherwise go without exercising entirely.

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De-Stressing for Business Travelers
Stress is a major concern for those trying to be healthier, and it is particularly so for the business traveler who must deal with on-the-job deadlines and demands as well as the general stress of being away from home. CNN suggests that business travelers take a small dose of melatonin to get extra quality sleep and choosing healthy foods to keep energy high.

There’s no rule that says travel forces you to sideline your fitness goals.  Plan ahead and pack right to ensure that your travels and your fitness routine will always go hand-in-hand.

Thank you Mike, for this informative post. If you have anymore questions for Mike, you can reach him at: mikemnning (at) gmail (dot) com and check out his blog here (even though he haven't posted in quite some time, but has some informative posts :)).

Have a happy healthy Saturday everyone!


  1. What a great post! I never thought of exercising when travelling (how bad)
    But after this post I realised that it's actually not that hard! Besides, you can always do some exercises that don't need any equipment :) Like squats, pushups or jumping jacks.

    As always, love the eyeopening post :)

    Thanks Mike & Deja!


    1. Not working out on a holiday is just another of excuses. You're not really busy 24/7. 5 minutes of squats is still better than nothing! :)
      Thank YOU for commenting Xx