Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weekly makeup tag: Barbie

Well, I never wear pink eye makeup. If you know me by know, I prefer dark smokey, natural or winged liner look. To channel my inner Barbie I even had to put my blonde wig on, that's why I have it, right? ;)

I literally took my Barbie doll for inspiration. I still have them, don't judge ;). She has pretty lavender pink makeup, but I ended up with bright pink and purple-blue makeup (close enough), pink blush and pink lips. I tried to cover all my skin imperfections, then I set my foundation with loose powder and then I added shine back to my face, because Barbies are plastic and plastic shines a little, it's not matte, so I used highlighter on (almost) my whole face.

We don't wanna read your rambling, show us the look ... I hear you ;)

Make sure you check out Aqeela's blog HERE and show other girls some love and leave a comment or two ;).

And without itchy wig:

- Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation mixed with Barry M foundation creme
- NYX concealer Fair
- Artdeco Fixing powder
- Elf Blush Pink passion
- Essence Shimmer powder 01 prettylicious
- NYX blush Taupe to contour my nose

- Artdeco Eyeshadow base
- NYX Jumbo Eye pencil Milk
- Bourjois Noir & Blanc eyeliner pencil (white side)
- Sleek Chaos (matte white) 
- Coastal Scents 88 palette (brightest pink and purple blue)
- MUA Immaculate collection shades 3 & 8
- Rimmel Glam'eyes professional liquid liner
- Bourjois Volume glamour mascara ultra-volumateur
- eBay falsies with Duo eyelash adhesive waterproof

- Essence eyebrow designer 04 Blonde

- Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stain Sweetheart/Valentine

Hope you dig it ;)
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Its perfect <3 Love your interpretation of the Barbie look and I think you rocked that wig and pink :*

  2. Lep make-up, definitivno ostani pri temnih laseh :)
    Bi mogoče naredila review za Barry M bel puder? Jaz sem ga imela nekaj časa ampak je tako gost in kredast da mi je pokvaril vsak puder. Mogoče sem dobila star produkt :/

    1. Hehe. Hvala, bom ;)
      Lahko napišem, ni problema. Meni ni slab za kašne take makeup, čez dan ga ne nosim ravno.

  3. You definitely look like barbie ;), fab look Deja. I'm gutted I missed out, I also don't wear pink eyeshadow, xoxo.

    1. Thank you! Maybe you could join us next week! ;) xo

  4. Love your look!! You look like Barbie! Love your brows here too. Did you do something different to them? I can't put my finger on it

    Without the wig you kinda look like a dark barbie, like one with dark thoughts, not with dark hair (duh). I like it ;)


    1. Thank you! Yes, I used different (lighter) brow pencil. I usually use darker pencil or shadow. And I will do how I do my brows video and post soon ;)
      I prefer dark Barbie, to be honest, hehe. Thank you love <3


  5. Super! :)) Meni se zdi, pa da ti paše ta blond lasulja ;)

    1. Hvala! Hehe, sej dejansko ful naravno zgleda, jo lahko nosim v javnosti ;)

  6. Super mejkap as usual, ti si to tko dobro nardiš =)))

  7. Prou lepa barbika bi bla. :D

  8. I think it looks awesome =)

  9. DEJA!!! So pretty!! I love what you did with the lashes, too!

  10. Iiii, full ti paše - z lasuljo ali brez. :)

  11. Gorgeous! x