Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Fitness Tip: Excuses #1

I asked on my Twitter and Facebook to give me the most pathetic excuses why people can't or don't live healthy. I wrote them all down in my note book and try to argument and give a solution for all of them. Well, that was much harder than I though it would be. I kinda got pissed off at some excuses and some were so me :D
This week I give you first round of excuses and solutions, let's just start.

Well, if you want a change - everything starts and ends with you really. Keep that in mind.

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1. I have no time. / I am so busy.

Have no time? Become more organized. Try to stick to daily plan, make sure there's a workout in there and arrange other appointments around that time. I do HIITs (high intensity interval trainings) and they take me all together with warm up, cool down and shower around half an hour to 45 minutes. It's the best to do your workout in the morning, so you don't have to think about it for the rest of your day. If you travel or are on the go, prepare your healthy meals for the day: salads, fruits, nuts ... are your best friends. But organization needs post on its own :).
Don't have time? You're online, my dear! If you have time for Facebook, than you have time to workout. I rest my case ;)

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2. I have no money. / Living healthy is so expensive. / I won't have money to buy cigarettes if I buy healthy food.

Money issue makes me sad. Yes, we don't have countless amount but people are usually never in doubt when they give money for a car or clothes. We take better care of our car than our body. But this car will go away one day, you'll buy another one, your body will stay. Some goes for a shirt you're wearing right now. Same goes for cosmetics, shoes, TV, mobile phone ... See where I'm going here? We give more money towards material things, but we so easily forget about ourselves. I guess it's easier to "show off" in front of other people and be respected by them because of your material power than to be healthy. So, if you really want to make a change with the money you receive now, you'll have to make sacrifices somewhere. I'd rather stop paying for cable TV, stop buying magazines, quit smoking ... I'd rather invest that money towards my health.
If you don't have a lot of money, you are actually in a benefit. You won't be able to overeat, because you have to budget your food, you won't be able to splurge in grocery store or you won't be distracted by watching TV and you'll move more etc. Everyone deserves to be healthy, everyone deserves to be lean and to be fit. 
Money, too, could be another whole post, maybe next time ;)

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3. I don't even get fat so why would I even eat healthy? 

This goes for naturally skinny people, who can't gain weight easily. But can you genuinely say that you feel healthy and good in your body? Do you get ill easily? I think last time I was ill was about a year ago, after that I had some days when I didn't feel my best, but I knew what kind of food I need to provide to my body to cure that problem. I even cured my allergies and I was a really ill child. Even my hips don't hurt me as much anymore ... With healthy lifestyle I try to prevent diseases and injuries ... I think that eating healthy is more than you being skinny, more than being fit. When you provide good food to your body your mind gets calmer, focused, you feel more connected ... When you exercise on daily basis, your functional strength gets better, your body gets tighter, you like what you see in the mirror. No skinny person has a guarantee s/he will be that way whole life. No one has a guarantee s/he won't have a diabetes, clogged veins, heart attack ...
I think that skinny people who eat (excuse my French) crap can't gain weight because they don't provide nutritional foods to their bodies. Calories don't equal nutrients. Junk food is empty calories anyways.
Living healthy is not just skin deep, but it's about being healthy, happy and feeling good.

I think it was enough for today.

Please, share any other arguments on certain excuses. If you have any other fun and pathetic excuses, don't hesitate to write them down ;)

Hope you're having a healthy happy Saturday so far!


  1. Odličen post. Tale prva mi zmaga, je pa po moje najpogostejši izgovor in najbolj beden. Vsak ima pol ure časa, da se razgiba, če ne, si ga pa mora vzeti!
    Eden izmed zelo pogostih izgovor je tudi, jutri začnem, danes si bom še privoščil to in to, in to se potem nadljuje tako dolgo, da se nikoli ne začne.

    1. Tako je, vsak dan si je treba vzeti čas za telovadbo! Vsak si to zasluži.
      Ja, ta večni jutri je tudi dober! Mislim, da je ta izgovor samo zato, ker si prelen, da bi kaj naredil. Če si nekaj želiš spremeniti, potem ne rabiš novega leta, ponedeljka ali novega dneva. Rabiš samo zdajšnji trenutek ;)
      Hvala za komentar!

  2. Hahaha I recognize some excuses! I used to say number 3, how bad is that? But then we're talking about puberty, I was about 16-17 years old. And now people say it to me: why do you eat healthy, you're skinny anyways.
    It gets me angry! Even though I used to say the same thing (but I was young!!)

    So funny to read the excuses and we all know we've used at least one! (or two..)
    Love how you easily changed the point of view on things. Good arguments ;)


    1. I think we all recognize some excuses! Like I said, no skinny person has a guarantee of having a skinny body for life or that they won't get any diseases.
      Thank you for commenting! Will have more other excuses covered in near future ;)